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Whovember: Top 5... Favorite 1 (or several) Episode Characters

Every Tuesday, I'm going to be making a Top 5 list of something Doctor Who related for the event Whovember: A Companion's Guide. Check out my topic and list of 5 and make sure to join in with your own thoughts and opinions!
Top 5 Favorite 1 (or several) Episode Characters
This week, I thought it would be fun to re-visit some of my favorite side characters that we've meet during the 2005 series run. There were quite a few fun characters to choose from but I'm pretty happy with the list I've narrowed down. So check out my picks for favorite side characters!
5) Lady Cassandra in "The End of the World" and "New Earth"- She might be a surprise to some people but this "bitchy trampoline" as Rose so adequately put it, is a must have for me. I loved to hate Cassandra in "The End of the World" and I thought she was so funny in "New Earth". I wasn't expecting to see her again and I thought she'd end up pissing me off but her presence really opened up the characters of the 10th Doctor and Rose and she said the things that they wouldn't while in their bodies. I got a little tear eyed when her story came to a close the second time around  and I thought it was a beautiful ending for a character who maybe didn't want to be as bad as she was.

4) Frank in "Daleks in Mahattan"- Okay, so it does help his case that he was played by Andrew Garfield but when I meet Frank in "Daleks in Mahattan", I kind of feel in love. Frank lived in Hooverville with all the other people who were homeless and trying to find work at the time. He explains that his mother couldn't afford to feed him and all his siblings so he left home to find work and fend for himself. For a few minutes I was really upset because I thought he died but he shows back up later and survives the whole ordeal. He's very kind, accepting one of the people with a pig face but the soul of a human and offering for him to come live in Hooverville. Frank takes over as leader.

3) Jenny in "The Doctor's Daughter"- I couldn't make this list and not have Jenny on it! I feel like she's such a huge part of Doctor Who even though she only showed her face for one episode. Jenny is the Doctor's daughter. He was stuck with a needle and his DNA was used to create Jenny (a genetic anomaly where she gets her name from), a full grown daughter. Jenny is smart like her father but also has a military mind. This means she has no problem using guns and has no idea why she shouldn't kill anyone that gets in her way. It was fun watching the Doctor's view point rub off on Jenny. Her time on the show was brief but the impact of her death stays with me. I was so excited about the idea of the Doctor having a daughter like him to travel time and space with and was bummed when she ended up dying only to go off on her own.

2) Astrid Peth in "Voyage of the Damned"- I wasn't expecting to really like Astrid. I knew the Doctor took a quick companion for the episode but I had no idea what the stroy would be about. Then we are thrown onto this floating Titantic and we meet Astrid. She's serving as a maid on the ship but dreams of so much more, often saying she's only there to see the stars and she longed to step foot on other worlds. What made me really like Astrid was her connection with Bannakaffalatta when he was dying. She kisses him and it's so sweet that I couldn't help but really love Astrid for her caring soul. Her sacrifice at the end to save everyone incliding the doctor furhter proved how caring she was and the bittersweetness of allowing her to live on as stardust was absolutely beautiful.
1) Idris in "The Doctor's Wife"- My favorite character of all time though was the soul of the Tardis in human form Idris. Seeing the Tardis thrown into a body was crazy but I love that it's this wacky, Helena Bohem Carter type of woman. Watching her sass the Doctor and tell him what's what while struggle with human ideas like emotions was hilarious and utterly charming. It was so weird to see the Tardis follow around the Doctor. I had no idea what the Tardis would sound like or act like if she was a "real girl" but the actress did a spot on job. The chemistry between Smith and Jones (Suranne jones) was indeniable and felt real. Plus, I loved hearing the Tardis's side of things. The Doctor always says he stole her but she says she took him and exclaims when he accuses her of not taking him where he wants that she always takes him where she needs. So freaking cute! Watching Idris die and her soul go back into the voiceless blue box was such a wonderful mix of sad and happy that it's hard to express. Her simple "Hello. Hello, Doctor. It's so very, very nice to meet you." was beautiful and makes me smile every time I think back on it. That is why Idris is my number one favorite one episode character!

What did you think? Did I miss a character you love? Did you make your own list? Let me know in the comments so I can hear about your picks!

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  1. Thank you for posting this. I'll definitely look into these characters more.


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