Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sweetly (Sisters Red 2) Cover Reveal

Thanks to Goodreads and a post from I Read Banned Books, I'm excited to post up Sweetly's cover which is oh, so clever! I love the face in the trees. Described as a companion novel to Sister's Red and "a moderation of  Hanzel and Gretel", Sweetly is definitely on my wishlist!

Sweetly is out in 2011 by Little, Brown.


  1. I actually love this cover better than book one! Thanks for posting this! :)

  2. Thx for the link! Gosh it is so cool. I think Sisters Red had one of the best covers of the year. (not to mention it was a great book).

    Jen @ I Read Banned Books.

  3. WHOA that is insanely cool!! I loved the cover of Sisters Red - this is just insane! :)

  4. I love it! I didn't even realize the face until you said it- haha. I absolutely cannot wait for this book! Sisters Red was so good.


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