Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something Funny for Saturday and The Sunnydale Project

I keep telling myself I'm going to do another Saturday discussions post and I totally am going to but when the time rolls around, it just never gets done. However, I hate not posting on Saturdays.

So I wanted to share this video with you because it cracked me up. For your viewing pleasures, I give you a Bad Lip Reading of Twilight:

Please feel free to snort, giggle and tee hee in the comments.

Also, I wanted to let you all know of a really cool feature going on called The Sunnydale Project. For all you Buffy fan, this is perfect for you. It's hosted by Patricia's Particularity, Bookish Comforts and Teen Librarian's Toolbox.
Since I'm such a huge Buffy fan myself, I've signed up to write a bunch of guest posts and even host a few giveaways. I'll let you the topics and dates as soon as they are settled but for now, you all should totaly check out some of the awesome posts already up!


  1. Haha, I saw that video circulating on Twitter earlier this week and it's hilarious. The guy that does Edward's voice has it almost spot on. My favourite part is "I punched a fish in the mouth." "What? Why would you do that?" "I wanted seafood" LOL so random!

    Also, can I just say that I am SO excited to have you participating in The Sunnydale Project with us? Your enthusiasm is contagious :) I can't wait to see your guest posts - I'm sure they'll be amazing!

  2. This makes me laugh SO hard. It's the only way I can stomach anything Twilight!

  3. "That cake's my most bestest creation."

    Lol. That video makes my laugh EVERY time I see it.

  4. I saw this video before. Couldn't stop laughing at it. I think I have to watch it again :P


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