Sunday, July 17, 2011

YA Bachelor: Archer from Hex Hall

Today's bachelor is Archer from the Hex Hall series by Rachel Hawkins. The wonderful Julie from That's Swell: A Reel Swell Production has generously agreed to host him today!

Archer from the Hex Hall Series by Rachel Hawkins 

Name: Archer Cross

Age: 17

Description: Dark brown eyes and black curly hair. Slender, but with an athletic build. Makes a school uniform look good and formal wear...criminal. Loves to combat with, SophieMercer, a battle of wits. At first, he gets under her skin. He's been at Hecate "Hex" Hall since he was 14. He's a man of mystery. Of course, he's, betrothed to... Sophie's nemesis at school. This doesn't help Sophie's major crush on Archer. Mr. Unattainable is often arrogant but he can be downright charming. When Sophie ends up getting dentition with him, boy, the sparks fly!


From Hex Hall

Pg. 67: "Archer Cross, resident bad boy and total heartthrob. Warlock. Every girl here is at least, like, half in love with him. Crushing on Archer Cross might as well be a class."

Pg. 83: "I couldn't bring myself to say 'Archer' out loud. I'd have felt like I was in an episode of Masterpiece Theater: 'Archer! Let us fetch a spot of tea, old boy!'"

Pg. 205: "Well, according to you, women are always falling over me. So why didn't you? Not your type?"

Pg. 204: "Oh, come on, Mercer. I think you'd make a good queen. You've definitely got the snotty part down."

Pg. 255: "Well, it seems a shame not to show that dress off. Wanna dance?"

Please vote for him for:
  • Best Bad Boy
  • Favorite Supernatural Being
  • Sexiest
  • Change My Mind
  • Overall Favorite
Big thanks to Julie from That's Swell: A Reel Swell Production for hosting Archer! Make sure you stop back when voting opens and cast your votes! The more categories you vote for, the more entries you'll get for a chance to win one the voter's giveaway at the end of this entire event. For the schedule and more info, check out The Master Post here! 


  1. This turned out good! Thanks for letting me host Archer!!

  2. I love Archer! I'm currently reading Demonglass and rememebering why I loved Archer over a year ago, and why I still love him today!


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