Saturday, November 17, 2012

Whovember: Favorite Doctor Who Villain Discussion Post

For these, I'm going to pose a question, talk a little bit about it and then open up the floor to all of you. I want to know what you think! So make sure to tune in every Saturday and answer my Who themed question!

This week, we are going to the dark side. My question is:
Which race of villains are your favorite?

Maybe you like the Daleks or the Cyberman or The Master or you want to get a little obscure and go with The Beast or the Family of Blood or House. There have been hundreds of villains in Doctor Who. You can check out this wikipedia list if you don't believe me. But the villains that keep me up at night and the ones I'm choosing are The Weeping Angels.

First introduced in the episode "Blink" they have been tormenting the Doctor and his companions (and my nightmares) ever since. Have you ever walked through a graveyard or a statue store and felt like something was watching you when you turn around? Well, The Weeping Angels pray on that fear.

They are usually in the form of statues and when you look at them, their arms will always be covering their faces. But the second you turn your back on them, they come to life and try to touch you. If the grab you, you are forced back in time and the Angels eat the life you would have had in the present. Not to mention, their faces when they are after you are horrifying. I've watched "Blink" at least six times and I still scream everytime a character turns around and sees the Angels.

I didn't really think they could get anymore scary and then I saw them in "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone". In those episodes, they added to the Weeping Angel lore by allowing them to come to life in photographs and holigraphs and can plant their image if the look straight into a human's eyes. What's worse is that in these episodes, they gave the Angels voices in the creepist way possible. When an Angel snapped the neck of one of the soldiers, it stole his voice and spoke to the doctor through a dead man's voice.

It is because the Angels kill without killing and freak me the hell out that they are my favorite race of villians! Remember:

Beware the Weeping Angels!

Which are your favorite villains?


  1. I have to agree, The Weeping Angels are the freakiest thing EVER, with The Silence definitely running a very close second.

    1. Yes, The Silence are super freaky too. I guess though with them at least you don't always know to be scared. I also think that thing in Midnight that teals peoples bodies and voices was super creepy.

  2. The weeping angels are also my favorite!

  3. I LOVE the Weeping Angels, but my favorite is The Daleks. I also love the Cybermen and The Master. <3

    1. As far as sheer awesomeness, the Daleks are my favorite too but I find them cute, not scary. Maybe it's odd but I can't help myself.

  4. Weeping Angels all the way for creep factor. I also agree that the Silence are a close second. There is something terribly iconic about the Daleks, I think, that make them so popular, even though they aren't scary at all ;)

  5. Weeping Angels are amazingly creeptastic. I couldn't get into the 9th doctor season so I did some Googling and ended up watching Blink. It's the episode that convinced me I needed to stick with this show. I have to agree that the Silence are also great.


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