Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Brief Update

You might have noticed Chester up there on my brand new header. My husband decided to get creative again and design me this adorable little header. I completely love Chester and have been trying to figure out his story all day. Is he a vampire bunny and is that blood in his glass or does he simply have fangs and is drinking wine? Anyway, I love it.

Secondly, this is the last week for my Give Up The Ghost giveaway so if you haven;t signed up, please do. It ends Sept. 17th.

Directly after that giveaway ends I will post up all the details about my 100 follower giveaway contest so please look out for the post sometime this weekend.

Lastly, I pose a question for everyone out there. On your blog, do you have a security filter set up that makes any commenters type in a code? If so, let me ask you why? The reason I'm addressing this is as my list of blogs I follow has grown a lot, more of my time is demanded to posting comments. Every time I post one and have to go back on the next page and fill out this security filter, it makes me consider just not commenting any more. I love reading posts but my list is growing and the more time it takes me to post my comment on a blog, the less likely I am to want to comment. I won't stop but I just wonder why add this?

Happy reading everyone!


  1. I know the filter prohibits certain spammers from posting all over blogs, but I do agree that it's annoying. But, I also moderate my comments so that I can keep up with them; I don't like them to automatically post, so I figure, why not have the filter?

    I never saw it as too much of a time waster, just an annoyance.

    But, on a side note, can't wait for your 100 follower giveaway!

  2. Actually, I was just wondering the same thing for my blog. Right now, I believe I have it set up to filter but I think I'm removing it. If I get too much spam, I'll reinstitute it but I really like when all I have to do to leave a comment is click "Post comment". You're right. Too much time wasted, when I could be reading & commenting on another blog.

    I like your bunny. Maybe he's kind of a Bunnicula-type, sucking the juice out of the veggies while complementing their flavor with a good merlot.

  3. Hey, Amber/anjohnston (what would you prefer to be called by?)

    I love the's so cute! Did your husband draw it?

    I absolutely agree with you, the word verification is annoying. The thing is, I never knew that I had it activated on my blog, until I actually got around to fiddling with the settings. As the blog admin, I didn't need to fill it in, so I didn't realise it was there.

    I think that's the same with your blog...because I was just about to enter this comment, when I saw that the word verification had popped up.

    On a side note, I think that when people moderate comments, it's actually better, because then they can see that there have been comments. I don't get notifications when I get comments...I actually have to go to the comments section to see them.

    And that makes me feel bad because sometimes I don't see the comments, and don't respond. ><


  4. Alissa, I'm glad you excited about the contest!

    Mary, Bunnicula. That's too cute. Chester's legend is growing! Thanks for letting me know you were thinking about the word verification issue too!

    Tina, thanks so much for letting my know the word verification is on my blog. That is gone now! I had no idea it was up on my own blog. Ha! Glad you like my header. My husband did indeed draw it. He came up with the concept, I approved and told him to add fangs. Everything looks better with fangs!

  5. I was going to say that the bunny brought back vague memories of Bunnicula but I see Mary beat me to it!

    I definitely agree about the word verification - I used to use it but recently I disabled it (at least I hope I did) as I haven't been getting any spam through there, and when I comment on others' blogs I'm beginning to sometimes find it hassle!

    By the way, I've passed an award on to you. See my blog for more info. Congrats!

  6. Love the new header! He looks like Bunnicula :)

    I used to have a captcha code for my followers to filter out spam, but I decided to remove it after a while. It annoys the crap out of me to type the code, so I don't want my followers to have to type it, too. I don't have too much spam anyway, and I'll just use my moderation powers :)

  7. I used to have this because I thought it might be necessary (to deter spam). However, it's annoying -- and I don't get a lot of comments anyway, so I disabled it a while ago. I figure that if I ever get a ton of spam, I can always enable it again.


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