Monday, September 3, 2012

Shelfmates 12

Some covers just work together...and some, not so much. I've decided to start up a semi-regular feature called Shelfmates to showcase series covers. I love getting the sequel to a novel and putting it up next to the first book so I thought this might be a fun way to do that on my blog! So here are some series covers and my opinions on how they look as a couple (or series...)!
Goddess Test series by Aimee Carter
First up we have a bunch of very similar covers. I have to say though, even though these covers are very close, I think they work because they are different enough. I love that they kept the Greek-like pattern on all five covers and stuck with the lush green background and white dress. I think the one that is the most interesting to look at is The Goddess Legacy (2.5) though because they did the most with the shape her body makes. I do wish that book 2 (Goddess Interrupted) and 3 (The Goddess Inheritance) looked a bit more diverse rather than being face close-ups.

Angel series by L.A. Weatherly
I do like these covers together but I think I'm going to need to see the third one in the series to really judge it. The reason for me is that I don't understand the color pattern of the background yet. I don't really think the burnt orange of the first and the white and black of the second look that great together but a third novel could tie them in and make them look good. On their own they aren't much to look at though I love the tentacle-like shine coming off the titles. They added foil to the actual covers which makes them even more attractive.
Under the Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi
For me, these covers are pretty much perfection. I love the simpleness of them with the person being the main focus and the bursting colors in the background. I can automatically tell that these are part of a series. Had I not loved the first one, I would still be drawn to both covers because they look interesting. It's not like everything else out there. I've always thought the first one worked well and was really surprised to see that they were able to capture the appeal of the first with the second.
Nevermore series by Kelly Creagh
There isn't really any reason for me to like these covers as much as I do. They're just faces. But I just love the both models so much and think they look perfect. I love how in the first book cover, the blonde girl is soft in a pink lacey top but in the second she is so much stronger in a black sweetheart neckline. I'm also in love with the words leaking through the first cover and the trees in the second. These really work for me!
There are my batch of covers for the week. I think out of this bunch, Goddess Test covers are the weakest and Under the Never Sky covers are definitely the best for me.
What do you think about these covers together and which are your favorite?


  1. This feature is awesome! The covers for Under the Never Sky and Through the Ever Night are my favourite too - I wish we had them here in the UK :( I was never much of a fan of The Goddess Test covers, but I do think they all look really good together :)

    1. I agree with you Bella about The goddess Test covers. I loved the first one but haven't been much impressed since but seeing them all together has changed my mind a bit!

  2. I like the covers of the Goddess Test I think the composition on those is the most varied and interesting!

    1. Fascinating. I think they look too much like each other but I do like them together. Thanks for your opinion.

  3. My fav Aimee Carter is still the first one, although I think the last one is also pretty. And I loved the NEVERMORE cover, but ENSHADOWED doesn't work as well for me. And for the Veronica Rossi ones, I was really disappointed that the first one wasn't as beautiful as the UK cover; but now, seeing it with the second one, I think they look really good together.

    1. Like you, I really liked the first Goddess Test cover (and the one for 2.5) but I do wish they were a little more varied from then on.

      I do really like both covers for the Nevermore series.

      I wasn't wild about the UK cover of Under the Never Sky. I've always like the US one but I'm glad you like to them more now that you see them together.

  4. I still need to read the Goddess Test series! The covers are gorgeous, as always!

    I love the first book to the Angel series. :) And I haven't read Under the Never Sky or Nevermore yet. But I do plan on it!

    Great picks for covers! All of them are beautiful.

  5. It's so hilarious to me how different our opinions tend to be on these. I like The Goddess Test covers okay, but could have done with a bit more...something. However, I really hate The Goddess Legacy, because of that cover and that really unnatural pose. Is she doing her morning yoga?? Also, why is the title font different on Goddess Interrupted? It makes the cover look blurry.

    I've never paid that much attention to Angel Fire before. She looks like a mannequin. I agree that the third book could make this work, but it's kind of meh so far.

    I'm not as big a fan of TtEN. The sweaty guy, who looks way older, and his unbuttoned shirt are a little too much. I love the background of both so much though.

    I would like Nevermore/Enshadowed more if the lighting were the same.


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