Tuesday, May 15, 2012

YALLfest 2012

Last year, I packed my bags and headed from my small town in the middle of Florida all the way to South Carolina  for YALLfest and the hubby and I have decided that we are going to make the trip again. YALLfest 2012 has been announced and I can't wait.

YALLfest gets together a whole ton of amazing authors for a day of panels, signing and blow your mind coolness.

It's going to be held November 10, 2012 at Blue Bicycle Books.

But here's the really epic part. Check out all these amazing authors appearing this year:
Kwame Alexander
Jennifer Lyn Barnes, PhD
Holly Black

Pseudonymous Bosch
Sarah Rees Brennan
Heather Brewer
Kiera Cass
Cinda Chima
Cassandra Clare
Andrea Cremer
Katie Crouch

Gitty Daneshvari
Melissa De La Cruz
Matt de la Pena
Kim Derting
Simone Elkeles
Elizabeth Eulberg

Gayle Forman
Kami Garcia

Adam Gidwitz
David McInnes Gill
Adele Griffin
Deb Harkness
Jenny Han
Siobhan Vivian
Michelle Hodkin

Ellen Hopkins
Tonya Hurley
Michele Jaffe, PhD

Caitlin Kittredge
Alyson Noel
David Levithan
Stephanie Perkins

Diana Peterfreund
Kathy Reichs
Brendan Reichs
Beth Revis
Jessica Rothenberg
Carrie Ryan

Eliot Schrefer
Natalie Standiford
Trenton Lee Stewart
Margaret Stohl
Cate Tiernan
Robin Wasserman
Marjorie Wentworth
John Corey Whaley
Kathryn Williams
Sort of looks like Christmas this year! I definitely can't wait to go explore Historical Charleston again and meet these awesome authors. I just need to get cranking on gift ideas for a few of them.

If you are near the area, you should totally come. Last year, I meet Reading Angel there and we had dinner which was a lot of fun. We are actually talking about trying to get a blogger dinner together so if you are going, please feel free to let me know in the comments! You can also check out YALLfest's website fore more info.

Check out my recap on last years event: Post 1, Post 2, Post 3.


  1. You brought your hubby? I live in Greenville,SC (which is only about 3 hrs from Charleston) and I was gonna drag my hubby with me, but it didn't work out. Plus I wasn't sure if he would have a good time. How did yours do?

    1. Well, I'm an aspiring writer so I think my hubby looks at these things like practice. He tells me "I know these things interest you and that's why they are interesting."

      I will say that it was his idea to go back this year and that he thoroughly enjoyed several of last year's panels. Plus, he was wonderful at saving me a seat while I got my books signed and filling me in on any panel details I missed.

      Overall, he enjoyed the experience almost as much as me but we made a trip of it too. We both got to explore historical Charleston and eat at a lot of fun restaurants!

  2. I wish... too bad my parents decided to move to the opposite corner of country.

  3. I'm SO sad I won't be able to go! This sounds incredible!!! Maybe next year...

    1. Me too! It would have been lovely to meet you!

  4. I will definitely be there on that Saturday! Last year, we just drove down for the day. I don't know yet if we'll do the same or try to spend the night.

    The lineup is verrrryyyy exciting! I had some squealy moments!

    PS -- Jennifer Armentrout said she was planning to be down there to enjoy the events!

    1. Thanks for the heads up about Jennifer Armentrout. I'll have to bring my books for her too!

      I had some excited jumping up and down moments myself!

      I do hope to see you there. Angela and I are going to start planning a dinner closer to the event.


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