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Whovember: Dress Like... The 10th Doctor

Dress Like... is a feature for Whovember (an entire month of Doctor Who posts, for more info go here) that tells you how to dress like your favorite Doctor Who characters. Maybe you've got a dress up party coming up soon or a convention or maybe you just like fashion or Doctor Who. If any of these things appeal to you then check out how you can get a certain character's look.

This week is (mostly) for the guys. We're going to take a look at the 10th Doctor's two suits and figure out how to get "slim and a little foxy". But girls, don't worry! We'll look at how to do a gender swapped Doctor too.

10th Doctor Brown Suit

The first time we see the Doctor fully dressed, he changes into a dark brown pinstriped suit. The pinstripes are a light blue and he usually has a dark blue dress shirt underneath. He pairs all this with a pair of nude Converse shoes. Luckily, this suit has been made by many people and is pretty easy to come across.

This one goes for about $119
You'll have to get a blue dress shirt for underneath and a brown tie. Then you'll have to grab a pair of nude Converse. I looked on amazon and found this pair:
These go for anywhere from $25 to $40
That's it for the brown suit!

10th Doctor Blue Suit

The Doctor surprises us by changing into something a little bit different later on. What we get is his second suit which is all blue and slim fitting. He alternates between both suits for his entire time on the show. Like his other suit, this one is pretty basic as well and a lot of people have made them. Here's one from ebay:

This one goes for $99
Again, you'll have to get a shirt and tie for this one as well as red Converse shoes. You can actually get the same pair from above but in red or in high tops. Here's a photo:
These go for about $40 on Amazon
Those are the only things you need for the blue suit.
10th Doctor Trench Coat
Now, you've got the suit and that is awesome. But neither suit really looks right without Tennant's trademark light brown trench coat so you can stuff its pocket with essential Doctor Who accessories. Like with the suits, this coat has been made so you can find them pretty much everywhere. This is my favorite:
I like this one from cosplaysky because it's made from suede and has pockets. It runs for $122 and looks like it is totally worth every penny!
10th Doctor Must Have Accessories
10th Doctor Screwdriver:
A must have if you are cosplaying as the 10th Doctor is the 10th Doctor's screwdriver. You gotta have one! On ebay, you can grab this one with lights and sound for $35.

The link
Another thing that the 10th Doctor always has with him are a pair of glasses. It's unknown if he needs them or not but he always puts them on when he's thinking. You can find a cheaper pair on Amazon. I found these:

These are like $1

3D Glasses:
These are a must have if you have a Rose going alongwith you! You can find them for cheap too. I found these on ebay and they will totally pull the look together:

These are 2.75

Ideas for a Gender Swapped 10th Doctor
Well, I am super not good at coming ideas for a gender swapped 10th Doctor so it's a good thing that loads of girls have come up with them for me. Take a look at some of these cosplayer so you can come up with your own gender swapped 10th Doctor!

I think as long as you stick with the same color palette as his suits and find a great trench coat (or order the one made for men), you'll make an awesome gender swapped 10th Doctor.

Hopefully I broke down the 10th Doctor well enough and made it easy for you! So what do you think? Could you do dress like the Doctor or have you ever? What do you think the importance of his costume is?


  1. It seems as long as you stick with the colors, have the trench and the converse you are GOLDEN! ;P Cosplay girl #1 is all kinds of awesome ;)

  2. Everyone sas his converse are red and off white, but am I the only one who notices the dark blue ones? Or brown ones? Eg: Series 2: Fear Her

  3. Very well put together, thank you.

  4. Tennant's off white converse shoes should be hightops


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