Monday, August 9, 2010

Cover Envy (2)

For this week's cover envy I wanted to bring two upcoming books that I'm super excited to read and part of the reason for this is because of the beautiful covers.

I've been a fan of people on covers for a long time, particularly if the portrayal is accurate. One of my favorite things to do is to flip back to the cover after reading a description of the character and seeing if it matches.So that is what I focused on this week.

Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon- I love this cover because it takes me some place magical. The arch looks romantic and the cloak floating away from the girl while the dress is still suggests some sort of magic. I love the black against the brown and green environment.

Here's the blurb:

After Renee Winters discovers her parents lying dead in California’s Redwood Forest in what appears to be a strange double murder, her grandfather sends her off to Gottfried Academy in Maine, a remote and mysterious high school dedicated to philosophy, “crude sciences,” and Latin: the Language of the Dead. It’s here she meets Dante, a dark and elusive student to whom she feels inexplicably drawn. As they get to know each other better, Dante can’t seem to control his attraction either, and their desires gradually deepen into a complex and dangerous romance. Dangerous because Dante is hiding a frightening secret. A secret so terrible, it has him fearing for Renee’s life.

Dante’s not the only one with secrets, though. Turns out Gottfried Academy has a few of its own… Like, how come students keep disappearing? Why are the prefect-like Monitors creeping around campus during the night? And what exactly are the Headmistress and Professors really up to? Renee is determined to find out why.

Dead Beautiful is both a compelling romance and thought-provoking read, bringing shocking new meaning to life, death, love, and the nature of the soul.

Girl Parts by John M. Cusick- This cover reminds me of an amine I loved called Chobits. It's like owning a brand new Barbie doll but life size and (surprisingly) for guys (even though they can't romantically like it). I think the pinkish tone to the box looks really nice with her red hair and makes the girl pop.

Here's the blurb:

David and Charlie are opposites. David has a million friends, online and off. Charlie is a soulful outsider, off the grid completely. But neither feels close to anybody. When David’s parents present him with a hot Companion bot designed to encourage healthy bonds and treat his “dissociative disorder,” he can’t get enough of luscious redheaded Rose — and he can’t get it soon. Companions come with strict intimacy protocols, and whenever he tries anything, David gets an electric shock. Parted from the boy she was built to love, Rose turns to Charlie, who finds he can open up, knowing Rose isn’t real. With Charlie’s help, the ideal “companion” is about to become her own best friend. In a stunning and hilarious debut, John Cusick takes rollicking aim at internet culture and our craving for meaningful connection in an uberconnected world.

This has been another Cover Envy post! What are some books you are excited for/jealous of because of their covers?


  1. I love both of those covers, too. Girl Parts sounds so funny. I might have to read that one, too.

    I'm looking forward to reading "Things Left Unspoken" by Eva Marie Everson. I read her book "A Will of Wisteria" and it was a very enjoyable read. I like the cover of "Things Left Unspoken" because it looks like the epitome of a Southern dream house and leaves me feeling at peace.

    I'm also looking forward to reading "P.S. I love you," but not because of the cover. I read about the author writing that novel when she was 21 and saw an interview of her speaking about the book. I loved the movie, and the books are typically far better than the movies. (I usually read the books first, but when I saw this movie, I didn't realize it was a book first until afterwards).


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