Monday, August 8, 2011

Greek- The TV Show

Over the past few weeks I have watched all 74 episodes on instant stream for NetFlix and I've got to say, ABC Family's show impresses. I fell in love with this television show that follows around a handful of college kids in the Greek system. As one review says it's a "show that is much better than it has any right to be". I'll second and this this notion. I'd put it on for something to do while waiting for my lunch to cook and never looked back.

What Greek was so amazing at doing in the beginning was turning stereotypes on their head. They introduced the blonde bitchy sorority girl, her dorky younger brother, the party frat guy, the rich kid with a girl and a guy version and many others. The first few episodes allows the viewer to see what they are but also to see that these exteriors are starting to crack. Yes, the blonde ones cares way too much about her social life but you start to realize that she knows this and it bothers her. Suddenly, she starts to care about other things too-- like building a relationship with her nerdy brother who longs to be known as something other than the smart one. Who joins a fraternity of guys who like to have fun but who accept him as he is. The party guy ends up being this really sweet, thoughtful type who takes the nerd under his wing and teaches him the ways of college life like a true brother. Everyone gets deeper and busts out of their molds.
Cappie and Casey
I loved watching Cappie (said crazy frat guy) as he struggle with his Peter Pan syndrome. In a lot of ways, I understood his unwillingness to leave. Also, his chemistry with blonde sorority girl whom he used to date but then they broke up and he wants her back, Casey sizzles on screen. From the moment the watcher realizes how much he wants her, it impossible not to fall head over heels.
Rebecca Logan
The show does this amazing job with relationships. Everyone is dating everyone (like a real college campus) and they work to redefine the way you see the characters they've created with every new couple. The show introduces us to Rebecca Logan, a scheming evil politician's daughter in the beginning. Through the course of the show, she cheats with Casey's boyfriend Logan (and doesn't care) then starts to date Cappie. After a while, her character starts to loosen up and soften thanks to Cappie and suddenly Rebecca is this person you've found you actually like.

I also enjoyed how Greek pushed to challenge its characters in every episode. They allowed their characters to make irreversibly mistakes and pay the consequences for them while also maintaining a balance of fun and a feeling good feeling in the end.
Rusty and Cappie
But what Greek did best of all was show how college life really is like. There is equal parts fun and friends and stress and papers. It showed us the bonds that can be forged by joining a fraternity or sorority and when it was time to end, they did it right. I found myself surprisingly teary-eyed at the end, watching something be torn down forever so that they can be built from anew.

Are you thinking about watching Greek? I say go for it! What you'll find is a surprisingly deep show with characters you can't help but fall in love with. You'll laugh with the nerd Rusty hits someone over the head with a pledge paddle, roll your eyes when Casey makes a bad decision and watch with baited breath as Casey and Cappie try to find a way to reconnect again. Once the last set of credits rolled, I found myself flipping back to the first episode so I could see these character's journeys from the beginning again!

Have you seen Greek? Tell me what you think!


  1. I totally have to start watching this series. I'm watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager now and I LOVE it! :) Netflix Streaming is amazing!

  2. I did the exact same thing this past spring... I had heard of Greek, decided to watch an episode, and before I knew it I was done with the entire series. It's one of the best shows I have ever seen and you really can't help but fall in love with the characters. I definitely got teary-eyed at the end... I totally agree with you: AMAZING show!!

  3. I call ABC Family shows my guilty pleasure. Once you start watching them they are hard to resist! Absolutely adore Greek! You definitely hit the nail on the head about watching with baited breath.

    There is only one character I felt that could have used a little more development and that was Evan. He still has so much more growth, in my opinion. But I whole heartedly agree with your review. :o)

  4. Greek is my favorite ABC Family show and I was so sad when it was cancelled. I used to watch it just for Greek and Gilmore Girl reruns. Glad you liked it!

  5. I fell in love with Greek late last year and watched the entire series. Much of what you said in your post was true for me, too: I loved how they subverted stereotypes and created characters that were real, flawed, and funny. Agreed about Cappie and Casey's chemistry: it was really great.

    So happy to see the show getting love elsewhere.


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