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YA Bachelor: Adam from If I Stay Series by Gayle Forman

It's time for our next YA Bachelor! The amazing Pixie of Page Turners is hosting Adam from If I Stay and Where She Went by Gayle Forman. With the slew of paranormals and dystopia novel, Adam is a breath of fresh air from the contemporary side. Prepare to get musical with our next guy!

Adam, oh Adam – a perfect boyfriend in
If I Stay and oh so broken in Where She Went. If I Stay is so heartbreaking I have only been able to read through the book once - I have gone back and skimmed through but Adam is never physically described. Mia mentions little details about him here and there like…
  • “he had his own rockery style, procured from thrift stores and garage sales”
  • “I’d imagined running my finger down the cleft of his chin” 
  • “I could see the green and browns and grays swimming around in his irises”
  • “ it was like the guitar was a fifth limb, a natural extension of his body”
I didn’t really have a mental image of Adam until Where She Went. In my head he looks like a younger version of Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls.

I wanted to explain If I Stay for anyone who hasn’t read it – Mia and her family are in a car wreck, the rest of the story is told through Mia’s soul. Her physical body is in a coma and she is trying to figure out if the life she has left is worth waking up for. Adam is there to help her make that choice. This was post was harder to write up. When we meet Adam our protagonist is already in love with him; we get to know him through flashbacks of their relationship. Adam in my opinion is a perfect boyfriend for many reasons... 
  • His humor – “I think I am a little wigged out that I’ve been more intimate with your dad than I have with you.” 
  • A musician 
  • He’s a reader 
  • He has that bad boy persona, but he isn’t. 
  • He lets Mia be Mia, quirks and all 
  • Romantic – could you image the “play me” scene (swoon) 
  • The two times he cried in front of Mia 
  • He gets along great with Mia’s family, especially her brother Teddy 
  •  The way he loves Mia – He just “gets her” and even though she is very insecure at the start of their relationship, he just keeps reassuring her that she is the girl for him 
  • His strength – while losing everyone he loves, he is able to hold it together for Mia and help her make that agonizing decision. I am crying just thinking about those lines he whispers to her. 
  • Adam is an all around great guy
Please vote for Adam in the following categories:
  • Sweetest Nice Guy
  • Favorite Regular Guy
  • Sexiest
  • Best Fighter
  • Change My Mind
  • Overall Favorite
Thanks so very much to Pixie from Page Turners for sharing why Adam is so greatMake sure you stop back when voting opens and cast your votes! The more categories you vote for, the more entries you'll get for a chance to win one the voter's giveaway at the end of this entire event. For the schedule and more info, check out The Master Post here!



    Honestly, Adam is one of my favourite YA guys ever. This post was short and to-the-point - awesome!

    I knew I would have a problem with this one (I WANT TO HUG ADAM) (NOW) but then you had to go and pick Martin for him. Seriously?! Boys Like Girls is my favourite band! This is cruel!

    Great post, Pixie :) I'm going to go fantasize about Adam now..

  2. Oh Adam. I love him so much! So sweet, so sexy! I'm loving all the bachelors, but I don't think I can pick a fave, they're all so awesome.

  3. I feel like squealing and screaming. I love Adam! I can't even type this without (had to retype that word like 3 times because I'm so excited to type!) feeling this deep emotion! One of my favorite contemps boys EVER! And contemps is 95% of what I read. I love him. The author should do an outtake of their wedding. Awwwww.

  4. Where can I sign up? lol

    I never heard of Martin Johnson from Boys Like Girls before, but he looks so cute!!!

  5. I completely forgot how sensual the "play me" scene was! Thanks for the reminder! I have to say, that isn't how I pictured Adam but I love it and you are so right about his strength. Thanks for the awesome post!

  6. Wow, great post! I am such an Adam fan. He is so relentlessly sweet!

  7. Ooh yes, Adam is pretty darn incredible. Great post! =)


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