Monday, December 27, 2010

FCSS: Fantasy Casting for Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Week 4: Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

This is the last week to get into the action! So here goes nothing!

Nora- Brown curly hair, smart, tends to be a pushover when it comes to Patch. An average girl.

Emma Stone- Funny, smart and beautiful, I think Stone would add an extra umph to this character that would really bring her to life. Nora feel a little flat for me on the page but Stone has the on screen charm to make her work.

Nina Dobrev- I've always liked her starting from her days on Degrassi. She was also so vibrant on t.v. and she proved that by making a role for herself after her Degrassi debut. Now Elena in The Vampire Diaries, I think Dobrev would be a great choice for Nora though I'm not sure if I'd love to see her play this role since she's already Elena.
Patch- Dark hair, tanned skin, tall, muscular usually in black clothing.

Zac Efron- He played a pretty troubled guy in Charlie St. Cloud and was REALLY good at it. I think he'd be a great choice for Patch and I'd like to see him expand his "good guy" persona for something a bit more dark.

Ian Somerhalder- He plays the smokin' Damon on Vampire Diaries and I think he's be a good choice for Patch because the characters aren't to dissimilar. He was the vampire we all loved to hate at the beginning and now he's in the running for Elena's heart.

Vee-Blonde hair, curvy figure, loud and very loyal

Hilary Duff- Why not? I think she'd be a great person for this role. She likable and she's grown into a her curvy figure. I say she'd be great for the role!


  1. Nora Isnt good enoughfor Nina.

  2. That's a weird comment above. Anyways...I haven't read these books, yet. Hush, Hush is on my list. I love the picture of Zac Efron. Great choices for cast members! Here's my Fantasy Cast for the Theodosia Throckmorton books. My idea is an animated film.

  3. Ian Somerhalder would be an excellent Patch *sigh*. Actually he'd be a wonderful choice for any "bad boy character"! ;)

  4. sorry to be mean but i would choose two different people to Nora and Patch like my two best friends the fit the profile a lot better then zac and emma

  5. Sorry to be mean but i have two different people that would fit the profile of Nora and Patch and the age better than Zac and Emma.

  6. i tottaly agree with emma stone being nora grey.... i totally thought emma stone should be nora grey but ended up thinking it was pretty stupid but when i searched up nora grey i saw ur website and u picked her!!! i was like wow i think she read my mind :)


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