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YA Bachelor: Ky from Matched by Ally Condie

Today, we've got another dystopian guy to fall in love with. The fabulous Sonia over at The Story Queen is hosting Ky Markham of Matched by Ally Condie.

Ky Markham: Poet, survivor, strategist.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the man you should be marking down as your YA Bachelor of 2011... Ky Markham:

Yes, that's right. Ky is a blue-eyed (sometimes!), black-haired beauty. Stunningly good looks aside, Ky has some real personality and a dynamic that isn't also present in every single other boy on this list.

You've seen the bad boys. The mysterious, dangerous, I-am-sexy-and-you-will-love-me angels/vampires/werewolves/unicorn-zombies. Have you met another boy like Ky though? I doubt it. Ky is mysterious in his own way. He's an outsider to his world but not in a way that's publicly flaunted. He is quiet and ordinary because that's what he wants you to think. The truth of the matter is, Ky appears exactly how he wants to be perceived.

Ky is smart, he is strategic. He knows what he's doing and how to manipulate situations in his favour so that he can stay alive in a world where that's not always guaranteed. In a dystopian setting where the officials decide everything for you, Ky changes the game and offers up something fresh, exciting and intriguing.

Ladies, have I mentioned that our Ky Markham is also a poet? This is speaking personally, but one of the things I enjoy the most is writing. When I'm writing, I can create, sculpt and build something out of nothing. Even the simple act of holding a pencil and gliding it across a piece of paper to create a new word... it's amazing. Ky gives that to Cassia. He teaches her to write and then narrates his life story to her through sketches and poems written on scraps of napkins. He risks everything to let Cassia know who he truly is. What's that? You want a sample of his poetry? You got it.

"They were too much to carry
So I left them behind
For a new life, in a new place"

Now, if that doesn't make you feel something, I can't help you.

Just in case I haven't convinced you yet, I have two last quotes from our darling Ky. I love these quotes because I just think they show how supportive and caring Ky can be. This is the kind of guy that will stick by you and you'll love long after the magic from that first kiss has vanished.

"I believe in you [Cassia]. That's more faith than I ever thought I'd have."

I know which life is my real one now, no matter what happens. It’s the one with you. For some reason, knowing that even one person knows my story makes things different. Maybe it’s like the poem says. Maybe this is my way of not going gentle.
I love you."

So, there's this boy. He's been delegated a thankless, awful job in an oppressive society for reasons out of his control. His life has been torn apart and he was ripped away from everything he knew and loved at a young age. Yet, he bears it all silently and continues to be a sweet, understanding seventeen-year-old. He laughs, he cries, he lives, he loves. His name is Ky Markham. You should vote for him.

Categories you can vote for Ky in:

Sweetest Nice Guy

Ky is that patient, sweet and charming guy we all dream of having. He is open with his intentions and always willing to help you out of a tough spot. He's just generally nice and the type of guy you can actually have a conversation with.

Favorite Regular Guy

Ky is just that: a regular guy. He hikes, writes poetry, watches movies and works a job like any other guy. Except... wait. How many of these guys write poetry? Do they all hike as well as Ky? The truth of the matter is that while Ky might do the same things as other people, he does it better.

Best One-Liner

"I believe in you. That's more faith than I ever thought I'd have."
Best Fighter 

Let's face it - we don't all have superhuman strength. While some of these guys are real powerhouses, Ky does more fighting with his mind. His strategies and poker face will leave you in the dust, confused in a "what the hell just happened?" kind of way. You'll think you won but in reality, Ky will always come out on top.

Change My Mind

Well, after reading this post, I hope I've swayed at least a few of you into voting for Ky! I know he wasn't the fan favorite to begin with, but hopefully we can change that! Just remember, I know Bellatrix Lestrange if our opinions happen to differ... kidding... maybe...

Overall Favorite

Just thought I'd leave you with one last mental image ;) Zac Efron could totally be Ky Markham, too.

Thanks for reading!
A huge thanks to Sonia of The Story Queen for hosting Ky from Matched!  Make sure you stop back when voting opens and cast your votes! The more categories you vote for, the more entries you'll get for a chance to win one the voter's giveaway at the end of this entire event. For the schedule and more info, check out The Master Post here!


  1. Nice! I haven't read this book but you have my interest!

    Still think my bachelor is better! Will Herondale come July 22nd! YAY

  2. Nicely done, Just what Ky deserved.

    I love Ky, can't wait to read more about him in Crossed. :D

  3. O_O

    I totally forgot my post already went up.. LOL, whoops. Thanks, guys!

  4. Ky was really such a wonderful character and his sincerity took me be surprise. Something is so sexy about him knowing how to write and expressing himself in little snippets of paper. Great post!

  5. I wasn't a bug fan of Ky before but I'm definitely warming up to him now! Great post Sonia!

  6. KY!!! Oh my. (Hey, that rhymed!). I absolutely adored this boy. Xander WHO?! Teaching Cassia how to write and his drawing and poetry.... oh gosh, my heart just melted to a puddle. I'm scared (and excited) to see what will happen in Crossed!

    Fantastic post, I knew there was a reason I loved you, Sonia! :D

  7. What is the name of this actor????


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