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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Puck vs. Team Ash

Team Puck vs. Team Ash 

Team Puck
Team Puck is represented by Alissa from The Grammarian's Review who is now taking over this blog!

Puck AKA Robin Goodfellow AKA Robbie [noun]: Best friend to Meghan, beloved jester to Oberon, grinning prankster to all.

As a character stemming from both English mythology and Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Puck is historical, popular, pure kickass.  He’s got the whole kit and caboodle:
  • He’s a best friend.
  • He’s a pining best friend – Insert “Awww.”
  • He’s a devoted best friend – That’s worth some brownie points.
  • He’s got brains – He’s been around the block once or twice or thrice and isn’t afraid to let you (We’re looking at YOU, Ash) know it.
  • He’s willing to risk his life for the girl he loves – It doesn’t get much better than that. Insert another “Awww.”
  • He’s got a wicked sense of humor – Think sarcastic, melodramatic, snarky, witty banter.
  • He’s got an “in” with Oberon – Sure comes in handy sometimes. You know.  When you need permission to protect the girl from that … Prince dude.  (We’re still looking at you, Ash.)
  • He’s got brains – Oh, this was already mentioned? Well now you know again.  Girls sure love their men to be smart and funny…

Don’t think that’s the whole kit and caboodle?  Puck can speak for himself:

“I’ve always wanted the IQ of a rock.  No, wait.  That would be an insult to the rock.”
“It’s okay.  Don’t let go of me, and don’t say anything to anyone.”
“Really?  That’s what you’re going with?  How predictable.”
“If you’ve read A Midsummer Night’s Dream, you might remember me. There was this unfortunate incident, completely unplanned, where I gave someone a donkey’s head and made Titania fall in love with him.”
“That’s what makes it fun.  You can die in so many interesting ways – skewered on a glass sword, dragged underwater and eaten by a kelpie, turned into a spider or a rosebush for all time – Well, are you coming or not?”
“Hi, princess.  Sorry I’m late.  Traffic was a bitch.”
“Freedom is highly overrated, anyway.”
“Me?  Die?  Didn’t they tell you, princess?  I’m Robin Goodfellow.”

Still haven’t convinced you?

Try to imagine the story without him.  It all becomes a bit bleak and heavy.  As much of a nuisance Puck can be, he makes up for it by being loyal, dependable, and comic relief.  Without him, your princess would be dead.  And with no princess, you haven’t got a story.

*All quotes provided by The Iron King, by Julie Kagawa.


Team Ash
Team Ash is represented by Mariah of A Reader's Adventure! who is now taking over this blog!

There are many reasons why Ash is the best.

But first of all he is HOT, I mean the prince of the Winter Court, really how can you get any better than that?
And the whole dark and brooding thing, so delectable, who wants a happy go lucky guy all the time? I want a man with substance!

He is also a bad boy, and what girl doesn't like a bad boy, especially one that is a loyal, caring guy underneath? He also has lots of depth, while he may seem cocky and strong, he is really sad and tortured inside. He is willing to go to the ends of the earth for the ones he loves, he is protective and is not scared of the consequences of following his heart.

Ash is also charming, he has a soft sweet side that comes out, he is also serious which a girl really needs in her life. Mischievousness just doesn't appeal to me I'll take arrogance with a soft side in a second.

There are many reasons why I love Ash, these are just a few, overall he is strong, dark and brooding, but is ferociously protective and has the ability to be charming. This is why I am team Ash all the way!!! 

Let me know if you need anything else!
YA Book Reviewer
A Reader's Adventure


So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. Is it just me, or is there no poll attached to this post? Haha.

    Also, great post, Mariah!

  2. Having not read the book in which these characters come, I think I have to call myself Team Ash for right now. Both arguments were great, but I Ash won me over!


  3. Great argument. I haven't read this series yet but Puck seems funny in a sarcastic way.. I like him already. But who knows! Great job!

  4. Great arugments on both sides but I'm gonna have to go with Puck. He is just an awesome loyal funny guy, gotta love him.

  5. Sorry, I've never been into the bad boy. Sweetness, humour, and loyalty are way more sexy than an arrogant brooder.

  6. Team Ash all the one else!

  7. Great arguments guys :D
    I'm definitely Team Ash though :D
    Although I do love me some Puck too...but he just can't compare to Ash. Ash makes me swoon ;) lol

  8. Puck :) being hot is not enough of a reason to like Ash xD

  9. This is no contest in my opinion. Ash all the way!!

  10. Having not read this series yet I would have to say Puck because I love me a guy with humor. Though I do have to say that Ash does have appeal too. Tough choice.

  11. Ash for me, a trickster doesn't make a good boyfriend.

  12. Solid Team Ash. Puck is sweet and funny but Ash is totally meant for Meghan.

  13. Although I'm team Grim (I do have a preferred man, however) Puck sounds better in the arguments. All I got from the Ash argument was "He's Hot and a bad boy--what more could a girl want?"

  14. Totally Puck :D Ash is way to melodramatic & brooding that burns my nerves xD


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