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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Stefan vs. Team Damon

Team Stefan vs. Team Damon

Team Stefan
Team Stefan is represented by Emily of It's Just Life As I know It who is now taking over this post!

The Salvatore brothers. Yummy. But I have to say, I have a clear preference.

Stefan Salvatore. *sigh* I say the name. I see the name. I think the name. *sigh*

It is not just looks. If it were just looks, Damon could easily fit the bill. No, this is the complete package. Stefan has it all.

  • Stefan is willing to do anything for the girl he loves. Yes, it's true. He will do anything. Drive miles and miles to find vervain. Promise to get along with and take care of his brother who hates him. Find a way to give up immortality and become human.

  • Stefan is a great friend. He makes friends easily because he's just a nice guy. Even with his girlfriend's ex. They become best buds.

  • Stefan is a great brother. Face it, his brother hates him. But does that stop Stefan from caring for him? No. He can't help it. He will always protect his brother and stick up for him. He gets mad sometimes and says things he doesn't mean, but in the end he sticks by Damon. Even though Damon is trying to take his girl.

Yes, I see where Damon can overwhelm a girl. And I will always hold a soft spot in my heart for him. But he can't equal the perfection that is Stefan. And don't forget, if you don't have your vervain, it's likely Damon has likely just compelled you.


Team Damon
Team Damon is represented by Emilie of Emilie's Book World who is now taking over this post!

Okay, so here’s the deal: Team Damon is the team to be on. I had my doubts about it too at first, I’ll admit it. But I came to my senses soon enough and now don’t even think about trying to get me to change back over to Team Stefan. It’s just not going to happen, so deal with it.
There is just so much more to Damon than there is to Stefan. Other than the fact that he loves Elena, is more or less a good guy all around and his good looks, what else is there really to Stefan? That’s what I thought, not that much. Damon on the other hand has a lot more to offer: he’s mysterious, dangerous, has his moments with humor and of course he’s pretty damn hot as well. And that’s only on the surface. 
When he finally gets the guts to open up and show more of himself, Damon can be an absolutely great guy. Sometimes you can just tell that he wants to be better he just hasn’t figured quite how to do it yet. But when he finally does, he will be just as if not more lovable than Stefan, believe me when I say this. He has his moments when he can be so amazing, both in the original series and the new one. In the new series, particularly the latest book, you can see more and more of his good side start to appear and that just makes me love him that much more.
And let’s not forget about the TV show. How can you not love Ian Somerhalder playing Damon. I mean just the eyes is enough to get most girls to fall right in love with him. And more and more on the TV show, you start to see his good side come through. Stefan’s not the only one who loves and wants to save Elena at all costs. Damon wants just the same thing, he just has a different way of showing it. 
Basically it all comes down to this, Damon can be just as soft, sensitive and sweet as Stefan but he can also be a total badass which just makes him that much more awesome. Maybe I’m biased and the fact that I have a major tendency to fall for bad boys probably doesn’t help either, but Team Damon is the way to go. You can believe whatever you want but Damon will always be better than Stefan for me.
In case it isn’t clear yet. If you aren’t on TEAM DAMON, you are most definitely on the wrong team.


So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I read the original books when they came out in the dark ages that are often referred to as my high school days. I get it, Team Damon, he's the bad boy with a heart of gold who just needs the love of a good woman to melt his hard, badass exterior. Forget all the times he's tried to kill his brother, or steal his girl, deep down he's sensitive! Ugh, it's books like this that will make young girls growing up date the good looking jerks, thinking they can change them. I'm sorry, but it's the Stefan's of the world that will be (hopefully) there, waiting to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart. It's a sad day when being a good guy is punished in romantic triangles. Team Stefan all the way!

  2. Go Team Stefan! Good guy will always beat bad guy in my books, no matter how gorgeous and awesome Ian Somerhalder is.

  3. I think I'm 'Team it depends on which brother is in the scene'! This is based off the show. The books never looked like my type of read.

    Nice arguments on both sides. The pictures you BOTH chose are perfect!

  4. Great arguments :)
    I'm definitely Team Damon though....I just love that guy ;) lol

  5. "And don't forget, if you don't have your vervain, it's likely Damon has likely just compelled you." Love that last line!

    And I agree, great pictures from both :D

  6. I love Damon. Even though he's an asshole sometimes he really cares for Elena.

  7. great post and love your arguments. for me this is the hardest to pick. i like them both. but if i had to chose it would be stefan.

  8. I don't watch the show but I've heard it's better than the books. I chose Team Damon because I remember Ian Somerhalder from his Young American days which I absolutely loved!

  9. I love the Vampire Diaries! I really liked your arguements. I'm still Team Stefan. So cute!!

  10. I personally didn't like the book. I actually stopped reading it. But the show has me hooked. It's always tough. Week to week I have a new favorite, so I based this only on looks. lol

  11. having read the first book, I totally have to go with Stefen, cause Damon was just a jerk.

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