Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mini Movie Reviews- Brave and Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

It's been a quite a good weekend for movies. Not only did Brave come out, which I have been waiting for since the teaser trailer but so did Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter which looked pretty much epic. So I went to both over the weekend and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

I did the midnight premiere of Abe Lincoln. I’d seen both trailers but I still wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The trailers made it look kind of serious but the premise was so silly that I wasn’t sure if this movie wanted you to take it serious or not.

Turns out that it did.

Don’t get me wrong, it knew it was a satire on historical fiction and would nod at its roots sometimes but for the most part, we as the audience were totally supposed to take Lincoln serious as he hunts down the creatures of the night. And it worked. Through some amazing choreographed fight scenes, great special affects and gorgeous settings, this dark historical incites excitement while mixing in Lincoln’s political roots. One second he’s a badass chopping off a vampire’s head and the next he is giving speeches about freeing slaves. It does have some rocky transitions as Lincoln grows older but for the most part it is a fast pace thriller with plenty of surprises and some seriously scary vamps.

Next up was Pixar’s latest Brave which I’ve been brimming with excitement over. Being as this is the first time Pixar has tackled a movie about a girl and it was set in Scotland, I knew from the second the teaser came out that I needed to see this one. I’d read some earlier reviews which praised the look of Brave but stated that it lacked heart.

Brave confirmed why I don’t ever listen to reviewers. This movie blew me away with its wild beauty, its free spirit and its touching and gorgeous storytelling. It has everything that we’ve come to love about Pixar movies but this time it has given someone for the girls to look up to.

The voice acting was spot on, the jokes were great and the animation and design was breathtaking. I thought the story of a girl and her mother trying to see eye to eye was a perfect route for them to go and the main character Merida was as wild, charming and lovable as every other Pixar character I’ve seen. My husband (who is trying to get in to computer animation) marveled at her hair which took three years to create and looked incredible. Brave had me laughing at the right parts and tearing up at the others as it weaves a magical tale about fate. This is a must-see for everyone and one I’ll definitely be re-visiting, probably in theaters!

Do you plan on seeing either of these movies?


  1. Looking sort of forward to AL. The audiobook was awesome. The movie is getting very mixed reviews.

  2. I saw Brave this weekend too. How could reviewers say it lacked heart! It had soo much heart. Such a good movie.

  3. Just saw BRAVE today with my hubby and daughter. We all loved it so much! I'm not sure why some people had a problem with it. I thought the pacing was great and it balanced the action, humor and heart very well. Seriously its a PIXAR movie, with the exception of Cars 2 they have never gone wrong.

  4. Hmm, sounds like I need to go to the movies. These both sound great!

    Thanks for your thoughts :)

  5. I saw the Abe Lincoln movie Sunday, and I'm still not sure if I liked it or not. I loved the premise, but the storytelling seemed a little stilted. But I think it would have been smoother in the book, so maybe I should try that!

  6. I DEFINITELY want to see Brave! I feel like reviewers are still feeling a bit unforgiving towards Pixar for Cars 2 so they've been rating it sort of low. Totally unfair because I've been hearing nothing but praise from people who have seen it! Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter on the other hand just looks odd. I may watch it on DVD but I'll pass it up in theatres.


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