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Top Ten Tuesday: Top Bookish Moments

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Top Ten Bookish Moments
These are my top ten bookish moments in no particularly order.

Left: Me and Michelle Hodkin at YALLfest 2011
1) Yallfest 2011- I did three posts on this event alone because it was so epic. I got to meet a ton of awesome authors including my two lady crushes Kimberly Derting and Michelle Hodkin. Michelle Hodkin was just lovely and remembered me from Twitter. Kimberly Derting remembered me from a previous signing, we got to talking and she signed a book to me that was meant for someone else so she made me go grab a new for her to buy on the house. Then she signed my copy of The Pledge saying I screwed up her record. LOVE that story! I also got to meet a few bloggers including meeting up with the fabulous Angela and Duke from Reading Angel. We had so much fun going to dinner after the event and talking shop until I got sick and had to leave. I was dehydrated and it was no bueno.

Left: Tahereh Mafi, me and Veronica Rossi
2) Tahereh Mafi and Veronica Rossi signing in Miami- Talk about a load of fun! We traveled down there because two of my favorite authors from 2012 where going to be in one place. It was totally worth the trip. These two were like an old married couple and were so funny together. I loved every minute of it!

3) My first blog interview with an author- Hi Megan Crewe! I read and reviewed her novel Giving Up the Ghost and was so terrified to approach her. I mean, I don't want to take up any of her time or anything. But what the heck? Maybe she won't even answer. And then she did answer and she was the sweetest thing. My first foray into the close knit world of bloggers and (for me anyway) YA authors and I was addicted!

4) Finally getting in contact with KM over at One Page at a Time YA Reviews- I'd been going over to her site for ages and loved her to itty bitty pieces. Seriously, everything on her blog either made me smile or cracked me up so I decided to tell her in an email. Now we talk pretty regularly and she has been a lifeline for me. She is made of epicness.

5) Joining Twitter- I kept trying to convince myself that I didn't need a Twitter. If I got a Twitter that would just be one more thing I'd have to check daily. But I did anyway and I've never been more pleased. Twitter is an awesome way to connect with other bloggers and authors and find out what's going down.

Libba Bray ya'll!
6) Meeting Libba Bray, Maggie Stiefvater and Meg Cabot- Be still my beating heart. Seriously, Libba Bray is THE reason I started reading YA. I picked up her book A Great and Terrible Beauty in the bookstore on a whim and fell in love. I followed her blog and commented often and loved her. Then I got to meet her. Bray was a gateway drug into my now love of Stiefvater and Cabot (who were awesome in person).

7) Starting up Happily Ever Endings- Kinda of a little lame but let me explain. Every time I get a comment from someone saying that a HEE helped someone, it makes me feel good. I really feel like I found something no one else is doing that lots of people need/want and I love helping people out! They are a lot of work and I am eternally grateful for every single person who helps out by making them. They have already helped me several times. I'll definitely continue chronicling the ending to books in a series.

8) Getting my awesome bookshelves built- My hubby had been promising me since we moved into the house that I would get two very awesome bookshelves built into closets. He finally delivered last year and I am so in love with them. They don't fit all my books but a lot more have homes now than they did before.
Left: Diana Peterfreund and I
9) Yallfest 2012, The Authors- Yallfest last year was epic in a half. I got to see a lot of my favorite authors again and meet some new ones too. Angela (Reading Angel) and I ran up to Michelle Hodkin who remembered both of our names and we got to chat a little. She was so epic. Got to meet Kimberly Derting for a third time. Also, I painted my fingernails to look like ten different book covers so that opened up a lot of things to talk about with the authors. I got to finally met Diana Peterfruend whose book Ascendant I love and got to briefly meet Gayle Forman and Cassandra Clare. As I said, made of awesome.
#Hashtag Gang
Back: Brian (BJB) and Ashley
Front: Me and Angela
10) Yallfest 2012, The Bloggers- I spent a lot more time with Angela and her lovely hubby Duke this year which was great. We went to dinner the night before at Poe's Tavern with Ally from Magnet 2 Books and a few other bloggers. We had a blast there being loud and talking books and t.v. shows. Angela, my bestie Ashley, Chelyan, Duke and my hubby created the #Hashtag gang by just randomly talking and we had loads of fun with that. I also got to meet some awesome people at the event including Tiffani. We ended the trip by having dinner with the #Hashtag Gang one last time and went home. It was pretty much the perfect weekend.

So there are some of my very favorite bookish moments. Here's to many more in 2013!

What are some of yours?


  1. *wipes tear* Awww! THANKS, FRIEND! You are made of epicness, too! And at some point in the future, we're going to go to the same book event and we shall have a meeting of epic proportions! :D

    1. I'm not sure the world is ready for such epicness. It might implode! But we are still TOTALLY doing that!

  2. What a great list! I also love Twitter. And, Libba Bray and Maggie Stiefvater are awesome, aren't they? I loved meeting them too.

    My Top Ten Tuesday Post

  3. You have some great memories Amber! I love your story about Kimberly Derting signing the book incorrectly then replacing it -- she sounds so lovely! Oh & I want someone to build me custom bookshelves, haha. Yours are awesome :)

    My TTT post


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