Tuesday, November 2, 2010

YA Love Triangle Week: Team Peeta vs. Team Gale

Team Gale vs. Team Peeta


Team Gale is represented by Rebecca from Everything To Do With Books

Team Peeta is represented by Faye from Ramblings of a Teenage Bookworm

Caesar Flickerman, the man who has hosted the interviews for more than 40 years, bounces onto the stage.

He announces to the audience“So The long wait is finally over for YA love Triangle Week. For fans of Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games trilogy, Rebecca and Faye are here to tackle a much-heated debate: Team Gale or Team Peeta?

* Rebecca and Faye names are announce, they ascend to the stage*
*They shake Caesar’s outstretched hand and take a seat*

This post is going to be a bit different. Both teams have chosen to sit down and do this interview style ala Caesar Flickerman.

1. Caesar Flickerman: Why do you like Peeta/Gale?

RebeccaI like Gale because he is a great best friend. I am a huge sucker for the best friends falling for each other thing. He's really brave and a great role model. I mean who couldn't help liking Gale!

Faye:Same here... it took me a whole to figure out who i liked best but in the end it was Peeta! I like him because his brave, loyal, sweet and honest...and did i say he can baker?...Peeta is like my dream hubby lol

2.Caesar Flickerman: When do you think Peeta or Gale first liked Katniss, what put them on the radar for Katniss’s affection?

RebeccaI think that Gale first liked Katniss when he saw she was a hunter like himself and that they would have a lot in common.  I know that he realises he likes her when a guy in District 12 is teasing her about kissing her and Gale gets a little jealous.

Faye:Call me a hopeless romantic*don’t laugh Rachel!*but i think that it was that first piece of bread who may i add took a beating from his mean old mom just to make sure Katniss and her family have some bread to eat.The rest is history...

3. Caesar Flickerman: If there was a fourth book who do you think Katniss should end up with?

RebeccaDefinitely Gale, he's just perfect for her.

Faye:let me think...PEETA :D

4. Caesar Flickerman: Bread or Squirrel?

RebeccaIn this case I'd have to go with bread, but only because the idea of eating squirrel seems a little odd.

Faye:I agree with you Rebecca, bread all the way...i can’t imagine eating a cute fluffy squirrel ever...unless your like my dad you says “If your hunger enough you’ll eat it” no i can’t do it!

5. Caesar Flickerman: If Peeta and Gale were the last two in the Hunger Games, who do you think would win?

Rebecca:Definitely Gale, he's far stronger than Peeta and he's a better hunter.  He is really skilled at building traps too!

FayeWell Peeta with Katniss won the last hunger games so...enough said.He knows how to keep himself and Katniss alive because he’s so smart in figuring out strategies to use in the Games(ok we all know Katniss is a fierce spider-monkey so she doesn’t need any help in the Kick A$$ deportment)But Peeta is pretty touch too, He’s smart, larger built and strong. Which is to his advantage when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. With his artistic skills he could camouflage himself.Peeta is not soft he could take Gale.

6. Caesar Flickerman: Who do you think is more whiny?

RebeccaThis is a hard one because neither of them were too whiny but I'd say Gale just because he whines more about the capitol.

FayeAll my Friends say Peeta’s whiny...but then again their all Team Gale, so I have to defend Peeta every time...I have to say Gale because when he gets hurt(i him love though) he always expects Katniss to be there and yeah their friends she SHOULD be their but he goes on saying” you only show me affection when i ‘m hurt” to me that’s kind of whiny, just sayin...

7. Caesar Flickerman: Hunter or Cake Decorator?

RebeccaDefinitely hunter, especially in a dystopian world such as theirs.

Faye:That there is nothing better than a delicious baked cake in your tummy*yum* <=dream husband right there, I mean, to wake up every morning to the smell of fresh bread and yummy cakes...I’m sold. I’m so jealous of Katniss right now!

8. Caesar Flickerman: When did you realise you liked Gale/Peeta?

RebeccaRight from when he's introduced just because he's the best friend and then as his character develops he just becomes the better character.

Faye:After reading the Hunger Games i was so confusing about them both, i think it was when Peeta announced that he was in love with Katniss to the whole nation in the 1st book. I was awww*melts*

9. Caesar Flickerman: Why would Gale/Peeta be better for Katniss?

RebeccaGale is a provider and him and Katniss would be more than capable of providing for any children they had.  Also, Gale is her best friend so he understands her better. And he never tried to kill her.

Faye:Peeta is very selfless, and willing to do whatever it takes to protect Katniss.He kept her from starving didn’t he? He keeps her alive every time.

10. Caesar Flickerman: Whose name sounds like a more masculine name?

RebeccaDefinitely Gale.  Because it's like a Gale Force Wind which is really strong.  Just like him.

Faye:Honestly neither...But then again it all depends on the guy,and Gale and Peeta make their names sounds pretty hot lol

11. Caesar Flickerman: Who do you think the people of District 12 have more respect for out of Gale or Peeta and why?

Rebecca: I'd say Gale.  Because he provides them with food that gives them sustenance.  He also looks after his family since his father died.  He has more responsibility for others and that means more respect.

Faye:I agree, I think they both bring something to the table for District 12, Gale trades the food that he hunted and Peeta tries to help out the people of his district with his good fortune

12. Caesar Flickerman: In The Hunger Games movies who would you cast as Gale/Peeta?

    RebeccaI could see a younger Tom Welling playing Gale. He's tough and good looking.  Just like Gale.

    Faye: Rebecca I love who you chose for Gale. Agreed or a younger Verizon of Henry Cavill
    My pick for Peeta would be Alex Pettyfer

    13. Caesar Flickerman: Name a song you think best represents Gale/Peeta.

    Rebecca: I would say For You by The Calling.

    Faye:Peeta- Bradon Flowers: Crossfire(representing his relationship with Katniss the good and the bad)

    14. Caesar Flickerman: What is your favourite quote from The Hunger Games relating to Gale/Peeta?

    Rebecca: "Gale is mine. I am his. Anything else is unthinkable." (Catching Fire)

    Faye:“Peeta sits beside me, leaning against the wall, his bad leg stretched out before him, his eyes trained on the world outside. ‘Go to sleep,’ he says softly. His hand brushes the loose strands of my hair off my forehead. Unlike the staged kisses and caresses so far, this gesture seems natural and comforting. I don’t want him to stop and he doesn’t. He’s still stroking my hair when I fall asleep. ” - The Hunger Games

    15. Caesar Flickerman: When the Hunger Games trilogy ended how did you feel overall about Gale/Peeta?

    RebeccaI felt that Gale was amazing.  I couldn't think of any reason why Katniss should reject him. Gale was the best character in the whole series and I was seriously depressed by how things ended for him.  Basically he just disappeared. Oh he got a job in another district but we don't know anything else but that. To me that was the most disappointing part.

    Faye:I was totally shocked...It was an OMG moment. But overall I still have my questions about Gale...i mean the way it end it was bittersweet. All i can say without spoiling it for those who haven’t read The series is i felt sad for Gale and happy for Peeta.

    16. Caesar Flickerman: If you were stranded on a desert island who would you rather have with you Gale or Peeta?

    RebeccaDefinitely Gale, he is a much better companion and he would probably be better at keeping me alive than Peeta.

    FayeWell since I’m on a deserted island I’ll be with Peeta. Totally out of it de vu ing about him feeding my beautifully decorated cupcakes. Then Peeta will think of a way to keep me alive somehow lol

    17. Caesar Flickerman: Who is the better person? And while we're on morals, was it really Gale's fault that you-know-who died?

    RebeccaI think Gale is the better person because he does so much for other people.  I don’t think it was his fault at all the you-know-who died because in war there are always casualties and I don’t think it was Gale’s fault at all.

    Faye:Overall i think their both great. But In the end Peeta, he stuck with Katniss to very end, Gale i don’t blame him but i still don’t understand why he did it, to me he just gives up with Katniss.

    18. Caesar Flickerman: After the Hunger Games do you think it brought Gale or Peeta closer to Katniss or farther apart?

    RebeccaUnfortunately, I’d say further apart for Gale and Katniss just because it seemed like everyone was pushing her and Peeta together.

    Faye:Its been a rocky road for the both of them...it just alot of drama and alot of things that were left unsaid were finally said. It created confusion for Katniss and alot of heart ache for me. I don’t like seeing Gale and Peeta hurt because its clear that that both love her.

    19. Caesar Flickerman: Do you think Gale or Peeta should have expressed their love for Katniss sooner, why did they waited so long to tell her how they felt?

    RebeccaI think Gale should’ve told her a lot sooner that way Peeta wouldn’t have had a chance to interfere between them because she would’ve known Gale loved her and she would’ve realised she loved him and that would be it.

    Faye:Yes i think they both waited a long time!I  just think they never expected any of this to happened to them, they were to comfortable...it was probably buzzing about in their head like “maybe i’ll tell her tomorrow” or “what would she think” or something like that.

    20. Caesar Flickerman: What don’t you like and Gale or Peeta? any last thoughts about them?

    Rebecca: I don't like Peeta because he seems like such a weak person for the most part.  I also don't think that his reasoning for being in love with Katniss is very romantic.  I got the vibe that he pities her more than loves her.  Throughout the series he's had to have people help him otherwise he would've been long dead.  I just don't think that he was a very good or exciting character.

    Faye:I don’t not like Gale it’s just...you know i see it like this Katniss could be with Gale, and find herself doing the same thing every day (after they win the rebellion), trapping, hunting, etc What Katniss experienced in the Hunter Games Gale will never understand, and i appreciate all he’s done for her... Or she could choose Peeta, and have someone to talk to and get the same thing back because he’ll understand, they’ve been through alot  together.

    Caesar Flickerman:  sounds like a tough decision...

    *Buzzer rings but is barely audible in audience's chants for Team Peeta and Team Gale*

    Faye: Yeah it was a tough decision lol,  Well thank you for having us :D

    Caesar Flickerman:  I think that was the buzzer. Well, best of luck with the YA love triangle week!

    The crowd is still chanting and clapping as Rebecca and Faye leave the stage.


    So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


    1. Great post! I side with Team Peeta. Gale had more than enough time to make a move before the Hunger Games.

    2. I like the interview style, nicely done! :)

    3. I am full on Team Peeta, but I think Team Gale did a little bit of a better job with the arguments. Good job to both of you! I liked the interview style. =)

    4. Great post... I like that it was put into interview form! Great job!

    5. I voted for neither. I was leaning towards Team Gale up until the last book... and then the author made him do things that seemed totally out of character. It's too bad. That was one of the best love triangles I've seen in a while, and I was curious to see how it would be resolved. The resolution we got seemed like a bit of a cop-out... so I was disappointed. Oh, well.

    6. While I don't really like picking teams (it feels so Twilightesque) I have to say that I really love Gale! Good arguments you guys!

    7. I'm voting for Team Peeta :D
      I also really liked the way you organized this, the interview style was a brilliant idea:)

      ♪♫ Ambur

    8. Faye, I love your song pick for Peeta!
      Team PEETA! All the way :-)

    9. I love Faye's answers, you both did an awesome job. and Caesar is the best! lol Team Both!

    10. Yes Team Peeta all the way, thank you Faye for supporting us*high five* sorry Gale.

    11. aw they both make good points*...I love the actors they chose for Peeta and Gale. Alex is a hottie.*I think I've made a decision! Great job Rebecca and Faye!

    12. The interview was so thorough! Awesome job on both sides! If I weren't a Peeta loyalist, I might have been swayed...

    13. This was tough. The interview was a great idea but I had a hard time following (this another series I haven't read) so all the inside jokes went over my head. I hate to go with another "friend" romance but Gale is the one I'm going to go with... It was Tom Welling that swayed me in the end. lol

    14. Awesome post! Such a creative idea, I loved it! I especially like the "more masculine name" question, haha that made me laugh out loud because you have to admit neither seem really masculine. I've always loved Gale, so I had to vote for him. But they were both good arguments. :)

    15. Yay, Team Peeta is in the lead! And Peeta (=Peter) is definitely the more masculine name. Gale could also be a name for a girl, in my opinion (=Gail).

    16. NO Contest - Peeta all the way!!! :)

    17. This is excellent! What a great idea! Great job on both sides, but I'm still Team Peeta all the way!

    18. Loved this but I'm still team Peeta!

    19. I had my opinion locked in until I read Mockingjay. It just ruined Gale for me.

    20. Great post, I had to go with team Peeta.

    21. I'm Team Peeta ALL THE WAY! I know many would say that Peeta pales against Gale, but Peeta is just the solace that Katniss needs in all the chaos they were in.


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