Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday: Series I Haven't Finished

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Top Ten Series I Haven't Finished
There are loads of series I've started that I just haven't had time to finish. All of these are books that I own that I just haven't been able to get to even thouhg I am dying to continue on. I decided to not even think about the series that haven't come out yet.

1) Wolfsbane and Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer

2) Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

3) City of Glass and onwards by Cassandra Clare

4) Hidden by Sophie Jordan

5) Passion and beyond by Lauren Kate

6) Need series by Carrie Jones

7) Where She Went by Gayle Forman

8) Crossed and beyond by Ally Condie-

9) A Million Suns by Beth Revis

10) Endlessly by Kiersten White

Which wonderful series made your list? Just looking at mine makes me want to get reading stat!


  1. All these series... they can be so overwhelming! ! I have the last Endlessly book sitting here waiting for me to get started. Here is my list!

    Angela's Anxious Life

  2. AH! Where She Went was so good, I can't wait for you to read that one. :D

  3. 8 out of 10 of your list I haven't finished either! Good luck :)
    My list: http://nightmareonbookstreet.blogspot.com/2012/09/top-ten-tuesday-11.html

  4. I read Where She Went right after If I Stay. I needed to. I was so broken hearted that I needed answers. I to have only read Nightshade, I would like to finish the series, hopefully soon.

    Great list.

    My Top Ten Tuesday

  5. It's interesting every list I have seen has 'Crossed' ' City of Glass' and 'Forever' on it!

  6. The Nightshade series is on my list, too. I just couldn't find it in me to read BLOODROSE after I finished WOLFSBANE since I disliked it so much. Plus, I spoiled the ending for myself by reading the last chapter of BLOODROSE. That was dumb. lol

  7. I forgot about Forever by Maggie Stiefvater. I haven't finished it either...

    Series I haven't finished

  8. How about, the only series I've ever completed is the Harry Potter series. Everything other series I've left unfinished!

    I'm almost finished with the Twilight series. But...there is a chance that I may not get around to it. It's awful because I'm halfway through the final book. I just have like...200 pages to go. But, I've had 200 pages to go for nearly two years now.

    Two series I would be keen to finish-- The Series of Unfortunate Events...er..series and the Artemis Fowl series. I really enjoyed what I've read so far, so I don't really know why I haven't finished either series!

    - Jackie


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