Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting To Know You... (7)

...Through Pets

So I have three cats that basically rule my life. My husband says I'm bordering on crazy cat lady and I have to admit... I don't think it's a bad thing. I love my cats so much and would totally get more if I could.

My favorite thing about having pets (besides, you know getting to spend time with them and love on them) is naming them. It's always the most important part of the adoption process and shapes how you and the rest of the world are going to view your animals. So here are my babies in order from when I got them:


She's the most spoiled cat alive. Being my first, she truly did get the most affection and she is a momma's girl because of it. She's not very active but when she does decide to stop sleeping, she enjoys playing fetch (yup, you read that right) with bread ties. We named her after a character in Inuyasha because I liked the pet name Kikers. She's a grey tabby.

This little lady is exactly opposite of her sister. She's energetic, curious and a bit of a trouble maker. People tend to like her the best because she's beautiful but she's very skittish and has to warm up to you. Once she does, she's the sweetest little thing in the world. She's uber skinny and uber fast. She doesn't meow. In fact, when she opens her mouth the only thing that comes out is a high pitched breathy squeak or nothing at all. She's an orange and grey tabby.


This tuxedo wearing little man is the newest addition. We found him snuggling a little kitten like a teddy bear and he went home with us that day. We had a hard time naming him because there were so many cool boy names. We settle on Dexter after the t.v. show because he is the "dark passenger". He's probably the most affection cat we have an is usually always in my lap while I'm at the computer or on top of my chair waiting for me to lean back so he can snuggle. He's a tuxedo cat!

So there is my brood. I love my cats so much and my house wouldn't be a home without them. So what about you? What pets do you have?


  1. Oh my gosh, I love your kitties! I only have two (for now), but it's my dream to open a cat sanctuary one day. I am a crazy lil' cat lady, and I'm proud of it haha

    Stella is my first cat. She is a bengal breed, and the shelter was going to put her down because they considered the mixed breed dangerous. She also had a really bad URI infection and a fever, so I took her home that day. She's healthy, and she's the sweetest, most playful cat in the world. She's my baby. Jasper is my little man (except that he's obese). I wanted to get Stella a friend, so I rescued a little black tuxedo kitten and the two love eachother. He has black cat syndrome - in that he is really overweight, though I don't feed him too much. He doesn't metabolize foods correctly.

    I am getting my puppy, a chow-chow, in 11 days! No name for her yet though haha leaning towards Phoebe :)

  2. I, sadly, don't have any pets right now. It's really difficult to find housing to rent in Australia that allows pets. So sad. We're working on buying a house, but they're expensive here, too. It'll be awhile. As soon as we can, however, we're getting some cats and maybe a dog. Mostly cats, though. They're the best. Yours are cute.

  3. Amber, I beat you, I have four cats. Does that make me crazier? I also volunteer for a rescue group in the city so cats are a HUGE part of my life. If you check out my feline fridays then you'll see pictures of most of my fuzzy kids (friday i posted the kitten in a halloween sweater).

  4. We currently have 2 border collie/ cattle dog mixes. The older one is 2yrs old and is named 'Imo' (ee-mo), which is Japanese for 'potato'. The new one is a baby, just 15 weeks old, and his name is 'Ebi' (eh-bi), which is Japanese for shrimp.
    Our friends are wondering if we are more interested in food or animals....

    As far as tv show namesakes, we long ago had a dog we named 'Fox'. At the time, only 2 seasons into the X-files, we loved it, and intended on getting another dog to name 'Scully'. Thank goodness that never happened, because boy did the TV show ever jump the shark!

  5. Awww. They are all lovely.

    My boyfriend and I have two cats (we each had one - well he had one and then bought me one - and since we now live togehter we both have them).

    Sasha is 6 years old and is a lovely black cat with patches of white on her chest and belly. She makes the cutest little noises kind of like chirping sounds instead of meowing.

    And Emse is just over 2 years old. She is a grey tabby and is so loving. She does meow, but only when she wants food or thinks that I am in the kitchen getting her food.

    My girls do not get along, but tolerate each other. Oddly, we find them snuggled up on the bed together.

    I believe in one of my review posts there pics of Esme with my book. :) I might have to do one with Sasha next.

  6. Melissa, a cat sanctuary would be so amazing! I think it's an awesome dream. I've heard bengals are really aggressive too but it's so good your kitties get along! Jasper is an adorable cat name. Good luck with the new pooch.

    Sam, it stinks not having animals, especially since I know how much you loved your pets. Hope you can get a house soon!

    Rhiannon, I wish you hadn't beat me! I want more kitties! Volunteering at a kitty shelter would be great but I want to take them all home.

    Ann, that's so funny that you named both your dogs after food. They are adorable names though and collies are gorgeous.

    Chrystal, glad you think my cats a lovely! It stinks that your ladies don't get along. Mine don't always either but like your two, my do cuddle still. They are sisters at heart.

    Thanks everyone for sharing with me about your pets (or hope for one). I really enjoyed hearing about them!


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