Friday, December 10, 2010

Movie Alert: Clary Fray of The Mortal Instrument Series Casting Choice Announced!

It's so funny because I just did a post on this. There has been a lot of speculation on who should play these characters and now were are one step closer to knowing the cast. The role of Clary Fray went to Lily Collins according to Cassandra Clare's website.

Don't know about you but I can totally see it! She previously appeared in The Blindside and is alos known because she's dating (dated?) the yummy Taylor Lautner.

So what do you think?


  1. I like her for the part!

    But I'm more anxious to see who is going to play Jace and Simon, lol

  2. Perfect choice!! She's definitely how I imagine Clary to look like. Wow...Taylor Launter is quite the ladies man. He gets around! He is certainly yummy :)

  3. I like her. As much as I also like Emma Stone, I'm glad it wasn't her because Lily is much more of a mystery to me.


  4. I think she will be great as Clary! And it was announced this morning that Taylor Lautner will play Finn in the Incarceron movie!!

  5. I like her for Clary role!! I'm so afraid when books I love become movies. They've ruined Twilight with that couple! I hope they don't do the same with Mortal Instruments and Vampire Academy...

    She dated Taylor? Lucky girl! ;)

  6. I think should have put a naturally redhead girl as Clary.
    Really it isn't very important for me because I just want that they choose to Alex Pettyfer as Jace , he's perfect.
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  7. yeah.! that's right. ALEX PETTYFER must really play the role of Jace Wayland. xDD


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