Monday, March 19, 2012

How to Add a Link in Your Comments

Lately I've noticed that quite a few people don't know how to leave links in comments on Blogger. I am, by no means, a computer expert but this is something that I know how to do and I'd like to share that knowledge with you.

The only reason I feel even qualified to do a quick how-to is because it is a simple code. It looks like this:
<a href="Your URL">Your Title</a>
*To make it a bit clearer, you need to copy the entire formula including the <a href= stuff. That is the code that will enable the link to appear.

After you've copied the entire thing, you need to replace the wording in there for your own. So under "Your URL Here" you need to get the URL to whatever you are linking to. Say I'm trying to link to my blog I'd get and replace it in the code. It would look like this:

<a href=" ">Your Title</a>
Then, you can title the link the comments with whatever you want it to appears as. So since I used the example of linking to my blog, it would be titled Down The Rabbit Hole. You'd need to put that information in "Your Title" part.

So if I wanted to leave a link to my blog it would look like this:
<a href="">Down The Rabbit Hole</a>
You just copy that code and paste it wherever you want it to go in the comment.

Having some trouble?:
  • My suggestion is to erase the "" and re-type them. Sometimes they change font or do something funky but that almost always clears it up for me.

So copy and past that code up there and keep it in an open word document in case you ever need it again!

Want to practice? Leave me a comment with your blog code in it or a recent post you think I should check out! Also, feel free to ask me questions but keep in mind that am not very computer literate.


  1. Thanks so much for that! I remember asking that in my last comment and am so glad you responded! But, maybe because I'm still pretty illiterate technology-wise, I tried copying and pasting that link and it didn't really work out. How exactly do you do it? So I pasted it:

    but I don't understand how that turns into something I want to link to.


  2. cool, I've always wanted to know how to do that. you rock.

    Check out my blog at Becky's Barmy Book Blog

    Hope it works

  3. Anastasia, for some reason it isn't letting me respond under reply. I tried to clarify in the post.

    You need the entire thing, not just the Your URL part and you need to replace the URL with the URL you want to use.

    So you need (). Then you make a title for what you want it to appear as and close out the whole code with ()

    Then it should appear like this:


    1. Awesome, thanks! Yeah, that makes a whole lot more sense now! Let's try it:

      My blog:

  4. Thank you for this post! Now to see if I can make it work...
    Alexandra's Scribblings

  5. I have always wondered how to do this. Here goes:

    Michelle's Book Blog

    Let's hope it worked. :)

  6. I am not even going to act like I knew how to leave a link, so thank you for teaching me!

  7. So funny, up until a week or so ago I didn't know how to do this either, a fellow blogging friend taught me how when I asked her:) Thanks for putting the info up for us novices:)

  8. Lol, I actually knew this, but mostly I'm just too lazy to do it. (bad girl:)

    1. lol
      i'm guilty as charged as well
      but i'm a dude

  9. Oh wow! I've always wondered how people did this. Okay, I'm gonna try it:

    Asheley @ Into the Hall of Books

  10. Thanks you so much for this post! I am not tech savvy and have often wondered how to do this. Don't ever take this post down. I have added it to my favourites list.

  11. Thanks so much for taking the time to write this post/mini tutorial for us. It was really helpful:-)

    There's a new post up on my blog and it would be splendid if i could hear your thoughts on it so feel free to drop by!




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