Monday, December 6, 2010

FCSS: Fantasy Casting for The Mortal Instrument Series

Week 1: City of Ashes (The Mortal Instruments #2) by Cassandra Clare

So I've never done this before because  I'm pretty bad at them and because when it comes to casting, I'm fairly unoriginal. So, sorry in advanced!

Clary- She got curly red hair, green eyes freckles and is short

Emma Roberts- I think Emma's got all the right stuff to play a likable and believable Clary. She was great as a determined character in Nancy Drew and she's a pleasure to watch on screen. She's even got hints of red in this photo.

Jace- Blonde hair, golden eyes, lean muscular build and cover with those delightful tiny scars.

Alex Pettyfer- He's a very popular choice for Jace and I can definitely see why. However, they are going to have to work some major movie magic to make him look a tad younger. I like him though.

Jeremy Sumpter
- I think he'd also be a really good choice. I've only ever seen him as Peter Pan in the 2003 remake but he was great in that and I think he has what it takes to play Jace as well. Dye his hair a few shades lighter, give him some contacts and nifty swords and you've got a great Jace who looks more like a teen (though not in this photo ^_^).

Simon- Brown hair, brown eyes and glasses

Gregg Sulkin- I think he'd make a fairly decent Simon. There are some photos of him in glasses (which I don't personally feel fit his facial structure).  He's got the right look if you tone done his appearance to play both the brooding, witty best friend and the after transformation Simon.

Isabelle- Long, black hair, pale, dark eyes, very slim and tall

Selena Gomez- She already plays a sort of mean character on Wizards so I don't think Isabelle would be a very fair stretch for her plus, she already perfect for the part physically.

Alec- Black hair and blue eyes

Skandar Keynes- I'm not sure about this pick, especially if Gomez is to play Isabelle but I can't think of a better one and he seems to be a popular choice.

So what do you think? Who are some other good suggestions to play these characters?

Did you do a Fantasy Casting for Week 1? Link up!


  1. I agree on some and not on others. I'm all for Alex to be Jace, but I want Jeremy to play Peeta. I also want Skandar to play Gale but I also think he'd make a good Alec as well.

  2. Hey, great minds think alike! We picked a couple of the same people for our fantasy casts :) As far as Jeremy playing Peeta...he can certainly play other parts in movies! Maybe he'd like to play Peeta and Jace. But Alex is a great choice!

  3. I totally agree with Emma Roberts (she's so cute!) and Alex as Clary and Jace. But I don't like Selena and Skandar. For me Isabelle and Alec are much more good looking! Simon is ok.
    OMG, is this Jeremy that Peter Pan boy? He's grown up! And I agree with the girls, he'd be a good Peeta! :)

  4. Wow ! I really agree with you with Alex, Selena and Gregg. Maybe even Emma as Clary. I definitely think Adam Lambert should play Magnus xD


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