Monday, July 25, 2011

YA Bachelor Voting Open!

All month we've seen posts for all of our bachelors. Now it's time to vote for the winners. Please full out all the voting categories and then fill out the form to be entered to win the final giveaway. There will be two voting winners. They will get to pick a book of their choice with one of the 53 original bachelors everyone chose. Go here to see a list with links to all of the posts.


  • You may only vote once
  • Must be 13 years or older to enter the contest
  • International (you are eligible to enter if the Book Depository ships to you!)
  • Polls are open until July 30th, that's 5 days
  • In order to enter you must vote and then fill out the form at the bottom

Best Bad Boy- This category is open to the baddest of the bad.

Best Bad Boy
Sweetest Nice Guy- If he's sweet, you'll find him under the category!

Sweetest Nice Guy

Favorite "Regular" Guy- This is for all the normal bachelors. They might not have any super powers but that doesn't mean they aren't special!

Favorite "Regular Guy"
Favorite Supernatural Being- Vampires, werewolves and everything in between! If he's supernatural, he's here.

Favorite Supernatural Being

Sexiest- Self explanatory ladies (and gents)!

Best One-Liner- From the funny to the drop dead sexy and everything in between. The lines were chosen by the hostess and showcase the best of the best! Please pick your favorite line!

Best One-Liner

Best Fighter- Some of the boys in this category can actually use weapons and some are willing to put every thing on the line to fight for the girl they love. All are delicious!

Best Fighter
Change My Mind- This is the category where you'll want to consult the list for all the posts. Choose the post that is the most creative, most persuasive and most wonderful (though they all are). The winning hostess will receive a book of her choice!

Change My Mind
Overall Favorite- This is the holy grail of the voting categories. This is where everyone goes head to head for the overall best. So which YA guy is THE sexiest, THE cutest, THE best in show. Choose wisely!

Overall Favorite
Now that you're done with the voting, reward yourself! Fill out this form and enter to win a book of your choice.

Thanks so much for joining me during YA Bachelor month. From the posters, to the authors, to the commenters, you have all made it great. I can't express my gratitude. Please, shout out on Twitter for your favorites and post up reminders to vote and enter into the contest. Polls are open till July 30th and I'll announce winners July 31st.


  1. Such a fun event! Oh Will Herondale, be still my beating heart *swoon*

  2. I had the hardest time making up my mind! Thanks for having this awesome event :)

  3. This is awesome! I had so much fun voting although it was VERY hard! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Yay, this was such a fun event!

  5. So many good choices! It was a hard vote, especially for "overall favorite" and "best fighter." But it was still very fun :) It was an awesome event!

  6. it was so hard voting but I guess I still divided my votes to my fave YA bachelors unfairly since mostly I voted for Jace,hahaha. he’s just so great! Anyway! it has been super fun reading all the posts and joining this event! truly truly amazing! good job!
    oh, and thanks for the giveaway! :)

  7. Ahah, great polls! I'm ultimately torn between Patch and Jace for every poll!

  8. I absolutely LOVE the categories for this :D and I find it awesome and crazy at the same time that I know every single one of these names! Haha.
    This event is AMAZING. I love reading all of the posts! And thank you for the giveaway ^_^


  9. Were some fantastic posts and so many great guys, but my mind hasn't been changed, Sam is still my guy. It has made my TBR pile bigger though. :D

  10. Thank YOU Amber for being such a wonderful hostess (and for letting me do a guest post, which was my very first, by the way!)!!

    I agree with barmybex, though! My wishlist has skyrocketed since I read all these posts! (Seeing as I had only read a handful of them when the event started... :/)

    And of course I voted in all the categories!!! :D


  11. Nobody had a chance with Jace on there, did they? I only voted for him once because he had such an overwhelming advantage. Besides, Dimitri and Adam are really amazing too.

  12. I'm torn Dimitri or Jace. Ahhh! Too much hotness to choose. Super cool polls and fun.

  13. This has been an amazing month of posts, Amber! Thanks for all your hard work, and to all my fellow guest post writers for championing their YA guy. =)

  14. I love it! Well, the boys! Had to stick with my Jace for most of them... though, I did sneak in a Patch and Four. "Swoon"

  15. I think I accidentally voted twice on one of the categories. I didn't mean to if i did!

    Jace has my heart <3

  16. Go Jace <3 the bad boy who is a softie =D

  17. I hard such a hard time D:! I just Love Jace and Peeta <3.. And Will is growing on me.. but, this polls should've included Adrian from VA & Jem from The Infernal Devices x)

  18. The voting was fun! Thanks for the contest.

  19. Well the voting is kind of a wash since any category that Jace is in he is winning. I swear people need to get out there and read other books besides TMI! Go Jay! lol

  20. Awesome contest and I LOVE the blog!!;)))) thanks for this!!;))

  21. Wow, Jace is pawning everyone. GO JACE! (And Dimitri, Ash, and PEETA!)

  22. Thanks for the giveaway!! Had fun voting but it was sometimes difficult to choose between the choices =D I <3 Dimitri & Ash

    P.s The polls should have included Stefan Salvatore =P

  23. I'm so glad Peeta is winning in at least one category! (Probably because he's not against Jace...) I wish Sam had more votes, though. Go Peeta & Sam!!!

  24. Thanks for the voting, what fun!
    Nice to see JACE winning (more than charlie sheen).
    Luck to the others (especially Peeta!!!)...but...
    Jace you will always have my heart.Go TMI!

  25. Thanks for teh voting!Really funny n.n

  26. This was a super fun month! But the voting was hard but I eventually decided in every category. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I'm looking forward to next years guys!

  27. I only voted in the categories my guy wasn't entered in and I didn't enter the giveaway because that seems like cheating, but I am so excited that Jace is winning! Thank you so much for all of the fun I had with this. :)

  28. I just found your blog and I am having so much fun reading through it. I love the polls!



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