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Whovember: Top 5... Happiest Moments

Every Tuesday, I'm going to be making a Top 5 list of something Doctor Who related for the event Whovember: A Companion's Guide. Check out my topic and list of 5 and make sure to join in with your own thoughts and opinions!
Top 5 Happiest Doctor Who Moments

What better way to end these Top 5 lists than with my happiest Who moments to date? This list was surprisingly hard to make. I realize that most happy moments in Doctor Who are always tinged in sadness which always makes them memorable. It does make the good moments feel that much better.

5) "Everbody lives, Rose!" in "The Doctor Dances" from season 1- This starts my list because everytime I think of joy in Doctor Who, this scene always comes rushing back. Everyone called the 9th Doctor the grumpy Docotr but I actually think he might have been the one with the most joy about living. When he realizes that the nanogene have figured out the connection between mother and son and that they are going to fix everyone, he is so overcome that he jumps up and down and grabs the little boy. Lifting him up in the air, the 9th Doctor shouts "Everbody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!" The Doctor knows how rare these circumstances are and he celebrates. There is this wonderful bit of dialogue when Rose and the Doctor get back on Tardis and she says he is smiling like he's Father Christmas and he says "Who said I'm not, red-bicycle-when-you-were-twelve?" shocking her. I love watching them celebrate and we finally get to see the Doctor dance with Rose!

4) Vincent Van Gogh visits at modern museum in "Vincent and the Doctor" in season 5- I've talked about this scene several times and with many people because it is so perfect. Van Gogh was never appreciated in his time as an artist which is very well shown in this episode. Amy and the Doctor are worried for Van Gogh so they bring him to a modern museum which is home to a Van Gogh exhibit. Van Gogh walks through the exhibit looking at pictures of his face and his own artwork as people gather around to talk about how amazing it is and it brings tears to his eyes. He learns that not only is he not forgotten but that he is now a revered artist. It doesn't change the fact that Van Gogh still kills himself but it confirms that his work is worth while and that one day in the future it will mean something. Watching the raw emotion from the painter we've gotten to know so well in this episdoe is absolutely breathtaking and definitely earns its place on this list.

3) Donna and the Doctor reunite in "Partners in Crime" from season 4- Holy moly, when I think of some of the funniest stuff I've seen on t.v. this scene is one of the first one that comes to mind. The Doctor and Donna have been exploring strange happenings separately and finally see each other while trying to spy on the bad guy. The start to communicate through the windows to find out what each one is doing and speak for about three minutes until the camera pans out and shows that the bad guy has been watching this entire conversation too. The best part is even though they don't say a word, you can totally tell what they are mouthing because both actors are so expressive. Some of the faces both actors make are hilarious. This scene just makes me giddy which is why it's got a solid place on my list!

2) Rose gets her happy ending in "Journey's End" in season 4- Rose's happy ending is so amazing and so sad at the same time. What I love is that the human Doctor will be able to give her what the Time Lord can't... they'll be able to grow old together. He has all the memories of the Doctor and has mostly the same brain (with a little bit of Donna's sass thrown in) but it also means that the Time Lord Doctor had to let go of Rose. I also wonder if the human Doctor doesn't have the screwdriver or the Tardis if he really even is the Doctor anymore. But regardless, we finally get to see the Doctor answer Rose from back in season 2 when she told him she loved him and we get to see them kiss. I am so happy that Rose is going to get to be with her Doctor for the rest of her life and it makes me both happy for her and sad for the Time Lord Doctor at the same time. Seeing my favorite character strive to get back to the Doctor and rewarded with the best possible ending for her really does make me beyond happy. Plus, I love that both Piper and Tennant now have a chance to come back in the show for a few episodes with this ending!

1) Amy remembers the Doctor in "The Big Bang" in season 5- The moment I always think of when I need a little lift during my day is at the end of season 5. The Doctor has been erased from all of time and Amy's life has gone on as normal. She has a mother and a father and is getting married to the man she loves. As she is sitting at her wedding, she sees a glimpse of River Song and then Rory gives her a wedding present someone left which is Song's Tardis blue diary with blank pages. She starts to cry but doesn't know why thinking about the saying "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue". This completely describes the Tardis and that story the doctor told her about right before he disappears. She jumps up on the table and stops the reception, yelling for her "raggedy man to get out there". Suddenly, we hear the Tardis's trademake noise and it appears in the middle of the reception. Out walks the doctor dressed in a little something he had laying around (a very nice tuxedo with a top hat) and they are able to dance the night away. Seeing the return of the Tardis after we just saw the Doctor completely erased from time is the most triumphant moment in all of television. It speaks volumes for how much Amy loves him that she can remember him into existance and makes their friendship so very special. I can't think about this moment without a huge smile on my face which is why it is ny number 1 moment.

Honorable Mention:

1) Idris tells the Doctore hello in season 6- This moment should totally get to be on my list too which is why I'm adding it down here. It's tinged in sadness because Idris (the human embodiment of the Tardis) is dying and she only has seconds left. She spent several hours with the Doctor and forgotten to say what she's always wanted to. Those words that the Doctor's magical blue box always longed to say? "Hello. Hello Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you." Of all the things the Tardis would say when it got a voice, it is those simple words that have the biggest impact. I pretty much hear her voice anytime the Doctor walks into the Tardis now and it makes me so happy!

I hope you enjoyed my list of happy moments on Who! Do you have moments of your own? Did you make a list of your own? Please let me know in the comments below! I'd love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I'm absolutely loving your Whovember posts! And this one made my day (so early in the morning, too!). You hit the nail on the head with this one -- and I'm so happy you included the Idris moment. So fabulous.

  2. I love all your happiest moments! I love your posts on Doctor Who. They are wonderful. I'm currently watching Doctor Who and Torchwood all over again this month (and next) with my exchanges students from South Korea and Thailand. They are loving it!

  3. Awesome list! Amy & Rory's wedding is one of my favorites, so very glad it made your list!

  4. I've actually seen that episode with Donna, and it was hilarious. I love the part where they're talking through the window in the door.


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