Sunday, November 25, 2012

Whovember: Dress Like... The 11th Doctor

Dress Like... is a feature for Whovember (an entire month of Doctor Who posts, for more info go here) that tells you how to dress like your favorite Doctor Who characters. Maybe you've got a dress up party coming up soon or a convention or maybe you just like fashion or Doctor Who. If any of these things appeal to you then check out how you can get a certain character's look.

This week we've got everyone's favorite hipster the 11th Doctor. Grab some awesome headwear and get ready to say multiple things "are cool" in order to get in the mind frame of the 11th Doctor. And ladies, we're looking at some gender swapped ideas too!

11th Doctor-The Raggedy Doctor
When the 11th Doctor first shows up, he's in some of the 10th Doctor's clothing. In order to get this look, you only need a few keys pieces. First you need a lighter blue button down shirt. You can grab one cheap at a thrift store or on ebay:
Here's the link, this one is $19
When you get the shirt, you've got to rough it up a bit. The Doctor's collar is frayed, the sleeves are pushed up and one side is tucked in and the other hangs out. Next you need a brown and blue tie. I searched on ebay and found this for $15:
Here's the link
Then you'll need a pair of pinstripped brown pants. Here are some also on ebay for $22:
The link
Finally, you need a pair of Converse shoes. Since the 10th Doctor regenerated in his brown suit, you'll need the light brown shoes I found on
The link

The 11th Doctor- Normal Wear
The thing about the 11th Doctor is he has a lot of different shirts and pants. You basically have to choose if you want to do the red bowtie and suspenders outfit or the blue bowtie and suspenders combo. I'm going to have some fun with the red today. The 11th Doctor's coat has been made but it is super expensive if you get it official. You can get it from hello cosplay for $98:
The link

Next up you need a well fitting pinkish red button down shirt. I know it's white above but with that jacket he wears this faded red color. I went on ebay but you might want to go to a thrift store or any other store around for it to get a good fit. This one is $13:
Here's the link
Then you need a slim fitting pair of black pants. Matt Smith (11th Doctor) wears his skinny and a little short. I found these on ebay but again, this might be something you want to buy off line. Here are these for $38:

Here's a link
Finally, all you need are a matching bowtie and suspender set. For your skinny bowtie, you can find an official one for $23 here:
The link

They also carry matching suspenders so you know they'll be the same color. These run for $28:
Here's the link

So as you can see, a lot of this Doctor's stuff requires well fitting things. I'd sauggest trying to find the basics in your town and ordering what you have to! You can also add a fez, broomstick or cowboy hat depending on which episode you are going to try for.

Gender Swapped 11th Doctor
For some reason, the 11th Doctor is gender swapped quite a bit. Here are some cosplayers takes on taking the 11th femme.

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