Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Day In The Life of Mr. Potter

I haven't made it a secret that I finally got to visit the wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter yesterday. I have some photos but my friends were much quicker about posting photos so here you have it! We traveled up the night before (there were five of us) and went in when the park opened. There was nobody there-- seriously, the longest wait was for the new Harry Potter ride and it said 20 mins but it was actually longer to walk through the castle than to get on the rides. So we didn't have to deal with crowds. Now, on to the good stuff...

That's my first reaction. I didn't know she was taking the picture... this was not posed...


My best friend (who took these pictures on the left) and I (right) taking a photo with the conductor who had a British accent!

This is at the entrance.

Hogwarts! This is where the new Harry Potter adventure ride is (which is terrifying). It took everything about Harry Potter that was scary and put it into one ride. Great fun though!

The Greenhouse which is part of the waiting line in Hogwarts

The entrance to Dumbledore's office which is also in Hogswarts castle

The had a bunch of awesome talking photos in Hogwarts and you could never tell who was going to be speaking!

Yup, that's THE Sorting Hat! He's at the end of the Hogwarts castle right before you board the ride!

Every hour or so, they have the two other schools come out and perform and then the Hogwarts choir sings 

Ashley (my bestie on the left) and I (right) in line to get into Olivanders.

Olivanders was totally worth the wait. You must visit it!

The owls right out of Olivanders.

The entrance to the Dragon Challenge (the old dueling dragons)

A staircase in Honeydukes

Zoink's joke shop was adorable!

Wanna be Hermy? Get yourself a Pigme (spelling) Puff! They were super soft. 

I'll get around to putting my pictures up in a bit but I wanted you all to see how magical it really is. My husband made a wonderful observation about Harry Potter. He said, the reason he thought it held so much significance for us is because it is the first part of a theme park that was created about something that was our generation. Marvel, Seuss, and Toonland all feature attractions that are timeless but none which were made during our time. Harry Potter came out right around the time I was his age. As he grew, I grew with him. That's what makes it even more magical. It's our generation's gold child and to see it come to life is something truly amazing. I really hope you can all find your way there!


  1. Awesome pictures! I especially love the one of the Greenhouse.

  2. Amazing, im hoping to go next year, i can't wait it looks fantastic! i am so jealous right now.

  3. Oh my GAWD.

    I freaking love those pictures. I'm so jealous! Just wondering... does the Sorting Hat actually sort people? And, if so, did you see anyone get into Slytherin?

    Oh, and do they sell the scarves there?

  4. Feliza,

    I wish the Sorting Hat sorted people but it doesn't. It tells you about what sorts of things not to bring on the ride or else Filch will take them!

    And yes, they sell scarves, robes, EVERYTHING!

  5. Amazing! Thanks for the great photos!

  6. Looks like a blast and perfect timing to go just before the movie comes out. :)

  7. OMG, so awesome! I wish I could go right now!!! =)

  8. You seem to have had a great experience, so glad you posted these photos :)

    That's an amazing place, I can't wait to go one day... though I'm from Romania and I'm sure it'll be a long long long wait... but I will go when I can someday :)


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