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Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish People I'd Like To Meet

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Top Ten Bookish People You'd Love To Meet
1) Libba Bray and Maureen Johnson TOGETHER (Authors)- Okay, I'm sort of hyperventilating just imagining the epicness of a moment like this. Libba Bray's novels got me into YA before I knew what YA was and I watched pretty much all of Maureen Johnson and Libba Bray's videos on the web. I think these two are THE cutest and most hilarious friends I've ever seen and I would love to meet them both together. I've had the pleasure of meeting Libba Bray before and she is every bit as awesome as I thought she would be. Check out these two together:

2) Veronica Roth (Author)- She wrote my all time favorite book of last year and all time favorite book of this year so far. How can I NOT want to meet her? I think that Veronica Roth has such a quiet intelligence about her judging by the interviews I've seen her do and the blog posts I've read. I'd love to see how that translates in person.

3) J.K. Rowling (Author)- Hey, a girl can dream, right? Meeting J.K. Rowling would be a dream come true of mine because her books captured my imagination the way no other book had before. I fell into Harry Potter a little late (the fifth book was just coming out when I started reading them at 15) but I couldn't put them down. For a week during summer vacation, all I did was read. I remember getting so angry that I couldn't drive to get the next one and having to wait for my mom to get home from work to take me. To meet the woman who inspired that kind of love from me and so many others would be a kind of out of body experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

4) Jill Hathaway (Author)-I stumbled across Jill Hathaway's blog before she was published. She was just getting ready to turn in a second draft of her book to her agent and asked for betas on her blog. I volunteered because I thought it would be fun and was blown away by Vee and the writing. It's been such an amazing experience seeing what Slide went from to what it became and I can't help smiling when I think of Jill Hathaway. I'd love to meet her one day!

5) KM from One Page At a Time Reviews (Blogger)- I think my love for KM might border on a little crazy. I stumbled across her blog one day and just fell in love with the girl who wrote it. We seem to have a lot of the same opinions on books (though she reads a lot faster than I do) and we have similar goals. I think she's so intelligent and a brilliant writer and I'd love to meet her in person one day. Which is why she needs to come to YALLFest. I'm thinking about starting a Twitter campaign and making buttons. You're all invited to wear them.

6) Lori at Pure Imagination (Blogger)- Another blogger who basically echoes what I feel about books. I've taken more than one reading recommendation from Lori and have yet to be disappointed. Her passion for books, her complete sweetness and her knowledgeable blog make me want to meet her all the more. Plus, she created this amazing blog design for me and wouldn't stop working until I was 110% happy.

7) Shannon at Stalking the Bookshelves (Blogger)- Shannon is so dedicated and endlessly patient. She single-handedly decided to start up the Southern ARC Book Tours and has been diligently keeping it organized and promoting it. I have so much respect for her and she loads of fun to chat with. It'd be a thrill to meet her in person one day.

8) Jodi Meadows (Author)- Bring on the ferrets! Pretty much anytime I see a tweet from Ms. Meadows I know I'm going to snort so I try not to look at them in public. She's clever, a killer writer and an equally awesome knitter. What's not to obsess about? I'd love to meet her one day.

9) Kate Testerman of KT Literary (Agent)- The agent behind Daphne (if you are a writer, you need to check out that site) and behind some of the most rockin' novelist out there, Ms. Testerman's blog is one I'm on almost daily. It'd be a real pleasure to get to meet her in person one day.

10) Amanda Rutter of Strange Chemistry (Editor)- I've never met an editor who is so involved with bloggers before. She keeps us in the loop and you could tell of her passion and dedication to making Strange Chemistry awesome from her first email. I have loved watching Strange Chem grow and turn into the things Ms. Rutter wanted it to be and it's been a pleasure to go along with the ride. It'd be a real honor to meet her.

11) James Marsters (Actor/Audiobook Reader)-This counts, right? Right? Well, even if it doesn't, I'm cheating and adding James Marsters to the list. For those of you who don't know he played Spike in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and more than one of his faces grace my bookshelves in the forms of figurines). He also recently read the audiobook for Carnival of Souls by Melissa Marr and they recently got to meet. Marr said he was her "dream narrator" and all I have to say is, she has pretty damned good taste.

12) Joss Whedon (Comics/Script Writer/Genius/My Hero)- I cheat again. Comics are bookish though, right? They have words!@!! Regardless, meeting Joss Whedon...well, there are no words really. He's been the brain behind some of my favorite shows/movies/mini-series/comics in the world and it would be such a head rush to meet him in person. If it's got his name attached to it I know I'm in store for a great group dynamic, witty dialogue and some of the most unique characters and plotlines of my life. Each new brain child of his is an adventure I feel privileged to go on and to meet him one day would be amazing.

There's my list of must-meets and even though it's sort of cheaty (Whedonism word!) I'm sticking to it. Who made your list?


  1. Awww I'm in your post!!!! You're in mine too! *hugs* And I feel so honored that you want to start a Twitter campaign for me. HAHA! Too bad I'll be out of the country for YALLfest. I'm so sad! I'm hoping to go to the Romance Writers of America conference in July next year, though, 'cause it's in Atlanta. Whoop! You should come!!! :)

    1. No, don't leave! Stay and come to YALLfest! We were actually looking at doing Dragon Con so we may be in Atlanta possibly next year.

  2. I would love to meet James Marsters but I think I might collapse at the sight of him..HUGE crush on him LOL

    1. Me too! That's why I HAD to add him to this list.

  3. Good list and I love that you included Joss Whedon.

    1. Thanks! I kind of had to since he is the king of all things awesome!

  4. I totally would say 11 & 12 count too. ;) Great list!

  5. Awwwww! :)That made my morning! I would love to meet you too! I still hold out a tiny bit of hope about YALLfest. Oh, and I love KM and Shannon too! They are awesome!

  6. Good call with Maureen and Libba together. Also, James Marsters. I am SO listening to Carnival of Souls. *dreamy sigh*

  7. Oh wow... meeting Joss Whedon would be a DREAM COME TRUE! There would be some nerdy hero worshiping I'm not at all embarrassed to say! And Lori is fab; I'd love to meet up with her and book talk!


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