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Whovember: Dress Like... Rose Tyler

Dress Like... is a feature for Whovember (an entire month of Doctor Who posts, for more info go here) that tells you how to dress like your favorite Doctor Who characters. Maybe you've got a dress up party coming up soon or a convention or maybe you just like fashion or Doctor Who. If any of these things appeal to you then check out how you can get a certain character's look.

To kick off this feature, I wanted to showcase my very favorite companion Ms. Rose Tyler. I'm going to be talking about one look from season 1, one from season 2 and her outfit in season 4 "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End".

Season 1- "The Empty Child"

So the first thing to understand about any type of Rose Tyler clothing is that if you want the original brand then you are going to have to wait a long time for one to come up and you are going to pay top dollar for it. The nice thing is there are a lot of sites out there that i.d. all of the clothing for you, particularly dw-cosplay.livejournal.

For this particular outfit, the one thing you want to look for is that jacket. It is a Firetrap Harrie in brown but you can find some nice alternatives on ebay. Here's one:
Here's the link

Then you need a London Jack t-shirt. I just did a quick ebay search and found this for about $5 which would work:
The link
Then you need a pair of jeans and a white shirt to go under the tee. She wears a pair of lighter colored jeans in the show but whatever you have in your closet will do.

The last thing you are always going to want to do as Rose is get yourself a good wig. Her hair is long here so you might want to go with something like this:
The link
Of course, to really make it Rose, you'll want to add in the dark brown roots by getting a dark brown sharpie marker and some rubbing alcohol.

Season 2- "Doomsday"

Now, again with this outfit, the hardest thing you're going to be looking for is her jacket. It's again a Firetrap and the style is "hunta". These jackets do come up on ebay sometimes but for a lot of money. There are some decent alts though. Here's one:

Here's the link
Next you're going to need a bright pink shirt. Here's one I found:
Here's the link
In an interview with the costume designer, she revealed that rose is just wearing really dark washed jeans. You'll also need a pair of pink fingerless gloves:
I found these on etsy
In this episode, Rose's hair is a little longer than shoulder length and she still has a hint of her dark roots. This wig would work well for this and for Rose's return in "The Stolen Earth":
Here's the link
Season 4- "The Stolen Earth" and "Journey's End"
I'm not sure if you are getting a theme yet but the hardest part for this outfit guessed it the jacket. It looks purpler but it's actually a blue jacket. It just depends on how you want to wear it. The good new is there are some on ebay for a decent price:

Here's the link
After this, the rest is pretty easy. You just need a normal purple/pink t-shirt, black or dark washed jeans and you can restyle that wig from above. You might also want to try making the gun she totes around for a wow piece.
I'm going to attempt it so maybe I'll do a how-to guide later.

The other thing you need to do to make you really look like Rose Tyler is to get your make-up right. Here is a really good guide I found by a cosplayer that does an amazing Rose Tyler. You can find it on youtube:

Now that you've got the clothing run down, let's chat! In season 1, Rose's clothes were very simple. She wore quite a few sweatshirts and jeans and a t-shirts. She dressed very girlish and her figure was played down.

In season 2, they wanted to show all the growth Rose had done though a more put together wardrobe. As a result, you see a more mature wardrobe and it's a little bit more sexy. Even her hair is worn down more with less ponytails.

What did you guys think of this guide? Any of you ever try cosplay?


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was so much for to write them all!

  2. i think if you wanted to dress up exactly like this picture of rose on the beach you should use a Bittersweet pink tank top instead of ordinary pink tshirt i found a tank top the exact same color as roses tshirt's-Round-Neck-Racer-Back-Solid-Color-Synthetic-Cotton-Tank-Top-7013

  3. Just came across your blog as I'm planning to dress as "Stolen Earth" Rose for the 50th anniversary celebration. Did you ever make the huge gun? How did it turn out?

    Enjoyed your character synopsis too - I haven't watched any of her episodes for a while and it reminded me why I love her! Got to watch them all again before November!


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