Friday, May 11, 2012

The CW Canceled The Secret Circle

The CW canceled The Secret Circle today and I have to admit, I'm pretty pissed. I'll be honest, this show got off to a really rocky start. I kept waiting for it to get out of the cliche rut and start to get into some good old fashion witchy fun. About halfway through the season, it finally started to do that.

Last night was The Secret Circle's season finale and it was fantastic. It delivered on every single angle and even left a few threads untied to lead into a second season. But it won't get the chance to follow these threads because it was cut short.

I first started watching this show because I was a fan of Britt Robertson (playing the lead character Cassie Blake) from her earlier work and I wanted her to bring those acting skills into this show. She wasn't as strong as I wanted her to be in the beginning but as her character grew, so did she. I also had a hard time connecting with any of these characters. But after about seven (which is a lot of episodes) episodes, the story really started to get good and I started to become invested in most of the character's lives. I decided I really liked reliable Diana, loved Faye's wicked streak and thought Melissa was an amazing friend and the smartest of the bunch. Adam started to become more than just the stereotypical "good" guy and Jake became more than the normal "bad" boy. They all started to feel real.

As the plot began to grow, so did the mystery and so did my need to tune in every night. I just can't believe that they canceled a show that was finally getting better but kept around several shows that have had even more disappointing numbers. Next thing I know, The CW is going to cancel The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. Then what am I going to do with my week?

In short, I think this decision really sucks. After the show finally shows some potential, The Powers That Be  decide to throw it out. I feel sort of cheated because I've watched this show faithfully from the beginning, let my guard down and really started to like it and then they rip the filming out from underneath me. It's definitely going to make me even more weary to try one of their new pilots for fear of the same thing happening.

RIP The Secret Circle. Sleep in peace and know that you have wronged but at least you went out with one helluva bang--and a ship fire, some great kisses, killer black outfits, a power struggle, one magical relic to end them all and some breathtaking action scenes. This girl, at least, will remember you.


  1. I started watching it and got bored. They probably cancelled because not enough viewers. They won't cancel TVD. It's too good and the fans will cause a riot if they do. I don't think Secret Circle has that many fans to do that yet.

  2. That sucks, i loved the show!!!

  3. Not really surprised, I wasn't even a fan of the books so I never started the series... Sorry girl, the cancelation sucks, but they also cancelled Ringer so me and my roommates are in mourning as well.

  4. I didn't like the beginning either and so I stopped watching. Then a couple weeks ago I watched all the episodes I missed in a row, and it definitely got better! I'm so angry it's canceled now. I loved the finale too. I was excited to see where it was going to go. And they didn't pick up The Selection!! So I'm pretty pissed at the CW right now.

  5. I watched a couple of the first shows on hulu and then got caught up in my "regular" shows....i'm learning to only watch shows on hulu if they're in the 2nd season - you're right it really sucks when you get invested in a show, the characters and the plot and then bam! it's gone. what happened to listening to the fans?!?

  6. I was really worried that it was going to be cancelled just because the ratings hadn't been it could have gone either way. So sad that they decided to cancel it though! That seriously sucks! I've been watching it from the beginning too, and I agree, it's one of those shows that just got better and better...unfortunately by that point, it probably had already lost all of the people that turned in earlier and gave up on it. If the earlier viewers that got bored had all tuned back in like Krista did they might have kept it. :( I'm pissed off too though, especially after that finale! Cancelling it after that is just plain cruel! Especially with all the closeups on the Balcoin symbol...oh my goodness! I'm so gonna miss seeing Jake on TV every week too...I really liked Chris Zylka...I also just really liked to look at him. ;) lol *sigh*

    All these cancelled shows are just making me sad. I still don't understand how shows like Survivor are still being watched when new shows that are actually different from other ones get no viewers! I think I'm gonna have to start a list of all the shows I've loved that got cancelled --- Veronica Mars, Firefly, The Black Donnellys, The Secret Lives of Hockey Wives, JPod, Danny Phantom (a cartoon, but still :P), now Ringer and The Secret Circle! Sadly, there are probably a bunch more that I can't think of right now.

    @Taschima Cullen: I'm sad about Ringer too...I don't know why I started all these new CW shows...they just get cancelled! Except the one I decide not to watch...Hart of Dixie! So not fair! :(

    And Krista mentioned The Selection! I was wondering about that because when I googled "Secret Circle Cancelled" it took me to an article about the shows they're picking up next fall...and unfortunately none really appeal to me, but I also noticed The Selection wasn't on there! I hope it gets picked up eventually, I was really looking forward to that!

    I'm glad you posted about this Amber. We can both be sad that The Secret Circle is gone. :(

  7. I started watching it but after 2 episodes I couldn't try to pretend to like it...I think it had a lot to do with the actors...I never got to believe their papers at dad's currently watching it-since where I'm from it's still airing-and from time to time I watch it with him but I still I'm not crazy about it...though you're right...the main actress did grow, if only a bit, along with her character...the rest...not so much.
    Sorry to hear they got cancelled though...

  8. I had a feeling it was going to be cancelled. I'm so sad to hear that it actually was:(

  9. I love the secret circle ... I haven't watch the final yet ... so I will go watch it right now :) thanks for sharing

  10. What!!! But things just got good!! :(
    This really sucks :(

  11. AW... I was pretty sure they'd pick it up but I don't really watch it so not that disappointed.You watch Supernatural ? I LOVE that show

  12. I will totally protest if they ever even think of cancelling TVD. I will admit I did fall behind on this show but was looking forward to catching up. Definitely buying the dvd when it comes out. It's sad when shows get cancelled, especially when the season finale has all these leads for a new season and then you never get it. I will miss this show and hopefully CW will pick up new shows that I will love.

  13. I'm just now reading this:( very sad to see the show was canceled. Took me a while to get over the fact that it was so different from the books but I got to liking it. Well this sucks!


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