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Top Ten Tuesday- Bookish Confessions

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Top Ten Bookish Confessions
So this week, it's time to dig down deep and make a few confessions. This has been a tough list for me because I've never thought hard about the things I do while reading and I haven't really fibbed about liking something. Check out my list!
1) I can't read if I haven't written my own work for the day- I'm a slow reader anyway but it doesn't help that I can't read if I haven't written any of my own book. Every time I try to read if I haven't written something for the day, I feel intensely guilty, Suddenly, every sentence I read feels like it's mocking me because I could be writing instead of reading. This is why it takes me as long as two weeks to finish a book sometimes.
2) I refuse to put a book on my finished shelf if I didn't complete it- It's just one of my pet peeves. I like to look at my "read" bookshelf and know that every single spine on there is something I've read.
3) I won't make my mind up about a book until I've read it completely- I won't review a book early even if the review is due out because I have to read the whole thing before I can make up my mind. It's been rare but sometimes book will change my mind by the end which is why I have to stick with it.
4) If I like a book but don't like something about it, I'll change it in my head- If I'm not thinking about my own work while doing laundry or brushing my teeth, I'm thinking about how I'd change this or that in the book I'm reading. It's always interesting to see what I can come up with and a lot of times it makes me feel closer to the my current read.
5) I mouth the words- It's a habit I picked up early on when everyone told you to sound out the words. If I'm really trying to focus, I'll mouth the words as I'm reading which is another reason it takes me a long time to read.
6) I won't lend out my books- Unless I really, really know you I'm not going to lend you my book. I'd rather buy you your own copy than give you mine. Nothing against everyone else, I'm just protective of my books.
7) I read better at night- I also watch t.v. better at night and snack and cook and hang out with my husband. It's tought because I like doing lots of things at night but if I sit down to read I get through a good ways of the book with the covers around me.
8) Book covers fool me- I have loved covers and hated insides. I have loved insides and loathed covers. The fact of the matter is, if it is pretty I'm going to buy it and I've gotten burned because of it.
9) I buy more books than I'll ever be able to read- That's a fact. My tbr pile is out of control. It takes over an entire bookshelf and then some. But I want to support the authors and buy their books. I have every intention of getting to them eventually.
10) Filing fetish- One of my favorite parts of reading is getting to file that finished book away on the shelf when I'm finished. Nothing makes me more excited than stepping back and seeing how the new addition looks!
What are your bookish confessions?


  1. I love your list, Amber! I buy more books than I'll ever read too! I'm the same way about lending (except to blogger friends...I'm willing to mail them across the country because I know they will take care of them) I have worn out copies of every HP and Twilight book just for lending.
    My Confessions

  2. I hate letting people borrow my books as well unless i know them really well. I always worry if they are going to bend the spine, are the papers going to bend or rip, are they going to dog-ear a page? I get really paranoid.

  3. I LOVE filing....and that's exactly what I call it too :)

  4. #2 and #10 dude, me too! I'm super anal retentive about the filing too. They're all shelved alphabetically by author and it can't move to that shelf unless I've read every word. My TBR shelf is way messier lol

  5. I'm the same about books on my 'read' shelf, although mine is digital. I don't sort my physical books that way. It REALLY sucks for omnibuses where I've read part of the book. Or things like The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, which I'm just going to have to read cover to cover at some point, so I can call it read.

    I won't review books early either. Sometimes I do start my review before I finish, or even write the bulk of it, but the ending can always change things.

    I used to always write continuations to the books or movies I was watching/reading while falling asleep. I really don't know why I stopped because it was awesome.

    Before I loan someone one of my books for the first time, they get the spiel, about how if they damage my book they'll be buying a new one.

    Covers have burned me too.

    Pretty sure I'll die not having read all of the books I own. THIS MAKES ME SO SAD.

  6. I read better at night too!

    I also buy more books than I will ever read. I definitely own enough books where I could probably go for years and be good as far as reading material.

    My TTT

  7. I don't lend out my books either nor do I review a book I haven't finished yet.


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