Saturday, November 20, 2010

2011 Debut Author Challenge

I've signed up for the 2011 Debut Author Challenge.

All you've got to do is read at least 12 debuts in 2011 from YA (or middle grade) authors and sign up to participate in the challenge. I'm super excited about this because I think it's awesome to support debut authors!

Check out The Story Siren's blog to sign up yourself!

Here are just some of the books I plan on reading:

Have you signed up yet?


  1. Nice choices! I just signed up earlier today. :)

  2. Just letting you know, The Vespertine is not a debut. Not sure about Small Town Sinners either. :\ (can't be bothered checking)

    Great titles though! I just posted my list too, though I've missed a few after seeing a couple of others.

  3. Thanks so much for joining the challenge! looks like you've got a great list of titles, although Cass is correct in saying that The Vespertine and Small Town Sinners are not debuts and don't qualify for the challenge. Hope you find some great books! Happy reading and good luck!

  4. Great choices! I'm planning on reading Timeless too! I'm excited for 2011.

  5. Great choices - I'll be reading Blood magic too! Can't Wait!


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