Saturday, December 11, 2010

In My Mailbox (16)

In my mailbox is a weekly meme created by The Story Siren that encourages other book bloggers to share what they bought, won, begged for or borrowed. It is usually held on Sundays!

This week I got to amazing novels! I can't wait to read them.

Bought from Books-A-Million:
Won from Goodreads:
As a special treat I also got my bookshelves this week. Take a gander at the creation my husband slaved over!

These aren't all my books, just the ones I've read. I've got tons more in my tbr pile around my desk.

So what did you get this week?


  1. Wow your bookshelf looks so nice!!! Definitely jealous. Mine is like overflowing and so not organized. haha. Entice looks interesting. Happy reading! :)

  2. Your bookcase is beautiful, I need a big one like that myself!

  3. Both those books look so great! I hope you enjoy! (:

    And I love the bookshelf! We have a similar color scheme. My walls are purple & I have black bookshelves as well. haha

  4. i love organising bookshelves - I have to do mine to calm down!!

  5. Your husband made that? Wow, it's gorgeous! You've got a clever bloke there.

  6. Im jealous! Your bookshelves look fab! I can't wait to read Falling Under, Happy reading :)
    Check out what's In My Mailbox

    Mia @GrippedintoBooks

  7. The shelves are GORGEOUS!! I totally need some like that. I love how you've featured certain titles like at bookstores and libraries. Very cool. =)

  8. Yay for Falling Under, I can't wait to read that one. What a great one to win:) I'm excited to see what you think of Entice, that's a series I've been wanting to start for a while now.

  9. Your hubby did such a good job with the bookshelves! They're pretty. Plus, you got some great books--woot!

    Happy reading!

    The Book Swarm

  10. You bookshelf looks AMAZING! Got to get my hubby to do the same and one day promise to take a pic.. right now things are in a dire status... books lying everywhere on the floor... bad bad bad PK....

    Enjoy the books and WOW again about the shelves.

  11. Wonderful bookshelves. I like the purple walls! Great books! Happy reading :)

  12. That is an awesome bookshelf! :D And congrats on the GoodReads win! Hope you enjoy both books. :)

  13. I want to read Entice! :) Hope you like it, I also love the pics of your shelves, I'll undust mine and take some pics too :)

    In My Mailbox

  14. Great books! Your bookshelf looks so neat and organized. I wish mine looked like that.

  15. I love Falling under cover, don't you?
    Happy Readings!

  16. I wish I could have bookshelves like yours... I love Falling Under cover, dying to read it.

  17. Doing a late IMM response this week. I'm just coming back from vacation - funny that I'm on the internet less when I have all this extra time.
    I love your bookshelves. Better than a bookstore!

  18. Aj, those bookshelves are great. Thanks for coming by E-Volving Books and linking to your bookshelf here.
    I love your bookcase! the arrangement of the books is stellar, and how you have those beautiful covers facing out...


  19. Oh my god.... I love your bookshelves!! They're gorgeous!!


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