Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Discussion: Do you post negative comments?

I got my first negative comment this week. It's been a little over a year and a half since I've had this blog and I haven't been face with this before. Now, for me there are two types of negative comments: negative comments about me and my blog and negative comments about the things I'm posting about.

I'm talking about the second kind. I can take criticism about me and my blog and just throw that in the trash where it belongs. I'm not posting about my thoughts and things I love to get criticized by people. I don't need it and I don't have time for it. I used to have this problem before I turned off anonymous comments and I didn't even have someone to reply back to. So I don't really worry about negative comments on my thoughts or about me. I just trash them and don't think twice.

But I want to talk about negative comments on the material I'm posting. I wrote a nice review recently on a novel that I liked. Some people agreed, some didn't but I've never run across something where someone really disagreed and trashed the novel in their comment. I read it, looked around stunned for a moment and read it again.

My pointer went to the delete button and then I stopped, a question plaguing me. Was it right to trash this comment? It's a differing opinion than mine and even though they are words I'd never say (my negative reviews and comments are always respectful to the writer, always) does that give me the right to silence this person?

Ultimately, I decided that yes, yes it does. This is my blog and I want it to reflect the things that I hold as true. If I receive a comment that I would never, in a million years write then I feel that I am within my rights to deny it showing on my blog. Just because it is clear someone else wrote this comment, it still reflects on me because this is my blog.

So what do you guys think? Is it cool to delete rud or negative comments about material or even about you or your blog?


  1. I agree with you. If the person wants to make a negative comments, he/she needs to be respectful and have true arguments, otherwise, it belongs to trash (the comment). My thoughts are these xD

  2. Personally, as an adult, if I find something disagreeable and find that I want to "speak up" - I'll try to do it tastefully with a bit of intelligence tossed in there.

    Like as far as books go, I may say "I really wanted to like this one, but I just couldn't get into it." and then further explain what didn't catch my attention. I don't see any reason to be like "That book was awful. It sucked. That author should stop writing." Ya know?

    It's called class. Some people have it, others do not. I say if it was a tasteful disagreement, then I would probably publish the comment, but if it wasn't, then no, I wouldn't.

  3. I think you definitely have a right to delete blog comments off your blog. It is your blog after all. If I saw someone being rude like that on another blog I would hope that the blog owner would think of removing it. Especially if it was rude comments specifically aimed at the blogger. That's just plain cyber bullying which is obviously not something that should be encouraged.

  4. I think if the commentor can't be respectful, then they don't get to play. It doesn't bother me if someone doesnt' agree with what I post, whether it's on my blog or on Facebook or Twitter, but I won't put up with someone being mean about it.

  5. This is your blog, so you get to control what's posted, including comments. You're allowed to be the boss here! :) If someone wants to talk trash, they can do it on their own time on their own blog.

  6. +1
    Trust your gut feeling, Amber! If a comment feels unpleasant, get rid of it. If they really want to, people would trash the novel and author on their own blog, or in their own review on Goodreads and Amazon. This was simple trolling.

  7. Some beaches and pools have no lifeguards ... it's always nicer to swim at the places where someone's keeping an eye out for everyone! I've not had a negative comment on any of my blogs (yet), but I think I'd consider deleting it as a favor to the person who posted, who would (I hope) eventually regret their comment if it crossed the line.

    As an author, I rarely comment on book blogger blogs because I don't want to be all creepy (look at me! I am here!), but I wanted to let you know I personally support all people who try to keep the internets civil, even if it's just some small corner. :-)

  8. Being a baby blogger myself I have yet to receive the kind of traffic that brings negative commenters but I completely would have done what you did. Because I'm a great believer that there are WAYS, RESPECTFUL ways to say negative things. Just yesterday I was presented with a 6-line review of a book. It not only trashed the book it definitely was disrespectful towards the author saying things that completely went out of topic while you review and critic a book you read. I couldn't understand and still don't why people insist on being rude when something isn't to their liking. I do stumble upon either random posts or reviews on blogs on which I disagree or something and I'm more than happy to comment and tell them my thoughts on the book...not their post...because if we're talking about a review, like in your case, and I didn't like the BOOK when I read it, I'm free to share my thoughts on it and tell you that I thought the opposite of what you did when I read it. BUT I'm not going to come and trash your review just because you liked something I didn't.
    I find it immature AND unnecessary.
    So, sorry for spamming your post hehehe I've been a silent stalker of yours lately because when I comment I tend to do so in a really LONG way and you might get bored reading them.
    Thanks so much for continuing your discussion posts I always stalk you on them the most!

  9. I'm totally in agreement with you. It's your blog and you are the boss. That hasn't happened to me yet but I promote a lot of new authors and I would not be surprised if I am at some point faced with the same situation. Like you said, you don't have to like the book I liked, you can disagree but don't trash the author for writing the book, and don't trash me. A Little respect goes a long way. :)
    I am against cyber-bullying.

  10. I agree. If the dissent is tastefully done, it's all right to keep it, but if it's am out and out flame, no one would get mad at you for deleting it!!

  11. I agree. If the dissent is tastefully done, it's all right to keep it, but if it's am out and out flame, no one would get mad at you for deleting it!!

  12. I think: it depends. If it's a negative comment about something I'm discussing, it could be real disagreement (which, I admit, I have a high tolerance for) or it could be plain old poor judgment. I would tend to leave those, personally, unless it's something that I think is truly worrying, like "this author lives at such-and-such road and their kid is named Q and you can make fun of them in person if you call 555-5555."

    All of that said, I think that the nature of blogs is more personal than that of, say, a commercial enterprise, or a public-oriented site. If YOU don't feel comfortable with a comment, for any reason, you can have rules and prevent others from participating. I think that's the important part--finding your lines and drawing them. It's your space!

  13. I think that everyone has a right to their own opinion. With that being said I also want to say that when you do have something negative to say there is a way of saying it. For example when reviewing a book, you may not have enjoyed that book but there is a difference between negative comments and constructive criticism. Also I feel that when I do not enjoy the book I try to find atleast one thing that I really liked about the book and let the author know that I did like something about it as not to be completly negative. If someone has something negative to say and they cannot be an adult about it then you have every right to delete their comment it is your blog after all. :)

  14. I agree with everyone has a right to their own opinion however there is no need to be down right ugly or vulgar! If it is negative I would publish it but if it crossed the line then no I would not!


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