Friday, January 11, 2013

A Call for Happily Ever Ending Helpers!

I've noticed lately that Happily Ever Endings are getting a lot more comments. As the year went by, more releases have come out and that has caused people to search for the ending summaries of some of their favorite released last year. As a result,  Happily Ever Endings have been getting a lot more attention (and we even got a new helper Angela from Reading Angel).

I thought it was time to do a quick post to ask for more helpers. Some of my previous helpers have opted out which is fine because I understand it takes effort to write reviews and ending summaries for books you read. I appreciated their contribution and the retired helpers have been added to the bottom of the master list. But that means I need some new helpers!

So here is what being a helper would entail:
  • E-mailing me weekly with the books you plan on writing HEEs for (whether you've just finished them or are going to start them). This will be so two people don't write one for the same book.
  • Writing up the HEEs
  • Let me know when they are posting so I can add them to my Happily Ever Endings side bar
  • Spreading the word about this feature
  • Optional: Adding a link with the Happily Ever Endings posts to your sidebar
Here is what a Happily Ever Ending post entails:
  • Add the logo above to the post
  • Explain what Happily Ever Endings is using this short intro: Happily Ever Endings was created by Amber from Down the Rabbit Hole and is a synopsis of the ending of a novel that is part of a series. It is so that you can refresh yourself as to what happened in the last book so that you can be ready to read the next in the series! 
  • Include the book title, author, cover and summary in the post
  • Use a page break after the above information for the summary (so people who haven't read the book don't accidentally read spoilers)
  • Summarize about the last 100 pages. Be as specific as you can!
I'd love to get a bunch of helpers all working on books so we could really expand the selection and help even more people. If this is something you'd like to do, please email me or comment below.

Also, if you are interested in helping but love this idea, grab a button on the right sidebar and do a blog post to spread the word. I'd really appreciate it!

1 comment:

  1. I would love to do this! I read a ton of series as this is, and I've been interested for doing this for a while!

    You can email me at if you want me to help!


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