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YA Bachelor: Interview with Luc and Lisa Desrochers

In honor of YA Bachelor Month, Luc has decided to grace us all with an interview with his maker, Lisa Desrochers. Luc's asking all the questions you want to know ans Lisa's trying her best to dance with a demon and get away with it! Check out what transpires in this one of a kind exchange!

Hi! Lisa here! When Amber asked me to put together a guest post for her blog, I wasn’t sure what to do. She said you guys voted my demon, Luc Cain, into the top 20 YA bachelors. Since Luc gets to narrate half of Personal Demons, I thought maybe I’d tell you something about how much fun it was writing from inside a demon’s head.
But then Luc told me that idea was boring. What he actually said is that I’m boring. He insisted on conducting an interview to liven up the post. I’ve agreed to do it, but I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake because, as I sit here staring at him across the table, it feels like he has an agenda.
Luc: Everyone is writing angel books these days. *stares hard at me*

Me: Um…yeah…?

Luc: So?

Me: *beginning to sweat* So…?

Luc: So why did you write a demon book.

Me: Um… *clears throat* Well…Personal Demons is sort of an angel book—in a way… There’s Gabe.

Luc: *leans forward as eye narrow* It’s called Personal DEMONS, not Personal Angels. It’s a demon book.

Me: *drops gaze* I suppose it is.

Luc: In the other books, it seems that the *air quotes* demons are often fallen angels. Why didn’t you make me a fallen angel?

Me: Because you aren’t. *glances up to gauge reaction*

Luc: *smiles smugly* No. I’m most definitely not. *pushes foot against table and tips chair back* Why did you decide to make me different?

Me: *starting to relax a little* Well, actually you decided that. You’re the one telling the story—well, you and Frannie.

Luc: *smiles*

Me: I’m just the poorly paid help with the laptop. And, while we’re on the subject, could you two talk a little slower. I can’t keep up with your conversations.

Luc: *lowers chair legs to the ground* You should be happy we let you listen in at all. Don’t push your luck.

Me: *drops gaze again* You’re right. Sorry.

Luc: *slouches back in chair* So, my origin is actually pretty interesting. How did you come up with the concept of demons being borne of sin?

Me: Well…your name, Lucifer Cain, popped into my head one day and I went on-line to research the story of Cain and Abel. I found an article that talked about the origin of sin. The phrase “creatures of sin” kept coming up and, as I flipped that over in my mind it occurred to me that, in my fictional Hell, there could be actual creatures of sin. In your case, you were borne of Pride.

Luc: *glares at me*

Me: *sinks deeper into chair*

Luc: Why did you make me a Creature of Pride?

Me: *snorts* You’re joking, right?

Luc: *glares harder at me*

Me: *thinking this interview was a really bad idea* *nearly slides off the chair under the table*

Luc: Where did you get the idea for me to work in Acquisitions?

Me: *takes a deep breath* I knew you were coming after Frannie’s soul, so where else would you work?

Luc: *drums fingers on tabletop* I suppose that makes a certain amount of sense.

Me: *nods and blows out a relieved breath*

Luc: Did you know I’d fall for Frannie? *scrutinizes me with narrow eyes*

Me: *straightening in my chair and trying not to let him see me shake* I had a pretty good idea…

Luc: *leans forward, eyes flashing red* You knew that the cherub would too.

Me: *squirming in chair* I knew there was a chance that Gabe would be drawn to her.

Luc: *through gritted teeth* And I suppose your going to tell me there was nothing you could do about that.

Me: *shrugging without looking at him* Poorly paid help. Laptop. Remember…?

Luc: *blows out tense sigh* Then you also know it’s only a matter of time before I take him out.

Me: *shrugging again* That’s between you and him.

Luc: *nods, satisfied* So you won’t get in the way?

Me: *wiggling fingers in the air* Help… Laptop…

Luc: Good. *leans back again* So, there’s nothing you can to about Frannie?

Me: Um…how so?

Luc: *fixes me in a hard gaze*

Me: *shaking head* You know she doesn’t listen to me either.

Luc: She’s going to get herself killed. *eyes darken*

Me: Then it probably wouldn’t be in her best interest for you to take Gabe out…

Luc: *pushes glowing fist across table* Are you saying he can keep her safer than I can?

Me: *sweating again* I’m saying it may take both of you.

Luc: *sighs deeply* *tucks hand into pocket* I know you’re right, but Gabriel? *grimaces* Of all the slimy celestials they could have sent…

Me: *shrugs* So, any chance there might be a truce?

Luc: *glowing eyes snap to mine* This is my interview. I ask the questions.

Me: *holding up hands* Sorry. So what else do you want to know?

Luc: *eyes lock on mine* What’s going to happen in Original Sin?

Me: Lot’s of stuff.

Luc: *smirks* Could you be a little more specific?

Me: Well, there are more angels…

Luc: *rolls eyes*

Me: And demons!

Luc: Great. And I suppose they come for Frannie?

Me: King Lucifer still wants her, so…yeah.

Luc: *blows out a sigh* You’re not going to make this easy on me, are you?

Me: *lifts hands and wiggle fingers again* Laptop…

Luc: Yeah, right. *stands abruptly* If you’re not going to be any more helpful than that, I’m gone.

Me: *relieved* Okay, so, we’re done?

Luc: *smiles, amused* I’ve got history homework.

Me: *cracks up despite myself* Yeah, right.”

Luc: *turns for the door* See ya, Laptop.

Me: *wondering if I’ll ever live that down*

A big thanks to Lisa Desrochers and the man of the hour himself for asking the tough questions! Don't forget that you can continue on with Luc's journey today by running out to grab a copy of ORIGINAL SIN! This has been part of YA Bachelor Month.


  1. What a great interview. Love Luc! Can't wait to read Original Sin.

    But my guy is still better - can't wait for July 22nd.


  2. Great interview! I must go read this book. :)

  3. hehe that was great, never read the book, may have to try it. :D

  4. Love Luc!!! And I loved Original Sin. I have to say that when I thought about the possibility of interviewing Luc, the thought was daunting. I mean, what would you ask him?! Better you than me, Lisa!! ;) Can't wait to see what comes next for Luc and Frannie! Thanks so much for sharing Luc with us!

  5. I haven't read the book, but I rather enjoyed Luc's somewhat intimidating interview. :)


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