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Happily Ever Endings... Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday

Happily Ever Endings... was born out of sheer frustration. You know how when you read a series and you love it but the last book takes a little while to come out and then you sort of forget parts of the novel? That's what these posts are going to serve to remedy. Happily Ever Ending... is a short post about what happened at the ending of each book that is going to be in a series for people who need a quick reminder of what happened in the previous installment. I hope this saves someone else the frustration that I went through!

Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday
Hartley Grace Featherstone is having a very bad day. First she finds out that her boyfriend is cheating on her with the president of the Herbert Hoover High School Chastity Club. Then he's pegged as the #1 suspect in a murder. And if that weren't enough, now he's depending on Hartley to clear his name. Seriously? Not cool. 

But as much as Hartley wouldn't mind seeing him squirm, she knows he's innocent, and she's the only one who can help him. Along with her best friend, Sam, and the school's resident Bad Boy, Chase, Hartley starts investigating on her own. But as the dead bodies begin to pile up, the mystery deepens, the suspects multiply, and Hartley begins to fear that she may be the killer's next victim.
Click "Read more" to read the ending of Deadly Cool so you'll be ready for the next installment of the series!  

Hartley goes to meet Deep Blogger out at the football field and almost gets the name of the killer. But she slips and finds the dead body of Kaylee and Deep Blogger runs. Detective Raley arrives and Hartley shows him the second body she's found. Her mother takes her home. She tells Sam and Chase about the body though Chase reveals he knew a little because he followed her to meet deep Blogger. They decide the best plan is to find Deep Blogger's identity. Using Chase's computer hacking skills, they trace the idenntity of Deep Blogger back to a gothic girl.

Hartley meets with the girl who tells her she'll revela the name if Hartley promises not to reveal her identiy. Hartley agrees and she names Chase, stating she saw him in his hoodie with the purple symbol on the back of it in Josh's room. Hartley tells Sam and they devise a plan to search Chase's room. Sending him a false type to get him out of the house and using Sam to distract Chase's Dadm Hartley slips in and searches Chase's room. She finds nothing to link him the murders but does find some poetry. Chase comes back and since she's on the second story she is force to hide under his bed. He begins to take off his clothes and she jumps out so he doesn't go any further. He asks why she is there and she confesses thinking he's the murderer. He tells her just to leave.

Later, the news reporter interviews Caitlyn who cries on t.v. and says she's next since the killer is targeting the flag squad. Sam and Hartley go to Caitlyn's work and Caitlyn tells them to leave ecause she believes Hartley is bad luck. Josh gets arrested later for sneaking into Hartley's room but not before sincerely apologizing and asking if Hartley will ever take him back. Feeling upset, Hartley finally goes to the grief consouler who offers her some tea. She looks at a photo of the grief consouler's cat on top of a car that fits the grief consouler. Then she connects that the car has to be in the photos Chase was taking that day. She calls Chase and tells him her discovery and he goes straight home to check his photos.

Chase says it is taking him a while but that he'll call as soon as he finds out. Hartley gets a text from Amber saying she has video proof of the killer and wants to meet Hartley in the football field. Hartley sneaks out to meet her .When Hartley arrives she gets a text from Chase revealing the killer's vehicle. It has the purple color guard heart on it. Hartley realizes the killer right as she's attack. She awakes in the band room and Caitlin reveals herself as the killer, claiming she had to kill her best friends because Courtney wasn't pure and Kaylee wanted to talk to the cops. Then Caitlyn tries to kill Hartley but they get into a fight. The room catches on fire, Caitlyn flees and leaves Hartley to roast. Chase runs into the burning building, save her and kisses her before the police arrive. Hartley tells them who the real killer is and they are able to intercept Caitlyn. Hartley goes to school but decides she and Josh are thorugh. Chase walks up to her at lunch and says he wants her on the paper and looks forward to getting to know her better.

Did I miss something important? Make sure to leave it in the comments. Are you excited for Social Suicide to come out? 

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