Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movies I Must See

Sucker Punch (March 2011)

I kid you not, I watched this trailer three times before I could even think straight. I feel like Zack Snyder decided to make a movie of Everything That Amber Ever Loved and we got Sucker Punch as a result. Incredible!

Red Riding Hood (March 2011)

It's been criticized as being too much like Twilight but I don't really care. This movie looks so visually stunning and with such great actors that I can't wait to see it.

Beastly (March 2011)

What did Sucker Punch miss? My intensely scary love for Beauty and The Beast. Well, I get it in Beastly. I love modern fairytale re-tellings and this is the best story of all! Can't wait for this one. Especially since Hudgens doesn't sing in it (no offense to those who like her voice, I just find her way too nasally and liked her a lot better when she was just watching Efron sing).

I Am Number Four (February 2011)

I don't like the story of how this novel come about but regardless, I want to see this movie. It looks great though I don't think the trailer did it justice.


  1. I really want to see Red Riding Hood. It looks interesting. I did not enjoy I Am Number Four all that much, but for some reason still want to see the movie. I can't decide on Beastly...
    I have no idea on Sucker Punch. I haven't seen the preview before. It looks like something I might enjoy.


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