Wednesday, November 24, 2010

First Come, Second Served- Introduction

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What is First Come, First Served Month?

It's the entire month of December devoted to reading and reviewing all those sequels sitting on your TBR shelf. The sophomore novel for a writer is almost more crucial than the first as it allows the publisher to know if the author is going to sell. It's essential that we support our authors on their journey! So bust out those sequels and get ready to win some prizes for reading them!

When is First Come, Second Served Month?

It's from December 5th to December 31st.

How can you participate?

You can participate by reading sequels the entire time as well as joining in on the schedule posted below and participating in giveaways and challenges.

What's the schedule?

Sunday- Book Intro (tell us a little about the book you are reading)
Monday- Fantasy Cast
Tuesday- Teaser Tuesday Sequel themed
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday Sequel themed
Thursday- Stop by here and read a Guest Post about sequels
Friday- Book playlist
Saturday- Post up your review

At the end of each week, hop over to this site and link up your reviews plus fill out a quick form for extra points. On the form, all you have to do is check off which events you participated in for the week for extra points towards my giveaway. I'll be giving away a book a week but there are a lot more giveaways going on on other blogs so stay tuned for the master schedule.

How can I help?

I still could use some more people to do guest posts and giveaways for the month of December. Wanna participate? Email me at Don't forget to grab a button when they are up!

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