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This is a list of all the reviews I've done to-date alphbetically by author. Please feel free to browse through and check out what I've thought of all these books. Down The Rabbit Hole has been reviewing books since July 2010. Should you like to see your novel on this website, check out my Contact Page.

Adams, Ivy
  -The International Kissing Club (4 bunnies)

Ahdieh, Renee
  -Fanfare (4 bunnies)

Alender, Katie
  Bad Girls Don't Die Series:
    -Bad Girls Don't Die  (4 bunnies)
    -From Bad To Cursed (5 bunnies)
    -2010 Interview

Ambrose, Adrianne
  -What I Learned From Being A Cheerleader (3.5 bunnies)

Anderson, Jodi Lynn
  -Tiger Lily (5 bunnies)

Ashton, Brodi
  -Everneath (5 bunnies)
Balog, Cyn
  -Sleepless (3 bunnies)

Barnes, Jennifer Lynn
  -Nobody (4 bunnies)

Barrett, Tracy
  -Dark of the Moon (3 bunnies)

Blackstone, Matt
  -A Scary Scene In A Scary Movie (3 bunnies)

Blake, Kendare
  -Anna Dressed In Blood (5 bunnies)
  -Girl of Nightmares (5 bunnies)

Bray, Libba
  -Going Bovine (4 bunnies)

Bullen, Alexandra
  -Wish (3 bunnies)
Cabot, Meg
  -Abandon (4 bunnies)

Caletti, Deb
  -Stay (4 bunnies)

Carey, Anna
  -Eve (4 bunnies)
  -Once (4 bunnies)

Carmen, Patrick
  -Dark Eden (4 bunnies)

Castellucci, Cecil
  -First Day on Earth (3.5 bunnies)

Chadda, Sarwat
  -The Devil's Kiss (3 bunnies)

Childs, Tera Lynn
    - Oh. My. Gods. (4 bunnies)
    -Goddess Boot Camp (3 bunnies)
  Sweet Venom
    -Sweet Venom (5 bunnies)

Clare, Cassandra
  The Mortal Instruments:
    -City of Bones (4 bunnies)
    -City of Ashes  (4 bunnies)
    -2010 Interview

Clarke, Cassandra Rose
  -The Assassin's Curse (4.5 bunnies)

Cochran, Molly
  - Legacy (3 bunnies)

Collins, Suzanne
  -Mockingjay (5 bunnies)

Condie, Ally
  -Matched (5 bunnies)

Cremer, Andrea
    -Nightshade (5 bunnies)
    -Andrea Cremer Interview

Crewe, Megan
   The Way We Fall:
    -The Way We Fall (4.5 bunnies)

   -Give Up The Ghost (4.5 bunnies)

    -Megan Crewe Interview

Cross, Julie
  -Tempest (3.5 bunnies)
Davies, Jocelyn
  -A Beautiful Dark (3.5 bunnies)

Davis, Heather
  -Wherever You Go (3.5 bunnies)

Delsol, Wendy
  -Stork (4 bunnies)
  -Frost (5 bunnies)

Delvin, Ivy
  -Low Red Moon (3 bunnies)

Derting, Kimberly
  The Body Finder Series:
    -The Body Finder (5 bunnies)
    -Desires of the Dead (5 bunnies)
    -The Last Echo (5 bunnies)
    -2010 Interview

Despain, Bree
  -The Dark Divine (5 bunnies)

Desrochers, Lisa
  -Personal Demons (4 bunnies)
  -Original Sin (4 bunnies)

DeStefano, Lauren
  -Wither (5 bunnies)

Dixon, Heather
  -Entwined (4 bunnies)

Driver, Lucienne
  -Vamped (3 bunnies)
Ellison, Kate
  -The Butterfly Clues (4 bunnies)

Estep, Jennifer
  -Touch of Frost (4 bunnies)
  -Kiss of Frost (4 bunnies)
Fallon, Leigh
  - Carrier of the Mark (3 bunnies)

Fantaskey, Beth
  -Jessica Rules the Dark Side (3 bunnies)

Fitzpatrick, Becca
  Hush, Hush series:
    -Crescendo  (4 bunnies)

Forman, Gayle
  -Where She Sent (4.5 bunnies)

Fristoe, Angela
  -Songbird (4 bunnies)

Fukuda, Andrew
  -The Hunt (3 bunnies)

Garcia, Kami & Margaret Stohl
  -Beautiful Creatures (4 bunnies)

Garvey, Amy
  -Cold Kiss (4.5 bunnies)

Gray, Claudia
  -Fateful (5 bunnies)

Goodman, H.A.
  -Logic of Demons (3 bunnies)

Halliday, Gemma
  -Deadly Cool (4 bunnies)

Hamilton, Kiki
  -The Faerie Ring (4 bunnies)

Hathaway, Jill
  -Slide (5 bunnies)

Hayes, Gwen
  -Falling Under (4 bunnies)

Hocking, Amanda
  Trylle series:  
    -Switched (4 bunnies)

  Watersong series:
    -Wake (4.5 bunnies)

Hodkin, Michelle
  -The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer (5 bunnies)
  -The Evolution of Mara Dyer (5 bunnies)

Hunter, C.C.
  -Born At Midnight (4 bunnies)


Jones, Carrie
  Need series:
    -Need (4 bunnies)
  After Obsession:
    -After Obsession w/ Steven E. Wedel (4 bunnies)

Jordan, Sophie
  -Firelight (5 bunnies)
  -Vanish (5 bunnies)

Kacvinsky, Katie
  -Awaken (3.5 bunnies)

Kantor, Melissa
  -The Darlings Are Forever (3.5 bunnies)

Karr, Julia
    -XVI (4 bunnies)
    -Interview with Julia Karr

Kate, Lauren
  -Fallen (4.5 bunnies)
  -Torment (4.5 bunnies)

Keaton, Kelly
  God & Monsters:
    -Darkness Becomes Her (4 bunnies)

LaCour, Nina
    -Hold Still (4.5 bunnies)
    -Nina LaCour Interview

Lim, Rebecca
  -Mercy  (4 bunnies)

Lindsey, Mary
  -Shattered Souls (4.5 bunnies)

Livingston, Lesley
  Wondrous Strange series:
    -Tempestuous (5 bunnies)

Lore, Pittacus
  - I Am Number Four (4 bunnies)
  - The Power of Six (4 bunnies)
MacCullough, Carolyn
  Once A Witch series:
    -Once A Witch  (5 bunnies)
    -Always A Witch  (4 bunnies)

Mafi, Tahereh
  -Shatter Me (5 bunnies)

Malkin, Nina
  -Swoon (4 bunnies)

Marr, Melissa
  -Ink Exchange (4 bunnies)

McCafferty, Megan
  Bumped series:
    -Bumped (4 bunnies)
    -Interview with Megan McCafferty

McMann, Lisa
  Dream Catcher series:
    -Wake (4 bunnies)
    -Fade (5 bunnies)
    -Gone (4 bunnies)

  -Dead To You (3.5 bunnies)

Meadows, Jodi
  -Incarnate (5 bunnies)

Miles, Elizabeth
  -Fury (4 bunnies)
  -Envy (4 bunnies)

Miranda, Megan
  -Fracture (5 bunnies)

Moore, Peter
  -Red Moon Rising (4 bunnies)

Morris, Paula
  -Ruined (4 bunnies)

Moulton, Courtney Allison
  -Angelfire  (5 bunnies)

Mullin, Mike
  -Ashfall (4 bunnies)

Oliver, Jana
  The Demon Trappper's Daughter:
    -The Demon Trapper's Daughter (5 bunnies)
    -Soul Thief (5 bunnies)
    -Forgiven (5 bunnies)
    -Jana Oliver Interview (2011)

Omololu, C.J.
  -Transcendence (3 bunnies)

Oppel, Kenneth
  -This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein (3 bunnies)
Peterfreund, Diana
  -Ascendant (3 bunnies)

Pfeffer, Susan Beth
  -Blood Wounds (3 bunnies)

Pike, Aprilynne
  -Spells (4 bunnies)
  -Illusions (5 bunnies)

Prinz, Yvonne
  -The Vinyl Princess (3 bunnies)


Redwine, C.J.
  -Defiance (5 bunnies)

Rene, Courtney
  -Shadow Dancer (3 bunnies)

Revis, Beth
  -Across The Universe (5 bunnies)
    -2011 Interview

Riggs, Ransom
  -Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children (5 bunnies)

Rossi, Veronica
  -Under the Never Sky (5 bunnies)
  -Roar and Liv (4 bunnies)

Roth, Veronica
  -Divergent (5 bunnies)
  -Insurgent (5 bunnies)

Rowe, Brian
  -Happy Birthday To Me (4 bunnies)

Ruby, Laura
  -Bad Apple  (4.5 bunnies)

Russell, Randy
  -Dead Rules (3 bunnies)

Schwab, Victoria
  -The Near Witch (4 bunnies)

Serle, Rebecca
  -When You Were Mine (4.5 bunnies)

Shusterman, Neil
  -Everlost (3 bunnies)

Silver, Anna
  -Otherborn (4 bunnies)

Sorenson, Jessica
  -The Fallen Star (3 bunnies)

Stampler, Ann Redisch
  -Where It Began (4 bunnies)

Standiford, Natalie
  -How To Say Goodbye In Robot (5 bunnies)

Stein, Garth
  -The Art of Racing in the Rain (5 bunnies)

Stiefvater, Maggie
  The Wolves of Mercy Falls:
    -Linger (5 bunnies)

Stohl, Magaret & Kami Garcia
  -Beautiful Creatures (4 bunnies)


Void, Stephanie
  -Running From Secrets (3 bunnies) 
Watkins, Steve
  -What Comes After (4 bunnies)

Wedel, Steven E.
  -After Obsession w/ Carrie Jones (4 bunnies)

Wiggins, Bethany
  -Shifting (5 bunnies)

White, Kiersten
  -Paranormalcy (4 bunnies)
  -Supernaturally (4 bunnies)

Wolf, Jennifer Shaw
  -Breaking Beautiful (5 bunnies)

    Yovanoff, Brenna
      -The Replacements (4.5 bunnies)
    Zeitlin, Meredith
      -Freshman Year & Other Unnatural Disasters (4 bunnies)
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