Monday, December 13, 2010

FCSS: Fantasy Casting for The Dream Catcher Series

Week 2: Fade by Lisa McMann

I've got one of these under my belt but I'm still not super confident about fantasy casting, especially since this one is so lyrical, it's hard for me to imagine who would play these characters. Here's giving it the old college try though!

Janie- This is such a difficult character to cast. Janie's incredible intelligent but rough around the edges. I feel like an actress is needed to play her and not some pretty face. Luckily I've found one that has both!

Sophie Vassilieva- This girl can act and she's beautiful. I feel like she has the right stuff to play a convincing Janie and I think she's great to watch on screen.
Cabel- Smart, aloof, sweet and has a bad past. You need someone with the right brooding attitude to play the mysterious Cabel.

Chris Massoglia- I had a hard time picking out an actor for this part because I wanted him to match my pick for Janie. I haven't seen a lot of Massoglia and the only thing I did see him in--The Vampire's Assistance-- wasn't great but I feel he could be dressed down for the first half of the movie and morph into hot mode for the second. Plus, he's got this good guy look to him that I think Cabel needs to have.

Carrie- Janie's best friend who has the best intentions but like Janie, is a little rough around the edges. Carrie goes from acting a bit childish to very serious quite often but is there when Janie needs her.

Jennifer Stone- I guess because of her role on Wizards of Waverly Place, I just see her as a best friend type of gal. I think she'd be good because she has the ability to be funny but I also think she could handle acting a girl with some serious skeletons.

Stu- Carrie's 21 (I believe that's his age) old boyfriend. He struck me as the classic underachiever and a bit slow.

Cam Gigandet- I chose him because he basically played this role in Easy A and he was funny at it. I think he'd be the perfect choice for Stu.
Ms. Hannagan- Janie's mom is one of the best characters in the novel simply for her absence. Constantly drunk and inattentive, the first time she speaks to Janie is about halfway through the novel and she proves that she cares, she just isn't sober enough to show it. 

Jessalyn Gilsig- A master at making you care for her even after she's done the most awful things, I think Gilsig would be the perfect fit for this part. I found myself rooting for her so many times on Glee even though her character was awful.

What do you think of my choices?

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