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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Edward vs. Team Jacob

Team Edward vs. Team Jacob
Team Edward
Team Edward is represented by Paula from The Phantom Photographer who is now taking over this blog.

Edward – The Vamp from the Saga
Written By Paula aka The Phantom Paragrapher –
Edward, Oh Edward. Where for thou Edward? The age ol’ debate of whether you are standing on the Team Jacob side or the Team Edward side is about to get heated as I stand forth to let you reader’s be well-aware of why you should choose Team Edward over Team Jacob.
Edward Cullen, supposedly born 20 June 1901 is what some call “The Cold Ones”, but we know him mostly as a Vampire. One that shines and sparkles in the sun rather than frizzles up and gets sunburnt  like some of us mere mortals do after spending a long day in the sun without sunblock.

“As the Lion fell in love with the lamb” and “Your Blood is like Heroin” – two quotes that are used in Twilight to describe the way Edward reacts to Bella and then the way he describes himself as for a Vampire hunger for blood especially human blood is strong , it’s their survival mode . His experience with wanting Bella can be only described as romantic longings and though he really wants to be with her , he shows a side of himself that is not only chivalrous but also tries to warn her that he is not good for her , another quote is “what if I’m the bad guy? “. Edward displays characteristics of a true man as he does not pussyfoot around with her emotions and he tells her up straight that he being with her is liked feeding a drug addict, it is at this point – he has given her an opening to say Yes I’ll continue seeing you or the choice to say No.
Every girl dreams of having a romantic boyfriend, one that will recite her poetry, play her music, protect her from danger. Edward Cullen is that guy; he recites Romeo and Juliet off by heart in the first book Twilight , he writes her a song and plays it for her “Bella’s Lullaby” and he recites lovely quotes to her like in New Moon “Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars- points of light and reason... And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn't see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything

If you were ever to bring a guy home that you’re father wouldn’t mind you dating , though of course you’d probably likely to leave out the Vampire bit as that wouldn’t go over too well with the parents. Edward would be it, after the centuries and years he has been alive he is well-mannered, has a good dress sense and is intelligent, creative and the fact that if they did find out he was a Vampire, he chooses to drink animal blood becoming what is called a Vegetarian Vampire rather than drinking human blood.
One of Bella’s favourite books as we discover in the story is Wuthering Heights and in Wuthering Heights, the main character Heathcliff (who is also one of my fictional crushes) is a guy so filled with love for Kate, that it is at the point of possessiveness in some places but the intensity of the romance – is a guy who would do anything for you, he would if you asked him to go to the end of the world and back for you. There is a quote in which Edward compares himself to Heathcliff “Besides…the more time I spend with you, the more human emotions seem comprehensible to me. I’m discovering that I can sympathize with Heathcliff in ways I didn’t think possible before.” .To have a guy that is willing to die for you, is one of the most romantic fantasies that any girl could ask for, this also displays such a strength of loyalty, that Edward is like the White Knight in Shining Armor or as he is a Vampire “the Dark Knight in Shining Armor”.  Edward is the example of everything a girl could ever ask for in a guy, he is like a dream come true.

Edward also has the gift of mind-reading, which though can be a bit annoying as he doesn’t have the ability to read the mind of the one he loves that can help, but he can sense what others are thinking and if danger attacks, he can nip it in the bud. He is also one of those gentleman-y guys who are quiet and keep to themselves which gives an aura of mysteriousness and peacefulness and also though Vampires are said not to have a soul , Edward has the most amazing eyes and if you are like me , then the first thing you notice on a guy besides his smile ( Edward has an awkward shy smile) is the color and intensity of the eyes and they do say the eyes of a person or in this case we will say a Vampire is the window to the soul .
In Conclusion this is just a few reasons why you should choose Team Edward and fall in love with “the cold ones” and become a Vampire fan rather than a Team Jacob’s Werewolf Chick.
Team Jacob
Team Jacob is represented by Ashley of A. Literate who is now taking over this post!

Every female (and more than a few males) who has read the books or seen the movies of the Twilight Saga has been forced to pick a side in the ever-present rivalry between Team Edward verses Team Jacob.

Team Edward is okay if you feel like crushing on a cold, shiny, vampire with control issues and possessive tendencies, but I much prefer to side with Team Jacob: the fans of the friendly, warm, werewolf who’s laid back and fun loving.

Edward may come off as romantic and gallant in the books, but he’s also very controlling and over protective. Edward’s relationship with Bella can sometimes seem more parental than romantic. His main focus is always protecting her – keeping her safe. He tries to keep her away from Jacob and even dismantles her car to keep her from going to see him because he thinks that Jacob is too dangerous for her. Edward even goes as far as removing himself from her life completely and leaving her alone and broken without even consulting her first. Jacob, on the other hand, never tries to keep Bella from doing the things that she wants to do. After Bella has discovered Jacob’s werewolf identity, Jacob tells her that he and the wolf pack can be dangerous. He even warns her that in a split second of anger, the pack leader, Sam, permanently disfigured the woman he loved because he couldn’t control himself. But Jacob leaves the decision up to Bella whether or not she wants to be around the danger. Edward keeps things from Bella that he doesn’t think she can handle and makes decisions for her under the excuse of safety, while Jacob tells Bella when there’s danger and lets her decide for herself what she can and cannot handle.

There is absolutely no questioning Edward in regards to his love for Bella and vice versa, but there is something to be said for the loving friendship between Bella and Jacob.  When looking for a life long mate, most people end up with someone who can and usually does become their best friend. Jacob already is Bella’s best friend. Jacob understands Bella in ways that Edward never seems to be able to master. Edward has spent so many years of his life being able to read people’s minds that he finds it incredibly frustrating that he cannot read Bella’s. Edward is constantly asking Bella what she’s thinking because he can’t get a good read on her, whereas Jacob can sense things about Bella from simply spending time with her. In the beginning chapters of New Moon, Bella never has to tell Jacob that she doesn’t like listening to music or that she can’t handle talking about the Cullens, but Jacob understands her and doesn’t ever push her to open up to him. Jacob becomes the sun for Bella, her own personal space heater (and we all know how much she hates the cold!). Things are comfortable and easy with Jacob, just sitting together in his father’s garage or walking along the beach, Bella can be completely herself with him.

Let’s not forget one of the best arguments for choosing Jacob over Edward: the life he can offer her. It goes without question that for Bella to have a life with Edward, she has to change herself and become a vampire. She has to give up every human experience she will never get to have. She has to give up her family, her friends, her chance to grow old with the one she loves, her opportunity to create her own family and have children and grandchildren (we all know that Renesmee was just a fluke!). She wouldn’t have to change herself at all or give up anything to be with Jacob. They could have a normal life together, he could protect her and provide for her, and she would always have easy access to her mother and father. Jacob tells her, “I’m exactly right for you, Bella. It would have been effortless for us – comfortable, easy as breathing. I was the natural path your life would have taken…if the world was the way it was supposed to be, if there were no monsters and no magic…” (Meyer,Eclipse 599). Forget the vampires, forget the werewolves, Jacob is someone who you can laugh with, have fun with, relax with, and enjoy your life with. He’s tall, dark, handsome, muscular, warm, funny, and easy to talk to. Let’s face it, dog can be women’s best friend too!


So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. Thank you Ashley! You reminded me of why I was a fan of Twilight once upon a time: because of Jacob and his awesomeness. Sorry Team Edward, you provided a good argument for those who already like Edward, but it just reminded me of how much I hate his character.

  2. I feel the reason Jacob gives Bella details is b/c he knew Edward didn't and hoped to use it as a wedge not b/c he really wanted Bella to know or to be where danger was but because he thought that was what Bella wanted. I didn't like what he did when he first kissed Bella. It was such a big deal in the book and the movie was different just enough to underemphasis it or at least that's how I felt. I like Edward's over protectiveness and I agree he could learn to open up and share better, but really the guy was closed off for a century. Around Bella he was relearning what it meant to be human and in addition to that for the first time in his existence learn what it meant to be in a relationship. Obviously he's on a learning curve, but he's learning. He never makes the same mistake twice... as we see in Eclipse. He won't leave and he won't force his idea of what's best for Bella on Bella anymore. What she wants becomes what he wants.

  3. You guys had a tough one, I think, because there are the books AND the movies. I'm totally 100% Team Edward when it comes to the books.

    The movies, eh, I always go back and forth. Mostly because I think Jacob is less whiny (my main problem with him) in the movies than the books.

  4. I am Team Jacob by default of being Native American myself. He is one tummy piece of brown male flesh. He also has other great qualities like always being there for Bella even though she didn't always want it. I sort of think he did go about that first kiss wrong but he wanted to see if what he felt had any baring on her. I can't imagine chasing a person so hard to just find out it was lust or something in my head. :( although, I would never chase, it is a very unladylike quality. Edward is q bit too creepy for me with the whole pedophile peaking Tom thing... Ewe. Ladies, lock your windows.

    Team Native Flesh for me :)
    Mad Scientist

  5. I was a team Edward until Jake came into the he's the one best for Bella (even though she does go with Edward....)

  6. I'm Team Edward all the way :)
    Both of you had awesome arguments, but I'm Team Jacob just has no sway on me. Plus I was one of the people that was more annoyed by Jake than impressed. I agree with Keira, I felt like lots of the stuff Jake does is just to make himself look better compared to Edward. I love Jake as the friend, and to me that's all I ever wanted him to be.

  7. Ive always been a Team Edward BTW I had fun writing this though in some parts it was actually quite hard to write and come up with supporting evidence etc. I always thought A)Jacob is too young for me and they proved it by having Taylor Lautner play the part and Ive always been a vampire girl over Werewolves.

  8. I am Team Edward in the books, yet Team Jacob in the movies.

  9. team jacob!!! idk why bella is in love w/ edward jacob is soo much better

  10. Edward for the win. I really couldn't believe how close this was. Really, it probably is only that close because they made the books into movies. I never wanted Jacob in the books.

  11. Jacob, hands down, he was such a great character.

  12. Team Edward ..i mean seriously Jacob is so pathethic...and what about him and Renesme???


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