Saturday, July 23, 2011

YA Bachelor: Daniel from Fallen series by Lauren Kate

Today Brooke from Brooke Reports is here to host the sexy angel Daniel from Lauren Kate's Fallen series. Set back and remember why the good guys can be so delicious too!

Daniel Grigori might seem aloof and distant at times, but underneath his leather jackets & ripped up Tee’s, he’s an angel. (Literally!)
Daniel has been around for centuries and has been doomed to watch the love of his life die over and over again, and that is bound to make a boy bitter. So it’s no surprise when we’re first introduced to Daniel in the Fallen Series, he flips us the bird. The boy knows how to make a scene, I’ll give him that!

In Fallen, Daniel comes off as very mysterious & alluring, you can’t help but want to know him. As we learn more about him through out the books we find out he’s actually quite the romantic and he would do anything for his girl! And that includes being tatted up and beaten down (read Passion to find out more on that!)

GAH! You guys, Passion is amazing. You get to see all these different sides to Daniel, he is vulnerable, and lonely, and funny, and courageous and damn, does he know how to kiss!! Eeep!

Did I mention he’s an angel? So vote for him as your:

Favorite Supernatural being: Like legit, he has wings and everything!! His wings are HUGE! And you know what they say about big wings right………… *wink* Anyway they are huge & white and shimmer in the moonlight! (Rhyme aside it’s true! Daniel likes to take romantic …fly’s ….at night! How adorable is that! Oh yeah, and they’re soft & he’ll cuddle you right up into them…. *sighs*

Sexiest- His deep golden blonde hair falls perfectly around his gorgeously sculpted face, while his tan makes his violet-gray eyes pop! UNF and those soft, sexy lips...yowza.....! He also knows how to dress extremely well! I think that’s what makes this boy truly sexy, his style. He knows how to rock a pair of sunglasses, he looks damn good in a scarf & the boy can pull off a pair of flip-flops! I mean one day he’s in a sweater and the next a leather jacket, he looks mind-blowingly hot in everything! Oh, and don't forget about his black boots- yum! For real this boy is fine.

Sweetest Nice Guy: So Daniel can definitely be a baby boy at times but he’s also super sweet, see:
"I do all of these things," Daniel said, leaning into her so that their foreheads touched, "because you're my love, Lucinda. For me, you're all there is."

Awww! He is adorable!

Best One-Liner: And and and he tells Luce this:

“How many times have I told you I will always find you?”

His love for her is like the most sweetest purest thing ever!! How can you not love this angel!!?

Vote for Daniel or else all hell might break loose! (Seriously though…vote for him!)
Thanks so much for Brooke of Brooke Reports for showing us why we should love Daniel! Make sure you stop back when voting opens and cast your votes! The more categories you vote for, the more entries you'll get for a chance to win one the voter's giveaway at the end of this entire event. For the schedule and more info, check out The Master Post here!


  1. Now I really want to read the fallen series!

  2. I don't think of Daniel as a bachelor. He's as taken as taken can be. I mean does he even see other girls??? But I'll vote for him! Depending on who else is in this contest;)


  3. Sounds interesting! I've been seeing this series in the stores for a while now, and was sucked in by pretty covers. Ten steps up from Twilight!

  4. I love Fallen series! I haven't read Passion yet but Daniel really confuse me. He is very interesting character!


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