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YA Love Triangle Week: Team Ren vs. Team Shay

Team Ren vs. Team Shay


Team Ren is represented by Stephanie of The Thoughts of a Book Junky

Team Shay is represented by Jami of YA Addict

Renier Laroche!
Defended by Steph @ 
Book Junky

A natural born leader, Ren is both sexy and determined. Ren may have a bit of a promiscuous past as far as Calla is concerned but he is ready to buckle down and become the mate she deserves.
( Now that's determination.)

What more could you ask for in a mate?
His every touch gets Calla's heart racing and her blood boiling.
How Tempting.)

Even though Ren is the strong alpha type, he has a sweet romantic side. He always knows what to say and knows the way to make Calla melt.
A very good quality in a guy.)

" Your my mate and I respect your strength. I always have." - Ren

Ren's inspiration:

1) What was your inspiration for Ren's character?
Andrea: I always knew Calla had a male counterpart who would be the other alpha of the new pack, but when Ren showed up he surprised me in a lot of ways. I knew he was cocky and a bit of a player, but he was keeping secrets even I didn't expect.
2) Ren and Calla have such an interesting relationship, What went in to choosing the way Ren interacted with Calla?
Andrea: I can't say much here because it would give away key information from books 2 and 3. Like I said above, Ren has secrets that surprised me and they would surprise Calla too if she knew what they were. Ren and Calla's relationship is defined by expectations that others have for them and that they have for each other. It's when either of them defies those expectations that things get really interesting.

Could Ren be anymore alluring? ( 
I don't think so! )

Defended by Jami @ YA Addict

Calla knew Shay was something special from the beginning. Which is why she broke the rules for the first time ever for him! 

Shay comes in Calla's life, and makes her open her eyes. She's been told what to do and think up until now. But Shay shows her she has a choice, especially in love.
"I may not {know anything about your world}, but I do know that telling people who they can and cannot love is absurd. And cruel. You deserve more." - Shay

With Calla being the alpha of her pack, she doesn't need a guy to come in and steal the show for her. Shay respects her position in the pack, but is also one to step in and let her know when she is wrong.

This gorgeous good guy with a sarcastic side won my heart over from the very beginning. How could you not be Team Shay?


Question one: Who has the better personality? And why?

Steph: (smiles) This is going to be easy, Shay has nothing on Ren! Ren, all the way! He is a natural born leader, ready to take charge. He is a bit cocky and super confident buy has a softer side. Ren knows how to get what he wants and is never afraid of showing his true feelings. 

Jami: Say what?! Shay! Shay is the kind of guy that is there for you, and you can talk about anything to. He is sweet, but also won't let anyone walk over him 

Steph: (shakes head)  yeah if all you want is a friend. Well Ren is the type of guy who will protect the one he loves. He will go the extra mile. 

Jami: Shay will do that also, but he will do it without stepping his boundaries. I’d like a boyfriend, not a daddy. Thank you very much. 

Question two: Who has better looks?

Jami: (lights up) Shay has got the looks, baby! He has that boy-next-door look going on, but a smile that could kill. 

Steph: Oh definitely Ren. He is tall and built like an alpha. With strong muscle tone, dark hair and pale skin. Not to mention his sparkling dark eyes and that seductive smile. Oh and did I mention that he is a dark gray werewolf! ( Who wouldn't want to cuddle up next to him?) oh man, those eyes could make a girl go crazy! 

Jami: (laughs) Ren might have that bad boy thing going for him, but he is just not as charming as Shay, sorry. 

Steph: ( shifts in chair and shakes head) Who does this girl think she is!?!?  
Didn‘t you hear me say "sparkling eyes and a seductive smile??" Yumm. 

Question three: Who is better suited for Calla?

Steph: That’s an easy one! Ren is Calla's other half, he is strong like Calla, A leader like Calla and knows how to treat her like the Alpha she is. As Ren says " Only souls 
who truly reflect each other make good love matches" 

Jami: Was this girl dropped on her head? Shay is perfect for Calla, because in many ways he is the opposite of her. Calla is strong, the leader of the pack. Shay allows her to be her true self. He doesn't eclipse her. Yet, he is there when she needs help or guidance. Shay is the ying to Calla's yang. Word.

Steph: OK this girl is really starting to get on my nerves.Meaning... Calla wears the pants in that relationship. Calla needs someone strong who can challenge her, not sit on the sidelines. 

Jami: (stands up and waves finger) Oh no, Calla doesn't wear the pants. Shay is there to tell her when she is wrong. He tells her when her pack rules are messed up. But he can do it without tackling her and pushing her around. 

Question four: Who is the more interesting character?

Jami: Shay is more interesting, because all of the mystery behind him. A human boy with a Keeper as an uncle, and no one knows why? Living in that big, creepy house practically by himself? Not to mention, him being the only human that is not about to step back and be afraid of the Guardians. And, come on? He is cute and charming and is a really good kisser and leaves you with those tingles all over! 

Steph: A good kisser? Right..  Ren is the Alpha of the Bane pack. He is cocky and has a dark, but very funny sense of humor. Ren works toward joining the two packs and tries to show Calla that he is a worthy mate. ( Could you get any more interesting?)

Jami: A ’worthy mate’? With those skanks he’s been macking on? Psh.  Ren has been promised to Calla since they were little. She has known him all her life. Mysterious new guy is always more interesting! 

Steph: ( Rolls eyes) At least Ren isn’t a whiny little girl! Shay is the love struck new kid, he may have a interesting past but lets face it, Ren is an Alpha and he has plenty of secrets of his own. 

Question five: Who has the sweeter side?

Steph: Ren may not be the mushy type but he definitely has his sweet moments. He tries to make Calla and her pack feel comfortable before the union, he tries to show his real feelings to her and let her know that he is the guy for her. For an over confident leader, to put his self out there, that’s pretty sweet if you ask me! 

Jami: Shay is WAY sweeter! He is considers Calla's feelings in his decisions and doesn't put his own agenda before her. He truly cares for her, to the point where he is willing to risk his life for her. (sigh) 

Steph: Who does she think she is? As I recall, the first time Shay heard about Calla's " arrangement" he called it stupid and made Calla very mad.. That’s not very considerate. 

Jami: Oh, please. Well, it was stupid and Calla knew it deep down. He will be fully honest with her, even if she doesn't want to here it. He cares about what Calla wants, not what she is told to want. If that is not sweet, I don't know what is. 

Question six? So what team should we pick?

Steph: Bottom line, Ren has it all. He is a leader, knows when to step up and when to back off. You can always count on him to protect you. Ren is everything Calla needs in a mate and so much more. With great looks, a tough exterior and a soft interior, Ren is the best kind of guy! Why wouldn’t anyone in there right mind not want Ren… I mean come on!

Jami: Shay is all around the right guy for Calla. He is cute, funny, smart, there for you when you need him. He is not afraid to stand up for what is right, even if that means standing up against supernatural elements that have been around longer than him. If you ask me, he is the total package. I would love to come home to that sexy smile every night. (thoughts drift passed the PG rating)

Choose your side!

Team Ren:

Team Shay:


So there you have it! Please vote who you would choose based on these two arguments and stick around for more guest posts and the final round of voting!


  1. I'm pretty solidly Team Ren! There seems to be an extra dimension to him that I really like, and despite his tough guy exterior, he's got some insecurities. And I think he really does want to be with Calla despite their arranged relationship.

  2. I haven't read Nightshade yet (but I'm dying to!). From reading the arguments, I voted for Shay because he looks adorable. :)

  3. lol I still laugh when I read this! So glad I joined in!

  4. It was a blast debating with Steph! Thanks for hosting! :)

  5. Another series I haven't read before. I'm going with Team Ren because primarily what I know about wolves. An alpha always mates with an alpha. A beta might do for a while and an omega never mates. As Ren is the alpha he's my choice. He's the stronger, studlier, more confident guy compare to what was it... the whiny next door kid? lol

  6. I'm so torn!! At this point, I think I'm 'Team Either/Or'! (If I really really *really* had to choose, I think I'd have to go with Shay... for now!)

    I love the vibe in all of these posts-- so different, but always entertaining!

  7. I just voted and it's dead even! Team Ren Team Ren! :D

  8. Aww really? I can't decide! that was awesome!

  9. I haven't read Nightshade yet. I've had too much school reading lately to get to it...which kinda sucks because it's sitting right beside my bed.
    I loved your guys' arguments. So far I'm Team Shay :D I just loved the whole facebook, youtube and blog stuff surrounding Shay. So, right now I'm Team Shay :D

  10. i just finished reading this book and i'm sooo totally on team ren!!!

  11. This is so hard...I really feel like I need more of this series to choose. I'll just have to flip a coin lol. They're both very intriguing.

  12. Team Shay!!! I love Ren but Shay is for keeps. :)

  13. Team Ren 100%! He's the perfect mate for Calla! Plus he's the total package!

  14. I'm team ray...mix between Ren and can't chose... :(


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