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YA Bachelor: Ren from Nightshade by Andrea Cremer and Interview

Our bachelor today is one very sexy guardian from Andrea Cremer's Nightshade series. The wonderful Sara from Just Another Story is here today hosting Renier Laroche.

In most YA books these days there seems to be a lot of love triangles floating around. And like most triangles there is always a preferred side. Which brings us to teams, we’ve all heard it; Team Edward, Team Puck, Team Tucker... Well me, I to have a team: Team Ren.

Renier Laroche:
  • Alpha Male of the Bane Pack, 
  • 6’2, 
  • Tall, dark and dangerous, 
  • Stars in Andrea Cremer’s Nightshade in which fights for the affection of his soon to be mate, Calla. 
Pictured is Adam Gregory Why Adam Gregory, because he can be sweet, he can also be mouthy (well at least on TV). He’s the exact same height as Ren, he’s tall and dark (his eyes are not, but meh), and he’s handsome.

But, seriously, Ren is hot, and when I think of Alpha male, I think of him. He is cocky, and aggressive. He doesn’t take crap from anyone, but he is also incredibly loyal, and takes his role as pack leader very seriously. Ren, however, can also be very affectionate.

That’s one thing about Ren that I loved. He was not afraid to show his emotions. Like here when he begs Calla to come back to him at the end of Nightshade:
"Tell me you’ll come back for the pack. For me”. His eyes were bright with tears. “I don’t want to lose you." 
Try and tell me you didn’t drool when you read that.

There were times throughout the book when Ren would sometimes get a little too pushy with Calla, but it was times like that, that made you realise that he truly cared for her. What girl wouldn’t swoon with moments like this?

But let’s not forget that Ren is an Alpha male. He knows that he wants and he’s willing to do anything it takes to get what he wants. There were a few Ren and Calla moments, where Ren is shameless in using his sexuality to get a rise out of Calla.

A personal favourite of mine, is when they’re in the school bathroom:

‘"What’s three?” I asked, hoping to move away from this uncomfortable topic. 
The smile pulled at his lips again. 
“Three.” One of his hands cupped my face and the other slid around my back. He pulled my body against his and my heart began to pound. I took advantage of my free hand and pushed at his chest. 
“I don’t think so, Lily,” he said. “If you want to get rid of me, you’ll need to do better than that.” 
I drew a sharp breath and tried to wiggle away, but he held me firmly in place, watching me struggle. He grinned as he lifted me up onto the sink. 
“What are you doing?” I started to panic. “Someone could come in!” 
“If they see us, they’ll just turn around and get out of here,” he murmured, lips touching my ear. “No one crosses me.” 
His hips pressed against my knees, opening them, pushing my skirt up my legs. I gripped his shirt, clinging to him so I wouldn’t fall into the sink. His hand pushed into my lower back. I gasped as his body fitted against mine. 
Heat flooded my chest, my pelvis. I thought I would drown in it. 
“We can’t—” His lips stopped my words. The kiss just made me dizzier. I dug my fingers into his shoulders. 
“You said you didn’t want to be left alone.” His tongue flicked over my cheekbone. “This is me pestering you.” 
“Aren’t you breaking the rules?” I could barely get the words out. “What about the union?” 
“I’d rather have you on my own terms.” His hand slipped between my thighs. 
All strength fled my limbs. “I can’t breathe.” 
“That means you like it.” He kissed me again.’ (Scene taken from goodreads). 
Why do I love Ren?

I love him because he was willing to let Calla go. He wanted more then to just have her as his mate. He wanted her to love him, so he let her go. Ren is every girls dream. He protects, but he is also respectful. He’s accepted his fate, actually he’s done more than that, he’s embraced the responsibility of leading the new pack. It’s what he was meant to do, and he’s passionate about being their leader. Every one of the pack members is important to him. He cares about the well being of them all. Ren’s loyalty is amazing, it’s something to revere. That’s why I love Ren.

Please vote for Ren in the following six categories:

Favourite Supernatural Creature- Cause he’s a kickass werewolf.

Best One Liner- He’s the King of one liner’s but my personal favourite (as seen above): “That means you like it.” Uh Huh.

Sexiest- Tall Dark, Handsome, Loyal, ALPHA!!

Favorite Guy Who Didn’t Get The Girl But Should Have- Calla left poor Ren, and ran after Shay, and Ren let her (It brings a tear to my eye).

Change my mind- If you didn’t love Ren before, I hope you do now. He really is an exceptional character. He deserves some love.

Overall Favourite- Cause he’s wonderful.

We're lucky enough to have Ren stop by to tell us a little more about himself. Both Sara and I (Amber) asked him a few questions.

1) Tell us how you really feel about Shay?

*At the sound of Shay's name Ren simply growls*

In different circumstances could you two be friends?

I see you're going to force me on this. I'll admit that Shay is smart and cocky in a way I can respect. But I'll never get be his friend. We both want Calla too much.

2) Do you call Calla Lily just to annoy her, or is it an actual endearment? 

*laughs* It started out when we were kids. She hated her name and so I made sure to tease her about it as often as possible...but over time it started to feel like something more. She probably can't stand it, but it's a term of endearment to me.

3) Do you ever wish you could have chosen your own future? 

I've only ever wanted to lead the pack and that's what I get to do. I can't imagine any other life.

4) I've heard from a little birdie that you like poetry and even dabble in writing some yourself. Any chance we can see a little bit or would you show us your favorite poem?
That little birdie only told you a half truth. Poetry is cool, but Nev is the poet of our pack. I'd say his poems are my favorites but he'd kick my ass if I shared anything. But another poet I like is Seamus Heaney. His poem, Follower, resonates with me.

Follower; Death of a Naturalist by Seamus Henry 

My father worked with a horse plough,
His shoulders globed like a full sail strung
Between the shafts and the furrow.
The horses strained at his clicking tongue.

An expert. He would set the wing
And fit the bright-pointed sock.
The sod rolled over without breaking.
At the headrig, with a single pluck.

Of reins, the sweating team turned round
And back into the land. His eye
Narrowed and angled at the ground,
Mapping the furrow exactly.

I stumbled in his hobnailed wake,
Fell sometimes on the polished sod;
Sometimes he rode me on his back
Dipping and rising to his plod.
I wanted to grow up and plough,
To close one eye, stiffen my arm.
All I ever did was follow
In his broad shadow around the farm.

I was a nuisance, tripping, falling,
Yapping always. But today
It is my father who keeps stumbling
Behind me, and will not go away.

5) What's your idea of a perfect day?

Sleeping in. Spending a couple of hours hanging out with Dax and Nev, playing XBox or foosball. Heading out on my own in the afternoon and trying to catch Calla off guard in the forest then convincing her to go on an all-night hunt with me.

6) You're stranded on an island with only three things. What would you want them to be?

I'd only want Calla. As long as the island has a source of fresh water and a flourishing animal population we'd be all set. Sounds like paradise to me.
Can I just say "Aww" here and also, hello Calla!

7) You could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead. Who are you going to talk to?

My mother. I never knew her and I'd give anything to change that.
Thanks so much to Sara from Just Another Story for hosting Ren! Make sure you stop back when voting opens and cast your votes! The more categories you vote for, the more entries you'll get for a chance to win one the voter's giveaway at the end of this entire event. For the schedule and more info, check out The Master Post here!


  1. Oh yes I love Ren. The competition keeps getting harder and harder.

  2. Gosh, I am totally in TEAM Ren, can't stop adore him:D While I was reading Nightshade, my heart stopped beat every time he apppeared. Oh and Adam Gregory - good choice!
    Yep, Ren definitely kicks Shay's ass in every possible way.

  3. oh gosh! i’m really TEAM REN from the very beginning and it won’t change no matter what. I only got to love him more and more because of this interview! he is such a sweet sweet real guy! huhu. it breaks my heart that Calla ran with Shay at the end of Nightshade. looking forward to wolfsbane and bloodrose!

  4. I so love the bathroom scene. I could read it over and over. That dang teacher coming in there and breaking it up. I'll love Ren forever. Amy @

  5. uh..REN HAS MY VOTE IN EVERY CATEGORY! oh my gosh, i love this boy so much! He's sexy but SO SWEET & he has this vulnerable side...GAH! What is not to love!! i NEED him to be with Calla! <3

    His answer to the last question....*wipes tears* THIS BOY!!! <3 Awesome post!!

    *goes back to re-read bathroom scene 12 more times*

  6. Holy goodness, I need to read this book. Great post Sara!

  7. That... interview. Ohhhh, Ren. My heart just broke. Again.

  8. Wow! Ren is my fave character from Andrea Cremer's NIGHTSHADE series. Can't wait to read WOLFSBANE and see what happens to him after the end of NIGHTSHADE.

  9. I didn't like Ren, he's way too much of a jerk. It's not sexy to me at all.

  10. Ahh, I love Ren!! <3 He's so much better than Shay, do not see the competition there. lol. Great post!


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