Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Doctor Who Merchandise

My hubby and I have been watching a couple episodes of Doctor Who every night and have been walking around saying "exterminate" to each other non-stop. I decided I need to show my love for the Doctor (said in a British accent, of course) by checking out some of the merchandise offered. I've found some really cool t-shirts and toys that you've got to check out if you are a fan. Who knows, we might even be getting the same things!

Check out some of the awesomeness I've found that every Doctor Who fan should own!

Here are some fun toys and gadgets:

The 10th Doctor's Screwdriver ($20.50)- How awesome is this? It's a UV pen and has a UV light too! Super cool!
Dalek Alarm Clock ($39.99)- Can you imagine waking up to "exterminate" every morning? The alarm clock noise is awful anyway so why not wake up to something funny? Plus, it projects the time on the wall. I need this. Definitely a must for us!

Spinning Tardis ($39.99)- Perfect for any fan to sit next to their desk. I love that is spins and floats in midair. I think this is a really fun desk accessory. My hubby collects fun little things for his desk and this is perfect!
Tardis Plushie ($20.99)- It lights up and has phrases if you squeeze it. How could a girl not want to cuddle up with her very own Tardis? I need one!
11 Doctors Figurine Set (129.99)- This is another perfect pack of items for desk sitting. My hubby loves to collect action figures around his desk and this set of Doctors are perfect. Imagine them standing next to the spinning Tardis!

Tardis USB Hub ($26.34)- This provides 4 extra USB ports and anytime one is plugged in it makes sounds and flashes lights. A must have for computer geeks!
Tardis Salt and Pepper Shakers ($14.99)- How cute is this? I'd love to have Tardis salt and pepper shakers!

Red Dalek Ornament ($18.03)- This is painted glass and will look great on any fan's Christmas tree. They have a Tardis one too. So in love!

So there are my list of must haves! Would you own any of these?

Stay tuned for some awesome t-shirts tomorrow. Though they aren't all going to be Doctor Who related, there will be plenty of nerdiness!


  1. Cool! Oh, I so want the Tardis salt and pepper shakers! Doctor Who toys are awesome!

  2. Lol those are awesome! Doctor Who is amazing. I found a Tardis cookie jar not too long ago and I thought about getting it, but now that I see that sonic screwdriver, I might just have to get that instead...

  3. What I wouldn't give for an sonic screwdriver. David Tennant is my favorite Dr. Who. Great post Amber. I'm new to your blog, but I'll definitely be back for future posts.

  4. So many people love Doctor Who!! So many cool fan items. I wish my fav shows had stuff like these =D

    Maura @ Monster of Books

  5. I cannot let my son see this post, I'm afraid he would drool all over my keyboard!

  6. I totally need those salt and pepper shakers!!! Thanks for this post!


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