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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Bill vs. Team Eric

Team Bill vs Team Eric 

Team Bill
Team Bill is represented by Mad Scientist from Steampunkery & Books who is now taking over this post!


Do you like a man with Southern Charm?
Do you like your men sexy?
Do you like a man who is older then you?
Do you like your man with a smothering scowl?
Do you like a man who can curl your toes? 

Look no further because Bill Compton is a older gentleman with a slightly tortured soul.  But we can fix that for him.  Right ladies?!  He is essentially a good guy but the vampire tourtured soul sometimes makes him thing otherwise.

We might be able to use this to our advantage.  Sometimes all a twisted mind needs is a few hours in the bedroom.

If you love a tormented man with sharp fangs and manners Bill Compton is your man! 

Take a Peak at his Sexy Line!! 

Noteworthy Quotes:

"Sweetheart," Bill said formally, "I have always loved you, and I will be proud to die in your service. When I'm gone, say a prayer for me in a real church." 

Sookie Stackhouse: [after they have made love] Doesn’t it get old for you? I mean you’ve been doing it for over a hundred years. Doesn’t it get predictable? 
Bill Compton: Not with you it doesn’t. You’re entirely different. And the beauty and the tragedy of it is that you don’t know just how different you are.  There’s nothing more natural than the act of making love. Who am I to try to change what comes naturally to you. 
Sookie Stackhouse: But if you could change something… 
Bill Compton: I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Sookie Stackhouse: [awakes to find Bill licking at her open head wound] Do I taste different from other people?
Bill Compton:  Yes. What are you?
Sookie Stackhouse:  Well, apparently I'm not dead. What I am is telepathic. I can hear people's thoughts.
Bill Compton:  Even mine?
Sookie Stackhouse:  No. That's why I like you so much. I can't hear you at all. You have no idea how peaceful it is after a lifetime of "blah, blah, blah."  
Bill Compton:  May I ask you a personal question?
Sookie Stackhouse: Bill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that.

Another Reason to Vote Team Bill
Stephen Moyer is featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s April 2009 issue on their list for TV’s Sexiest Bad Boys, Page 62.

Who Loves Bill? 

Michelle Forbes who played the wickedly sinister Maryann, on season 2 of True Blood.
Michelle confessed that she will always be Team Bill:
“Oh, I’m Team Bill all the way. I’m Stephen Moyer all the way! I love that man!”
These Two Belong Together!! 

Just another reason Bill is the one. Look at these two...  What a great couple! I would have to agree that Sookie needs a man who has manners. Southern accent, Southern charm and Southern Looks!

When will she choose?
Who will she choose?
Who do you choose?

Vote Bill

Portrayed & Praised by:

Team Eric
Team Eric is represented by Nafiza of Biblophilic Monologues who is now taking over this blog!

So here I am, all set to argue for Eric. Now, before I actually fling myself into my argument, let me just say that I don’t watch True Blood – I just haven’t had the time for it – but I am a fan of the Sookie Stackhouse novels so everything I say will be based off that. This also means that if you haven’t read the latest book, you might be spoiled. Sorry!

Why Eric, you may ask? 

Well, let’s consider our choices then.
  • ·         Bill.
Yes, he must be mentioned. How could he not? He is/was (depending on who you ask really) Sookie’s first real love. And he’s dependable. (Just like diapers.) And in love with Sookie – wait, is he? Really?

Um. Not really. Not if this new estranged love of his life has anything to do with it. Actually, they are not really estranged anymore since the Queen has died and left the field open for the ex-lover to return and be reinstated lover. 

Those complications aside, I can’t feel the chemistry between Sookie and Bill as anything but a natural reaction one has to something new. (Was he not the first vampire Sookie had actual dealings with?)

He’s somebody’s great grandfather. This is not to imply that grandfathers (even great ones) can’t be sexy. Sure they can but IT’S STILL CREEPY! I’m sorry, I’m a horrible person but the entire idea of a grandpa vampire is…well, not enough to elicit any sort of swoony sighs from me.
  • ·         Sam?
Sam is awesome, okay? I totally love him and if Ms. Harris were inclined to go in that direction, I’d be really tempted to skip teams but as it is, that particular duet has yet to be sung. (Hurhur.)
  • ·         The White Tiger (I don’t remember his name.)
Can you say emotional issues? You can’t? Well, I can. Sure, true love is blind but real love means jumping in with your eyes wide open and you can’t jump if the man you are with has emotional baggage the size of Alaska. It’s rather unfortunate though. He was written quite smexily.

There’s also the pack leader of the Werewolves whose name I can’t remember either. But he behaves in such a chauvinistic manner that whatever attraction there was in him has dried up to the size of a microscopic raisin. 

This leaves us with the infuriating but gorgeous Eric.

I’ll admit it, okay? The man isn’t perfect. In fact, he is so far from it that it would take him years to find just the meaning of the word. But don’t you think that his very imperfections are a part of his charm? Sure, we all want Prince Charmings (who would ideally not need blood to survive but hey, as long as he flashes fang sexily, we’ll forgive him) who are the personification of ideals we have nurtured – always rescuing us in their white Ferraris, always there with a smile and a plate of pineapple – okay, this may be my fantasy alone, heh, but bear with me – but the truth is, that real relationships tend to last longer when imperfect people get together and try to make things work.

Because let’s face it, perfection while intriguing at first is ultimately boring. Eric and Sookie’s relationship is so interesting because of the difficulties that they face maintaining it.

The one thing that stuck with me is the fact that Eric was not present to play Rescuer of the Damsel in A Lot of Distress during The Great Fae Attack. A lot of bad things happened and understandably, Sookie was more than a little upset by Eric’s absence. To contrast, Bill most certainly was present and he did save Sookie like a certain chivalric knight I love to hate (Lancelot, in case you were curious). 

However, Eric makes it very clear that had it been possible, he would have been right where Bill was, doing what Bill did but life doesn’t work that way. The situation he had been in made it impossible for him to get to Sookie in time. 

It made me wonder, you know, what Ms. Harris intended with this set up. Bill was presented as the chivalric hero in that instant while Eric, no matter was his reasons were, forfeited his worthiness (dare I say?) by not being there when Sookie needed him the most. Was this intended to contrast the differences between the two men vying for Sookie’s affections? Were we supposed to pick one against the other?

Bill is shown in a more positive light in this scenario.


Say all the other men I mentioned as possible contenders for Sookie’s love disappeared and things came to a triangle between Bill and Eric.

I’d pick Eric simply because he isn’t anyone’s great grandpa. (Or it hasn’t been revealed that he is. Who knows what the future holds?)
I’m just kidding. Honest!

The real reason I’d pick Eric is simply because Bill destroyed any trust I had in him when it was revealed that he got close to Sookie because of his Queen’s commands. The fact that he plays with Sookie’s feelings like they cohere into a special brand of yo-yo does not help him either. 

Eric, on the other hand, ruffian that he is, has this clean (I can’t find any other word that more aptly describes it) honesty where his feelings for Sookie are concerned. He wants her. He loves her. And while that love may be marred and flawed, he is at least honest about it. There are no guessing games about that and I appreciate the simplicity of that.

It doesn’t hurt that he is gorgeous as well. Yes, I am a shallow woman, woe on me. 

I will also point out that he seems to have as many emotional issues (if not more, isn’t he older than Bill?) as Bill, The Grampire (Grandfather and Vampire, yes, I know, I’m hilarious) but he deals with them much better than Bill does.
And Eric is cool.

I know that’s an immature thing to use as a comparison between two men because as an educated woman, I am supposed to be more discerning but come on, Eric is cool. Bill? Not so much. (Grampire.)

Anyway, this is how I will end my defense of Eric as the one true love (unless Ms. Harris brings in new characters who are sexier nicer) for Sookie. I will reiterate that my opinion has been solely by reading the series and I have not seen the TV show. Who knows, my opinion might change if I were to watch the show. 

Did I convince you?

Yea? Nay?

Whether the answer is in the affirmative or not, I hope you had as much fun reading this little piece as I had in writing it.



So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. haha if I had to choose between Bill and Eric, it would be Eric, but I'm team Alcide all the way :)

  2. I will always be team Bill, I have since the first time Vampire Bill walk into the bar...LOL. I like Eric but there is just something about Bill I like more.

  3. Wow, I honestly didn't know there were members of Team Bill... I have to assume that's based on the show, where the creator Alan Ball is decidedly Team Bill/Team Moyer.

  4. I haven't read these books but I like team Eric

  5. I haven't read any of the Sookie Stackhouse series. I have watched some episodes of True Blodos though...I love Sookie's brother the most...not with her of course, but for myself, you betcha haha
    Eric is much sexier on the show though, so my vote's for him :)

  6. I had a decidly hard time writing this one up. The books are good but not great. And I can not make myself watch the show because do not find either person cast for Bill or Eric attractive. At all. I don't see what everyone else sees.

    Thank goodness I have my very own fictional Bill and Eric locked away in my head. :) Grin!!

    Please do stop by any time. I have many new posts going up due to my laboratory rearranging itself last week. Dang unstable liquids. *grin*

    Mad Scientist

  7. I never really liked Bill in the books all that much. And after they cast Stephen Moyer I'm still not a huge fan...

  8. I think both bloggers did a fantastic job with writing up their arguments. I have to side Nafiza's stand for Eric. I've read the books, know of Sookie's other love interests and believe that Eric is the best. He gets her, makes her laugh, stays honest, and most importantly loves her.

  9. i can't help it, I still like Sam the

    jlynettes @ hotmail . com


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