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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Xander vs Team Ky

Team Xander vs. Team Ky

Team Xander
Team Xander is represented by Elena of Elena's Book Cafe who is now taking over this portion of the post.

I am team Xander, or team best friend. When Cassia was matched with Xander a spark was set off. They both were extremely happy to know that the person they’ve known forever was to be their match. Xander is a blonde-haired, blue eyed boy. He loves Cassia for who she is and he wouldn’t change anything. He respects her and stands up for her. Little does he know it, Cassia goes behind his back and hangs out with Ky. She grows to love Ky and when Xander finds out, he is heartbroken. He loved her so much. Imagine if the boy/girl that you love goes behind your back and starts a relationship with someone else. How would you feel? Rejected, heartbroken, and utterly stunned. That is how Xander felt. If Cassia chose Xander and never fell in love with Ky, they could have a great relationship and grow old together. They would raise a family and talk about the day they were matched together. True love!

This song reminds me of Cassia and Xander after they got matched (before Ky). It is Lucky by Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat.

This is the same song, but the Glee version sung by Chord Overstreet (who I think would be a great Xander!) and Dianna Agron. I personally like this version better.

Couldn't you see Cassia and Xander singing this with each other? It's so cute!
Along comes Ky and their sweet little love story is ruined. This song by Lifehouse reminds me of Cassia and Xander after Xander finds out about Ky. It is called "It Is What It Is".
"You look beautiful" - Xander

Imagine Xander. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and the cutest smile.

Some actors that I think could portray Xander are:
Chord Overstreet

Sterling Knight

Chuck Hittinger

This is why I think you should be team Xander.


Team Ky
Team Ky is represented by Alison of Lost In Believing who is now taking over this portion of the post.

Two words: KyMarkham.

Yeah. He’s really that important.

Let me start off by giving you a song that reminds me of Ky when I listen to it.

Ky is all about poems and art. He’s super creative, so I hope that gave you a first good impression of my post! But let me get to my point.
For those who have no idea who I am talking about, let me explain. Ky is one of the fabulous boys from Ally Condie’s Matched. He’s the guy that is suddenly important in Cassia’s [the protagonist] life. There is way more to the story, but you’re just going to have to read Matched to find out!
But before you get your hands on it, let me tell you about Ky…

With those traits (and more), how can you not at least be somewhat interested in this guy?! Throughout the novel, Ky displays those traits more than once. It's not even just toward Cassia! He's also friends with Xander and they help each other on a few occasions. Ky also helps protect Em, Cassia's girl best friend, even though they are not that close. You know the whole boy next door thing?Yeah, he is exactly that kind of guy.
He's also really quiet. Not that he's shy or afraid of talking, but because he's taking in the world around him. Ky is the type of person that learns by watching things. And because he watched, he learned how to fit in with everyone else. Ky is able to blend in when needed, and stand out from others in a moment's notice. The way he moves himself is a combination of restraint, honesty and secrecy. He's open just enough to make people want to know more, but stays mysterious enough to have people dig deeper to find the true him.
Cassia also sees Ky cry. Most guys would never let anyone else, let alone a girl that they liked, see them cry. It's considered weak and whatever else guys say about crying. But a lot of us disagree.Guys are true men if they cry. Because if they can, it shows that they are not afraid of expressing their feelings. In a world where everything is so closely monitored, people hold back their feelings to keep from being noticed. Ky isn't that worried of having others see that his feelings are important. Seeing him cry just makes him even better. Sensitive guys are a lot more attractive than you may think.
Now let's get to what Ky looks like:
Just reading that description makes me swoon! I don't know about you, but I'm picturing a pretty nice guy in my head right now... Maybe a few guys like this?

Christian Cooke

Zac Efron

Logan Lerman

Drew Roy

Man. These guys are pretty handsome ! Not all of them have blue eyes, but his eyes sometimes reflect the environment around him. So they could look brown or green, but they are really blue. How cool is that?! To know your eyes are a certain color, but they appear to be different based on your surroundings! Awesome!
Ky's voice is described as "soft and deep like water falling in the distance." It's also "has music." Picture a really attractive 17-year-old that has a super sweet personality with a voice that is rhythmic and melodious. Yeah. Talk about the guy from your dreams! Looks aren't everything, but it's a plus!
He also says the sweetest things.
(Page 273)
Ky: "Do you think anyone believes in them anymore?"
Cassia:  "I don't know. No. do you?"
Ky: "I believe in you. That's more faith than I ever though I'd have."

*Squeals* Aweee! How cute is that?! If I had a boyfriend that said those kind of things, I would just melt.

There's one more thing that just makes him even more perfect-the fact that he isn't perfect at all. He breaks the rules and thinks outside of the box. He's torn apart on the inside and gets in trouble. Life isn't perfect. And if someone is perfect, they aren't real. Ky isn't perfect, which makes him pretty close to perfect. Highlighting his great features is one thing, but it's imperfections that complete a person.

Soooo...Did I convince you enough to make Ky your pick?! You're the one who decides for yourself...But can I just say that if you don't choose him, it means more for me? Haha, but I'm all for sharing ;)


So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. I love both of them, but Xander has my heart. I'm not on "Team Xander" -- that is, I don't root for him to end up with Cassia, because I know it's futile. But it's just impossible not to like him. :)

  2. Christian Cooke does look like Ky! Good points for each. I see 'Team Xanders' side of the story, but must count myself as 'Team Ky' for this round!

  3. I haven't read this one yet but I really want to. Thanks for a great argument without giving too much of the story away!

  4. I usually hate friendship romances. I firmly believe in the friend zone and that it's like the Bermuda triangle you can't get out once you're in. That said (and mind you I've not read this series) I really felt the arguments for Team Xander were spot on and that is who I voted for.

  5. Yeah!!! Team Ky is in the lead!!!

    Love Triangle week is full of awesome! Thanks so much for hosting this! I'm really enjoying the posts :D

  6. Team Ky! I get the whole best friend thing...but falling in love wins!

  7. SO Team Ky!!!!! The description alone is enough to make me swoon. Add in the whole sensitive guy part and boom! Dreamboat right there. *sigh* :)

  8. omg!! i can't wait to read this book!! and i can tell you from this post i know for sure that i'm gonna be on team ky

  9. So hard to choose since I haven't read the book. But based on these arguments, and pictures I'll go the Ky. I'm not a big blond girl :)

  10. Its obvious, she's got to end up with Ky.


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