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My 2012 Television Line Up

My Netflix queue is extensive enough to make even the most hardy blush and yet, I still have t.v. shows that I must watch when they return this fall. I saw Penelope at Reading Fever produce a list of new and old t.v. shows that she must watch this fall and I figured I'd share my own. So here's the daunting list my poor DVR is having to face.


The Vampire Diaries
CW | Thursdays 8/7c | Begins Oct. 11
 The Vampire Diaries is a show a discovered when it was finished with its second season. I've been hooked every since. I love that it always keeps me guessing and never missing an opportunity to shake things up. I'm always left gasping and praying it's next week by the end of each episode and with the humdinger they threw our way at the end of last season, I'll definitely be glued to my couch all this year.

CW | Wednesdays 9/8c | Begins Oct. 3
Supernatural is another must-see for me. I'm so addicted to watching Sam and Dean fight it out against Supernatural forces and often times each other, that I go through withdrawals without their witty back and forth. And come on, Castiel is one heck of an awesome angel!

ABC | Wednesday 9:30 | Begins Oct. 17
For me, the lead character Tess is exactly like Emma Stone in Easy A and since I love Emma Stone and Easy A, it's pretty much a given that I'll love this show. It's funny, sarcastic and touching watching Tess and her dad George try to muddle through Suburgatory together!

ABC | Sundays 8/7c | Begins Sept. 30
I'd argue that the tagline got it all wrong. Magic already came via the first season of Once. I was really hoping to love it and by the third episode I was totally hooked. One of my favorite things about last season was trying to guess if the curse was real. I'll be interested to see where the show goes now that we know it is.

Face Off
SyFy |  Tuesdays 9/8c | Began Aug. 21
I'm not normally into shows where people compete. I watch Top Model and Design Star when I'm board and re-runs are on but Face Off is the exception for me. I love seeing what magical make-ups the contestants come up with each week and the themes for each show.

NBC | Mondays 10/9c | Began Aug.13
I love this show but I can stand to miss an episode here or there and then watch a few in a row. They always catch my attention when they are on but I want more Monroe and I definitely want to see Nick's fiance Juliet get in on the Grimm truth.

MTV | Thursdays 10:30/9:30c | Began June 28
So is Jenna going to end up with Matty or Jake? Like Suburgatory, I can't get enough of Jenna's dry humor. This show always has me laughing and I really like all of the characters on it.

New Shows:

NBC | Mondays 10/9c | Begins Sept. 17
I heard about this show during the Comic Con coverage and it sounded awesome. I love that the main character is a girl and since I'm a huge fan of Billy Burke and he plays a kickass character, I think it's going to be awesome. Plus, I love the concept of electricity going out.

CBS | Thursdays 10/9c | Begins Sept. 27
I love Sherlock (the book and the BBC version) so I figure I should give this one a try. I think it's also really interesting that they made Watson a girl in this one and I'll be interested to know how that changes the dynamic between these two characters.

Doctor Who
BBC | Saturday 9/8c | Sept. 1
Doctor Who isn't really a new show but since I've never watched it on air, I'm considering it new to me. My hubby and I watched the entire series in a few weeks and now we are all caught up and can't wait for Season 7.

CW | Wednesdays 8/7c | Begins Oct. 10
Super hero story can be done on television because Smallville was such a hit. I just hope they can bring a little of the might to Arrow. If anyone can do it though, it's going to be the CW. They always have a good track record in my book.

Beauty and the Beast
CW | Thursdays 9/8c | Begins Oct. 11
I love Beauty and the Beast and I enjoy re-tellings so I think I'll like the spin on this one. I'm interested to see where it is going to go and how the season is going to play out.

I'm also thinking about 666 Avenue but it all might be too much. To add to that, I know The Carrie Diaries and Cult are must sees as well. Luckily, the don't air until mid-season!

So what is your t.v. schedule looking like this fall? Hopefully it isn't as daunting as mine is.


  1. My TV schedule is White Collar (USA) and Vampire Diaries (CW).. that's pretty much it. I'm too busy for anything more

  2. I did not know that elementary was sherlock holmes related! :D

  3. Oh god i love the sound of the new ones!!! The ones i'm really looking forward to are: Doctor Who and Elememtary. Doctor Who because... well, because it's simply aaaawesome!!! And Elementary because i love mystery and Sherlock Holmes! Seeing Watson as a girl is very interesting to me.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I'm so OCD I actually have a spreadsheet with the times and channels and days everything is on! The new shows I'm looking forward to are Mob Doctor, Elementary, Nashville and Chicago Fire. Old shows are Grey's Anatomy, Bones, Once Upon a Time, Law & Order: SVU and Castle!

  5. Definitely Once Upon A TIme. I am so addicted to that series!!! I'll probably have Doctor Who on. Not sure what else I'll watch.

  6. You like a lot of the same shows as me! I can't wait for Vampire Diaries/Once Upon A Time to start up again and of course DR. WHO!!

    I am intrigued by Elementary and Beauty and The Beast..though I wish Beast were more Beastly if you get what
    I mean!

  7. I'm really hoping "Arrow" is good! I LOVED "Smallville," and I was sorta sad to see a new actor playing Green Arrow. I'm also wondering if the story will take place in Metropolis? That'd be awesome. Maybe Superman will show up. :)

    And I'm also looking forward to "Revolution." I love anything JJ Abrams, so I'm going to have to at least watch the first few episodes. "Elementary," though? Watson as a girl? Really? Nothing beats Cumberbatch. :)

    1. Just wanted to comment that I share your sentiments about Arrow completely! Exactly, actually.

  8. You have no idea how excited for Vamp Diaries I am:) I started watching it when it first came out because I loved the books and it is officially one of my fave tv shows.

  9. You and I have the same taste in TV :) I can not wait for these, especially for Vampire Diaries to start should be amazing!

  10. I cannot wait for the return of TVD and Supe!! So excited. I think those are the only two shows I am going to watch this year. I started off watching a lot when the 2011 season started and gave up on most. So I'm keeping it simple. I have to say that Arrow looks pretty good though.

    Enjoy your shows.

    Sara @ Just Another Story

  11. I loved this so much I made one of my own :) And then I realized I watch entirely too much TV, lol.

    I love your picks! I had never heard of Awkward, but I am just recently re-discovering MTV thanks to Teen Wolf this summer.


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